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    Best TV 2016

    Adam Riff compiles the best list of 'Clips of the Week' for shit you might have missed. Been going there every Sunday for years. It is amazing and quick. http://www.adamriff.com/?tag=clip-of-the-week NEED TO GET AROUND TO BUT LIKE Agent Carter; Archer; Black-Ish; Bloodline; Bojack Horseman; Broad City; Brooklyn 99; Catastrophe; Fresh off Boat; Halt and Catch Fire; Horace + Pete; It's Always Sunny; Last Man on Earth; You're the Worst Horace + Pete had downloading issues on my computer...I'm waiting for it to be released on Hulu. OTHERS Baskets; Documentary Now; Fleabag GAVE UP ON BECAUSE I DIDN'T CARE FOR Empire; Girls; House of Cards; Rectify; Walking Dead GAVE UP ON BUT LIKED FINE ENOUGH Scandal GAVE UP ON BECAUSE OVERKILL Archer/the Flash/Legends of Tomorrow (20+ episode seasons, 1 hour each week? Fuck. That. Unnecessary overkill) DRAMA Game of Thrones Fargo Stranger Things People vs OJ Black Mirror the Americans Happy Valley the Night Of I am continually amazed/baffled by EVERY critic's list that has 'Game of Thrones' not only outside the top 5, but at the bottom end of their top 20. Absolute fucking morons. It's the best show on TV easily, at worst, top 3. BEST EPISODES THAT STICK OUT -Game of Thrones (season finale + 'Battle of Bastards') -Quarry (season finale) -Black Mirror-'San Junipiero' -the Night Of- pilot episode (yeah, the eczema is overkill and some other flaws, but I liked this series fine) SOLID BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH -Better Call Saul (liked the ending of each season. I still prefer Mike storylines over Saul) -Good Place -Quarry (solid in all phases and does everything right...but it's just a dreadful downer and noir. I would recommend this to Chase/Matt the most and high-brow peeps. Think they would love the shit out of it) -Vice Principals (started OK and definitely had moments...but didn't live up to hype) -Westworld (epic/watchable...but soulless and never totally got into or latched on to any characters) -Mr Robot (disappointing 2nd season) -Banshee (awful final season. Previous seasons were killer, I had previous season #1 over 'Game of Thrones') MEH -Luke Cage (should have been 5 less episodes like all Marvel Netflix shows) -Pitch (I like fine...but it's going to be canceled) -Shameless (Showtime shows should end far sooner) -the Fall (downer of a series...dumb finish -Preacher (3 lead actors are great/breakthrough stars...even Jackie Earle Haley is fine...but doesn't work at all and the tone is fucking off. Favorite comic book series ever though) MILDLY ENJOY THAT ARE EARLY-GOING SHOWS Shooter; Sweet/Vicious DISAPPOINTING FROM GREAT SHOWS -Banshee -Mr Robot -X-Files COMEDY -Veep -Atlanta -Last Week Tonight -Samantha Bee -Silicon Valley Hardest I laughed Triumph Election Special Run to Hulu and see this ASAP. It is the funniest and most savage fucking thing released this year. Easily. OTHER -Dave Chappelle's monologue for SNL -SNL Dead Poet's Society -Conan Clueless Gamer -Bill Burr/Norm MacDonald as panel guest on Conan OTHER THINGS I WISH -Tough Crowd with Colin QUinn be on the air (FX or Comedy Central) -Conan be on a better network because he is no man's land (FX or Comedy Central) NEW SHOWS TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2017 HBO Barry (Bill Hader as an assassin) Crashing (Pete Holmes/Judd Apatow) the Deuce (David Simon 70s porn w/ James Franco) Big Little Lies Young Pope (Judd Law) FX Legion (X-Men) Mayans MC (Sons of Anarchy spin-off) Taboo (Tom Hardy) Y the Last Man (favorite comic book series alongside 'Preacher') NETFLIX Immortal Iron Fist ---------------------------------------------- I'll tinker and update this like I normally do