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  1. My fantasy bench had a great game!
  2. What's wrong with Golden Tate? I had such high hopes for him, is he still sad about Calvin or is this just what happens when the other guy isn't double teamed all game.
  3. The Vikings defense is the best in the NFL. Also Brent Olswalker isn't that good, I'm very happy Denver didn't pay him that money. Bullet dodged.
  4. Episode 5 Twenty-Two was the best episode of the series, and should get Desmond Borges, and the director Falk, an emmy nomination. Again this show nails a mental health issue more perfectly than any other show ever has. PTSD is a nightmare, couldn't imagine having to deal with it. One thing I'm not sure I liked is that It showed how fucking horrible Jimmy and Gretchen are, but without the comedic feeling that lets them get away with it on most episodes. They truly are the worst fucking people, even worse than the Allways Sunny gang. This isn't one of the best comedies, it's one of the best shows on TV period. I wanna smash Lindsay.
  5. I quit watching at episode 3, it just wasn't holding my interest and it became a chore to watch. I thought maybe I'd catch up after the season is over, but now more TV shows are back on I'm not sure I care to give it the time to watch again.
  6. I've been thinking setting up a boreds blog we can all write on for practice, fun, or just bullshitting, and then moving the message boards to a subfolder or something. All this place has become is just a few topics, here or there, talking to ourselves, and rarely responding and commenting on other people's comments. The few people who still come around here might get more out of it then leaving a random post here once a week/month or so. I'm not expecting the blog to get any views, but maybe it gives you a place to put down your writing. Should I make the blog the homepage of theboreds and link to the message boards, or keep the message boards up front and link to the blog?
  7. Lets get this outta the way first, still definitely wanna smash Lindsay. Season 2 wasn't as funny as season 1, but Aya Cash's performance that season was spectacular, she killed it. That was one of the best stories on depression I've ever seen on TV. Season 3 seems to be showcasing Edgar's mental health issues, he's such a good character, one of my favorites on TV. This along with Atlanta are my two favorite comedies on TV.
  8. This was a great episode. Sometimes Gary's jokes or reactions are just too over the top for me, but this episode he was hilarious and had me laughing pretty hard the whole way through. The Michael Rapaport Stereo Podcast You know the Gringo Mandingo, some people call him Mr. White Folk, some people call him White Mike. This is my new favorite podcast, I'm pretty sick of Fighter and the Kid at this point but this one fills the void of comedy/sports for me pretty well. He's also a can't miss guest on any other podcast, he makes Fighter and the Kid good again, just downloaded his Bill Simmons appearance, excited to listen to it.
  9. Sarah was the best, but she choked in the last round. Her cute little blonde girl look hides an evil demon bitch below the surface, she went in dry on a couple people it was rough to watch. Ralphie May was completely unprepared for how personal Mike Lawrence was going to get on him, and he obviously couldn't handle it. When Lawrence dropped the punchline "the reason I make fun of your weight is because its the only thing you haven't lost." I fucking lost it. That was the harshest burn I've ever heard, you could see Ralphie die inside.
  10. Never really got into Future, I guess I just don't get it. But for some reason I'm really liking his clone Desiigner, even if he sounds super lazy his new track is fucking awesome.
  11. I work at a building with a pokestop in it and people are always dropping lures in, so i really only play at work because the pokestop at work spoils it everywhere else for me. I'm red, have a 700ish golem or something, and I've played like minimally at work. Never even battled or anything.
  12. Finished it in three sittings and was left wanting more, but I heard season 2 will be a sequel so that's cool. Was it Beetlejuice and Casper? You kind of had a type when you were little didn't you. My first crush was the princess from NeverEnding Story. Yeah Toothless is cool, he's the only sane one in the entire group. Lucas was sane I guess but he was a dick about it.
  13. This show is really good. I'm only 3 episodes in so this might be premature or hyperbolic, but everything in this show is executed perfectly. Except Winona Ryder, she's a terrible actress. She and her older son are the only bad things about this show. Their crying scene in episode 3 was so bad it was funny. The rest of this show is perfect though, love the tone. The review that got me to watch it compared it to the Goonies, which is one of my all time favorites.
  14. NBA

    You're right the #2 for Ingram was probably too much to give up, but that said I think they still have to trade him so not sure what they can get for him at this point. Draft night was super boring for me, I loved the trade for Hill but also still kind of wanted one or two of the players I talked myself into thinking were good around the 12 spot. Overall I'd trade the 12 for hill any day of the week, even if he's only a one year rental he'll get us into the playoffs this year and that alone is worth it. We picked up the next Millsap in the second round, Joel Bolomboy a local Weber State kid highly athletic with his hustle button broken in the on position. He's gonna struggle to make the team if we sign another stretch 4, but if not he'll take Trevor Booker's spot as the 5th big. Thought the Celtics wasted their haul of picks, Ainge is smarter than me, but Brown at 3? Really? Why not just take Dunn and force Philly/Minny/Chicago to deal with you for the guy they want, taking the guy you could have gotten at 9 was not smart at 3 when you waited 4 years for that pick to come to fruition. Suns won the draft, Bender and Chriss, if they develop could be two of the best players in the draft. But it's Phoenix, so Sarver and Co. will find a way to fuck this up. Jamal Murray was my favorite prospect out of the not top 2, Nuggers got him at 7 is a solid pick. Spurs get the steal of the draft, again. How come no matter who they pick I always assume its an upcoming allstar. Liked the 76ers draft a lot, Luwawu is iff to me I don't know much about him, but I did like Korkmaz so late in the first. He'll be a draft and stash but could be the best shooter in the draft, I wanted the Jazz to buy back into the first round to get him. Apparently they tried, but couldn't get it done. Orlando Magic - relegate these fools please. They traded Oladipo, Harris, and the 11th pick (Sabonis) to rent Serge Ibaka for a year. Did they not watch Ibaka this year? The dude is already a shell of what he used to be. For the last two years I had to hear how the Jazz and Magic were these two up and coming good young teams, it always bugged me we got grouped with the Magic, and now I know why, such a dumb organization. EDIT All that said I know Jack Shit about the draft so I'm probably wrong about it all. Facebook has reminded me of these awesome quotes from me during draft time in years past. "This is a terrible draft, in most years Kawhi Leonard wouldn't be a first round pick let alone a lottery pick." "Utah got Enes Kanter at 3, and Alec Burks! Enes Kanter is a future multi-time all star and will carry this team to the playoffs! He would have easily been the #1 pick had he been allowed to play at Kentucky!" "[1] Jazz trade up to the #2 or 3 and get Evan Turner or Derrick Favors. [2] Jazz stay at #9 and land Greg Monroe. [3] Jazz trade down to the #16&23 and land Xavier Henry or Paul George with the #16, and Daniel Orton or Hassan Whiteside with the #23." Okay so I got half of those right, Favors = Great, Turner not so much. Paul George is awesome, but is Xavier Henry in the league still? Orton and Whiteside, one more heavy miss there too!