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    Hey, I need a wierd favor.

    I was enjoying my weekend in the Grand Canyon when I awoke to the following message right here on The Boreds: I don't know what you're trying to do here. Are you asking me to return the photo, as if I stole it? It's not really a physical piece of property, dude. So I surmised that you needed to use it. Except therein lies a great dilemma: Was it possible that you could not replicate the situation in which you had taken said photo, so you needed that specific one? But perhaps there is another issue at hand. It might be possible that the great King Missile single of 1992, "Detachable Penis," actually described a scenario that could happen in the real world. I mean, surely Giuseppe was not so dense that he didn't think that he could simply take another photo of his dick, which, presumably, is still attached to his body? I suppose the world may never know. PS: I DIDN'T ACTUALLY SAVE THE PHOTO AND EVEN IF I HAD, I WOULD NOT SEND IT TO YOU. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.
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    [VERIFIED] I'm done lurking...

    Hi, guys. It's Riley. Just wanted to drop in (rather than lurk) and thank you all for being honest, open, supportive, (sometimes dickish/shitty/vitriolic/misinformed to the point of frustration, yet still kind of awesome in a weird way), and thank you for being faithful to the band for the past ~14 years. The internet is a big place. If you get sent enough links to a particular place, you're bound to read and follow if the things you're reading (in said place) are interesting/informative/so ridiculous that you can't turn away. I posted on Buddyhead for a long time back in the early '00s, and this place kinda reminds me of the old BH board in a few ways. That's why I always lurked...sometimes (pre-tour, post-record leak) more than others. In short (err..long, I guess), THANK YOU. I know a ton of you traveled a long way and spent a ton of money to come spend the past tour with us. It means a lot, and it certainly doesn't go unrecognized. I've met several of you over the years, and I hope I've had the chance to let you know, in person, how much I appreciate what you've done for us. None of this was possible without you guys. I'm gonna draft something re: the "hiatus" in the next few days that I'll post on hermitology.com, but just wanted to pop my head in here and say thanks before I did that, because most have you have been in this thing for the long haul. I'm still having trouble figuring out how to (eloquently) put the emotions I've felt over the past two months into a post that might make sense to people (who haven't been on this side of the curtain or haven't been following the band for a long time into words), but I think I'll get there. Thank you all for caring enough to spend time/money/energy/keystrokes/energy on a band that I was lucky to be a part of. Hopefully we'll see you sooner than later. -Riley
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    REP FEST 2010!!!!!

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    My son is born!

    He has junk in all the right places. Booya!
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    It's been barely two weeks since I proposed to my wonderful girlfriend, and yesterday morning she woke me up with the news that I'm going to be a daddy! I'm scared out of my mind but really excited at the same time. I'm going to be an awesome dad, I just wasn't ready for it quite yet. Wish me luck!
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    Rep Messages

    You can now add messages to your rep. The rep you receive will show up on the home page on the right side. We're still working on tags. Update 10/9 4:13 PM CST - The rep tab in your profile is now private. It'll only show up for you when you're logged in.
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    REP FEST 2010!!!!!

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    Jonny Craig Twitter Scam

    You mean other than charging them for his music?
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    AC Slater

    REP FEST 2010!!!!!

    Now that we can add messages we can just go shit wild!!! Get creative!!!1!!!!!@@1!111 FUICCCKCKCKKCCK COMMMEEE ON POST SO I CANN REEPPPP YOU AAAHHHHHH
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    Dear Boreds.

    Did you write that before or after your protein shake?
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    Boston Marathon Explosion

    Hey Guys. Many of you know from the facebook group that I was pretty close to everything that happened. I wanted to post something detailed so you could read what it was like to actually be there and so I could also have a semi-detailed record of the events and my thoughts. I was standing on Boylston St with my mother right up against the fence, on the south side (I believe - It was the opposite side of the street from the explosions). I was tracking a friend's progress and at 14:38 she passed the 40K mark (A little more than 1 mile from where I was standing). I pulled out my cellphone and waited to take a picture of her as she ran past just a few blocks before the finish line. I'm sure she was much more excited than I was to make it that far. It was still very moving to me to be able to witness someone I have such respect for accomplish such an amazing feat. As I was anxiously waiting to see her come into view, a loud explosion occurred which was accompanied by a massive plume of smoke. This was right around 14:50 and about 50-60 yards from where I was standing. My first thought was that it was some sort of celebration (a cannon perhaps?) until I turned and saw the amount of smoke. I didn't realize it at the time but I ended up taking a picture of the explosion just seconds after (see below). At that time I turned to my mother and tried to shove her into a building, telling her that the explosion was on the streets, when the second explosion detonated right across from us. I wasn't more than 50-100 feet away from this explosion. We started running west up the street a little ways and I threw my mother and a few girls that were running by into the open doors in the building behind us. After telling my mom to stay and not to follow me I took off down the street towards the first explosion. I ripped off my flannel shirt and got ready to use it to cover wounds if I needed to - or to keep any victims warm. People were franticly running in every direction, confused and concerned about the safety of the streets and surrounding buildings. I helped a few police officers move fences that were knocked down during the confusion and reposition a few as well. I remember stepping on one while I was running and the noise of the metal hitting the sidewalk startled me. When I reached the first explosion site, I was met with uncoordinated mass hysteria. Most people were trying to help out in any possible way that they could much like I was. As a former EMT and someone with extensive training in mass casualty incidents, along with being a self-aid buddy-care instructor in the Air Force (combat first aid), I knew I couldn't just sit around. I approached one man holding what looked like a headband as a tourniquet on a spectators amputated leg in the middle of the street. I quickly took off my belt and wrapped it around the leg and directed the person to hold that tight with the headband. I turned to look for anyone else who needed help, and approached a group of people tending to a child. At this point a police officer told me no one was allowed back up the street which I just ran down and left my mother behind on. I remember walking up one of the side streets, ring road, and into a hotel door. It was at this time I realized my phone's battery was about to die, and that I just ran away from my mother who was panicking, and probably concerned as to where I was. I was fortunate enough to get a phone call through as I opened any and every door in the hotel to eventually find myself at the loading dock at the other side. The smell of gunpowder still filled the air, the streets were covered in blood, and every time an ambulance would shut a door people would jump in freight. I saw my mother standing in the street, angering me after telling her to stay inside. She was in front of two wounded individuals, one a middle aged man, and one young child suffering a traumatic amputation. I tried yelling to her but it was worthless among the screams. I tried to make my way to her but a security guard, I believe from the prudential center, was trying to help the officers move traffic back west to Mass Ave. It took him yelling at me about 5 times on repeat, "you gotta go the other way," before he finally listened to my counter, "Turn around, look at the woman in the white coat 15 feet behind you, and let me get my mother who is waiting for me." I was able to grab her and as we made our way to Mass Ave, an army of Boston Police Department officers made their way down the street screaming "EVERYONE GO. RUN. GET OUT OF HERE NOW." This caused a little bit more panic and stress. I was a little upset about this at first but I can't blame them. You can train for these situations as much as you want but until you have to do it for real you don't know how you will respond. I witnessed one older woman in a wheelchair, retreating with her family, get up from the wheelchair and start pushing it as quickly as she could. She REFUSED to get back in it and slow down the rest of her family even though they were all shouting through tears to do so. It wasn't until we made it back to Mass Ave and started heading towards Huntington Ave that I was fully able to remember some of the details of these events. It was like I was on autopilot and overdrive. When I replay what happened in my head, although it was still daylight outside, I see mainly blues and grays. It's like I was running around with a sepia filter in front of my eyes but it was a dark blue instead of that brown hue. I called a few friends I knew were in the area, like Adam, and kept on going. I also sent a text message to my friend who was running asking her to let me know she was okay. My phone died a few minutes later and I couldn't get in touch with her. I sat in a Boston Market for quite some time just letting things sink in and replaying the events back in my head before making my way to the CVS next door to buy a phone charger. I was able to get in touch with her cousin who told me her and their family were all okay. As I walked to the only open outbound train station, Fenway, I ran into many other people doing the same with the loud hovering of a helicopter just over our heads. Looking up I noticed an American Flag hanging from a Crane at a construction site just a few blocks from the scene which can be seen in an attachment below. I was then crossed by many drunks leaving Fenway who seemed to be clueless as to the events that just occurred and I felt so bad for them at first, and then some what envious, for all was still happy in their minds. I'm glad everyone I care about was okay. I'm distraught that innocent young children, adolescents, and adults had suffered so many injuries. I'm angry someone feels this is acceptable. I wish there was more I could do. TL:DR; Here is the cell phone picture I took after the first explosion. The second explosion was to the left of the left most building pictured You can see here where the second explosion was (then compare to where I was above) Here is a picture of the flag. I don't know why but when I looked up and saw it - it was warming, which is something I don't experience often.
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    Me after witnessing Riley own a long overdue Suprefan:
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    Chris Benoit


    They hired her to put the meat away after you leave it out, case closed.
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    I think you mean bris. They don't go handing out iced tea.
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    Johann...the Daddy!

    Meet Georgia! So after weeks of our doctor telling us over and over that it everything pointed to a very healthy and average-sized baby, baby Georgia finally decided to pop out last night. The doctor got the healthy part right, but missed the mark a bit on being "average-sized". At a whopping 10.7 pounds and 21.75 inches, we won the hospital's award for biggest baby of the week. Mommy's healthy and doing great, but we all need a nap.
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    Wow, the rest of the guys didn't take long before looking for a replacement: http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/muc/2714295326.html
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    whats worse than finding a worm in your apple?

    because he realised he was defy
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    J/K Dinospine, hope yours was as awesome as mine! For Valentines Day I gave my girlfriend a gift of couples pictures that we were to take Saturday the 19th. This was almost exactly to the day of our 2 year dating anniversary. We took a small amount of pictures as just boyfriend and girlfriend, until near a romantic lamp post I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. These are a shot by shot almost flip book account of our engagement. I love her with all my heart and can't wait to spend the rest of our life together!
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    Chris Benoit

    Random Thoughts

    I KILLED it on my thesis grade! I get my advanced LLM and my law degree! I'm seriously so emotional, I have no idea what to do with myself.
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    Chris Benoit

    [NSFW] Official Hot Girls Thread

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    Final Thrice Show

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    I honestly think you've become worse than suprefan... Nobody likes talking opinions with you because you don't honor anyone's opinion but yours. Also, it's become quite obvious that your opinion forming is quite odd. It seems like you just pick and choose what you want to like/dislike, instead of letting it happen naturally. You seem to force yourself to like anything and everything that Thrice has ever written, because they're one of, if not your most favorite band. Anytime anybody on this forum says anything negative about anything they've ever done, we get your obligatory "Wow ur fuckin retarded, lrn 2 produce and then ill listen to u." There's a reason you got kicked out of your shitty "groundbreaking" band. Can we just ban this joke already?
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    Post Your Picture Thread

    assblowing *That's still what I do!*
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    Halloween 2010

    totally ran into Nick Swardson in hollywood
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    Here's a link to the article: My link Pretty awesome stuff.
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    Dear Boreds.

    I’m psycho? The real delusional ones are all of you. Except for the few that have the heart to realize that this shit is wrong. All I wanted was to rid myself of this place. Defy, I hope no one ever truly falls in love with you, and I hope that when you do fall in love with someone they break whatever is left of your black, ugly, fake, ill, un-compassionate heart. Linda, none of what I have done is any of your business. Listen to yourself. Look at yourself. All of you look at yourselves. This may be the internet but what happens on here extends into real life and I hope all of you know you have very much hurt me. Using things that happened three years ago to do what? What is it that you are accomplishing? Absolutely fucking nothing except hurting someone who is a good person. I’m not a psycho. Linda, you need to re-evaluate whatever it is your life is about if you are trying so hard to convince everyone that I am a fake and a psycho and all of those other nasty things you have said about me. You sound absolutely and completely 100% delusional. I have the craziest real-life personality you say? You have NEVER met me! What the fuck? I tried reaching out to you but I am through with you. I tried to do this in an un-confrontational manner but I can’t do it anymore. There are many things that I know about people on this board and I refuse to make them public because unlike a few of you, I have compassion and I’m not about to fight fire with fire. I have been crying non-stop for the past few days ever since I found those threads. Does that make your sick excuse for a soul happy? Is this enough butter would melt personality for you? Because I can try to be someone else if you’d like? I can be the exact psycho you all are accusing me of being, except, sorry - there’s an issue. I’m not. Believe what you want. I have been kind to every one of you (except maybe Aaron because well, you were a dick to me from the beginning. Sorry if I came off as imbalanced, you were just really pissing me off. No hard feelings.) I go to school. I work. I travel. I’m an activist and I do a lot of great things for people and the environment and non-human animals. I have friends and family and people who care about me who would defend me from your accusations in a second. I am a human being. What, then, are you? Hahahahahahaha, I’m psycho. Look at yourselves. I hope you find whatever ease and happiness you’re looking for. Oh by the way: I have reported everyone involved to the proper authorities. I know your full names and locations. This is sick. You deserve every bit of what is coming at you. 1.6 Cyber-Stalking and Online Harassment Criminal harassment can be conducted through the use of a computer system, including the Internet.10 Although this type of conduct is described in various ways, not all such conduct falls within Canada’s definition of criminal harassment. For example, “cyber-stalking” or “on-line harassment” is often used to refer to (1) direct communication through e-mail; (2) Internet harassment, where the offender publishes offensive or threatening information about the victim on the Internet; and (3) unauthorized use, control or sabotage of the victim’s computer.11 In some cyber-stalking situations, criminal harassment charges may be appropriate; however, depending on the activity involved, charges under sections 342.1 (unauthorized use of a computer), 342.2 (possession of device to obtain computer service) and subsection 430(1.1) (mischief in relation to data) should also be considered. Activities that can be considered cyber-stalking can include delivering threatening or harassing messages through one or more of the following: e-mail;chat rooms;message boards;newsgroups; andforums. Other variations of cyber-stalking include the following: sending inappropriate electronic greeting cards;posting personal advertisements in the victim’s name;creating Web sites that contain threatening or harassing messages or that contain provocative or pornographic photographs, most of which have been altered;sending viruses to the victim’s computer;using spy-ware to track Web site visits or record keystrokes the victim makes; andsending harassing messages to the victim’s employers, co-workers, students, teachers, customers, friends, families or churches or sending harassing messages forged in the victim’s name to others.12 Feel lucky if this place doesn't get shut down. You complete idiots.
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    jeffist pope

    REP FEST 2010!!!!!

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    The Deadly Rhythm

    REP FEST 2010!!!!!

    Gaius Frakking Baltar!
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    Midwestern Stylings

    REP FEST 2010!!!!!

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    Finding Jobs

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    Random Thoughts

    I imagine his bucket list looks like this -Getting Hit By A Car -Getting Shit On By A Bird -Have Car Stolen -Date A Girl For 2 Years, Fall In Love, Only To Hear "I'm A Lesbian" -Contract Chlamydia -Pee In A River In Africa and Have One Of Those Little Parasites Swim Up The Piss Stream Into Penis, Endure Pain and A Virus -Die
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    I almost died today

    Or perhaps someone is trying to kill you.
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    Post Your Picture Thread

    NO, YES, YES, NO
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    Chris Benoit


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    NFL 2010-11...and 12.

    So here's an awesome story - and it's true. So I rarely post in this thread, but I do follow football pretty religiously. So I went to the Jets Pats game on Sunday, started tailgating around 4:00. Around 530, a woman walks up to me and my two buddies and tells us that her group has way too much food and asked if we want any. Of course, being college students, we were more than happy to accept their free food. We walk over to the group and I see that about half of them are wearing Gronkowski jerseys, and a couple of guys are about 6'7. We're immediately handed plates with about 3000 calories worth of food on them and beer (now I understand why everyone in the family is so big). I say something along the lines of 'you all must really like Gronkowski'. Turns out I was talking to Gronkowski's mom. I spent the next few hours tailgating with Gronk's mom, dad, oldest brother and a bunch of other family/friends of his. So we get into the stadium and by chance, we happen to be seated in the section immediately next to the Gronks. I was one of very few Patriots fans there, so it was fun having a group of rowdy Pats fans that close. Jets fans started filing out of the stadium with about 7 left in the 4th, and I make my way over to the family to congratulate them on Rob's game. They tell me to tell him myself, and I ended up going with the family to the team buses after the game and got to meet a bunch of the Patriots. Shot the shit with Gronk for about 5 minutes after the game. Absolutely the coolest family in the world. I purchased a Gronk jersey online within minutes of getting home from the game. Oh and according to his brother, he didn't even bang Bibi Jones. Womp womp.
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    Chris Benoit

    Western Black Rhino declared extinct

    Just like a horror movie, the black rhino is declared extinct before the white rhino.
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    Occupy Wall Street

    I thought about going to Occupy LA but I have a bmw and I don't want them to think I'm rich and try to flip my shit over. I could take the train there but the train is for poor people.
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    The president is about to give a speech about something

    HOLY SHIT photo of the body!! Those SEALS fucked him up! NSFW http://2.bp.blogspot...dyosb.jpg
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    REP FEST 2010!!!!!

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    Post Your Picture Thread