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  1. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    It wasn't Von Miller, I almost guarantee that was Derek Wolfe.
  2. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    Fuck Edelman's dirty play right?
  3. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    Chris Harris Jr. is better than Talib. Get him in your list somewhere. 
  4. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    But Peyton has a winning record against Brady in the playoffs, and he has a better career post season passer rating. Suck a butt.
    Edit: Yeah Derek Wolfe was hurt a lot which normally is bad news for your career, but his were all freak incidents. He had a spinal injury his second season, food poisoning and a blood infection, then had a random seizure related to his spinal injury not being fully healed. Then this year he was financially hurt for four  weeks being suspended for PEDs ha-ha. But he got a fat ass contract extension so PEDs officially worth it.
  5. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    1. Yes he does push off, all the fucking time. But its cool because so does everybody else, but don't act like it ain't true!
    2. Tom Brady is a crybaby to the refs, he begs for flags constantly. It's borderline childish, but whatever he needs to do to win I guess he'll do.
    3. CHJ Never said hit him in the knees. They asked him on TV what he would do if he had to tackle Gronk 1 on 1 and he just said you have to go low. Which is true, so what's your problem with it? Chris Harris Jr. is 200 pounds and currently unable to even brush his teeth with his hurt shoulder, Gronk is 265 pounds.... Any little guy always will go low and take the legs out of a bigger runner, its tackling 101. There's a difference between going low and aiming for the knees to injure, you don't seem to see that distinction unfortunately.
    4. You can keep calling out TJ Ward for that as much as you want, I can see him crossing the line more than I'd ever see CHJ do it, but its either that or he goes high and gets fined and beat. So what would you do? And that spear he threw on the rb as he rolled towards the end zone, that was a good play, no way to know for sure if the guy was going to be down by contact as the contact happened 10 yards before he was "down," he stopped him from getting into the endzone. 10/10 would want him to do that again.
    5. That Gronk tweet was fucking hilarious.
    6. I have tried to avoid all public football talk since the end of our loss to the Steelers, I just decided to keep my mouth shut and enjoy football. It's easy to say now so believe me or don't but I was cautiously optimistic before this game, I knew the Broncos matched up well against the Pats and I knew our defense was good enough to slow the Pats offense. But the thing I was most optimistic about was our offensive line playing much better last week against the Steelers. That makes the Broncos offense at least somewhat capable, and it showed today. Our offense moved the ball and extended drives on 3rd down, if only we didn't go "play not to lose" mode in the 4th I think it would have stayed a 1 td game. Broncos offense lost all motivation to score after the Pats lost that 4/1 conversion with 5 minutes left.
    7. What the fuck Belicheck, why go for a first well within field goal range when your defense was clamping down on our offense? I mean thanks, really, that's what cost you the game not Gostkowski's xp. That was some Andy Reid stupid right there.
    8. Brady is now 2-5 or some shit against Peyton and Eli in the playoffs. What a playoff choker right? The national story for this game is Brady got beat by a superior defense, which is what it should be. But if the result was flipped, it would be Peyton chokes again in the playoffs. Peyton has dragged 2 teams and 4 different coaches to the promised land, without the benefit of the GOAT coach and consistently top level defenses. How come when he loses its all on him, but when Brady loses the credit is given to the other team? Flip the results of this game and tell me people don't pile on Peyton again and say he just can't get it done in the playoffs.
    9. I'm just glad the Panthers fans on here are classy, I don't expect any trash talk from you guys. I mean maybe I'd expect that from teams who either completely missed the playoffs or got instantly trounced, but Panthers fans seem classy. And they wouldn't rub it in when the seemingly inevitable 50 point assrape happens in two weeks.
  6. ignitionnight added a post in a topic Medicinal strains   

    As a guy who has had only very minimal exposure to kind weed, I'm 100% confident the experiences you're having differentiating shit to the degree you have is simply placebo or kind of confirmation bias.
    Blue Dream is really super good.
  7. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    You kept saying this, but the Broncos still had to win no matter what happened in the Pats game. If the Pats win, the Broncos still had to win otherwise they lose the #2 seed to Cincinnati and fall to #5 behind the Chiefs.
    The best team in the AFC is clearly the Chiefs right now, I'd hate to play them. But then again I'd hate to play against Watt/Clowney with the shape our offensive line is in right now.... then again the Bengals could beat us with Dalton, and the Steelers did beat us. What I'm saying is the Broncos are the worst 1 seed ever haha.
  8. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    I knew it.
    Peyton 100% used HGH to recover from his neck surgeries, I didn't know this wasn't known about the NFL.... I thought it was an accepted and open "secret" that pretty much every NFL player uses or used HGH to recover from major injuries. You think Adrian Peterson came back from a torn ACL in 6 months only to run for 2000+ yards? You think Tom Brady tore his ACL and MCL and was ready in less than a year and had some of his better seasons post injury?
    But other than helping you recover, I'm not sold that HGH is truly a performance enhancer, especially for Peyton. In his record setting year people were still pointing out that he had weak arm speed, his passes were dead ducks, and his nerves in his hand were still dead. Peyton had that record year because of his football mind, his unbelievable weapons, and he had a bad ass offensive line that gave him all the time in the world.
    People are also quick to point out that he had a down year last year when HGH testing started. No he didn't, not until he got hurt. He had 29 tds through 9 weeks, he was on pace for 51 (2nd all time) until he hurt his plant leg and foot against St. Louis in game 10. Then he still had a few good games after that until he completely blew out his quad against San Diego in game 14. 
    I feel about this just like I felt about Deflate gate, he's 100% guilty, but everybody does it, and it had zero effect on the outcome so who cares?
  9. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    Fuck the NFL and their inconsistent bullshit.
    Suspend Talib for a eye gouge that I'm pretty sure didn't even touch the dude's eye, but this doesn't earn a suspension? The play was over and whistled dead, the guy's excuse was he was retaliating against a "dirty" hit against Antonio Brown on the play by Sylvester Williams. The problem was the hit was clean as could be, and was no problem whatsoever. So the guy admits to retaliation, let alone retaliation against a legal play, and he's not suspended? Fucking stupid.  Bruton broke his leg and it ended his season.... although he broke it earlier in the game he said this play hurt it further. Yes the mother fucker played 70 plays with a broken fibula, and took a helmet to helmet targeting cheap shot and still kept playing. That's so tough.
  10. ignitionnight added a post in a topic Best Podcasts   

    I'm impressed with how controversial of a story they chose, I'm assuming because of the political controversy with this story this will be another season without an "answer." I wouldn't mind a season with a resolution, but I guess not every story will be The Jinx.
  11. ignitionnight added a post in a topic MMA   

    Not a fan of McGregor and thought Aldo would work him with his leg kicks. I'll give him credit, a win is a win, especially against I guy who has never lost. But still feels flukey, and I wish we would have had a chance to see a full fight... guess we're waiting for the rematch at UFC 200.
  12. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    Thanks to the Eagles the Broncos control our own destiny again! If we win out we'll have home field advantage through the playoffs which would be fucking huge for this team. The Broncos are talking about bringing back Peyton for the closing stretch, which I can't decide if I agree with or not. On one hand Brock isn't tearing it up really, on the other hand he's not throwing 4 ints a game either.
  13. ignitionnight added a post in a topic You're the Worst   

    Don't much care for Edgar's new girlfriend or the improve angle, but it helped his character develop in a believable way so I'm cool with that.
    I'd still smash Lindsey if given the opportunity, her story arc wasn't bad this season, even if it was a bit pointless.
    Jimmy wasn't as funny this season as I thought, but the mouse episode was pretty good. I thought it was cool when he ditched out on Sandra Bullock's 23 year old little sister, she was hot.
    Gretchen's season was super weird but I think Aya Cash deserves an emmy nomination for her performance this season, she fucking killled it.
    I have a feeling next week will be a car wreck episode...... excited and sad.
  14. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NBA   

    Zaza Pachulia on a quest for that MVP award. Dude does everything for the Mavs, and is their most important player.
  15. ignitionnight added a post in a topic Fargo   

    How is this show getting better every single god damn episode. At some point there is a ceiling right? I was a big fan of season 1, but somehow season 2 has topped it already. This is the clear best show on tv.