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  1. ignitionnight added a post in a topic Horace and Pete   

    Now that I've slept on it let me add an asterisk to the statement that I loved every moment of it. I did, but it didn't click until episode 3 during Laurie Metcalf's monologue. It was so different and weird, but heavy and incredibly acted I just got hooked. But by the end I was so immersed in the story even the very beginnings where I wasn't fully invested felt perfect in retrospect. No matter what, if you start it just make yourself finish it. It's so worth it. The ending is perfect.
  2. ignitionnight added a topic in Movies, TV & Lit   

    Horace and Pete
    This was soooooo good. I loved every fucking moment of this series, loved the format and the pace and the dialogue and the play feel, everything. Louis CK is submitting it to the Emmys as a Drama. There's no way the show wins without the money backing from a studio but it is totally deserving.
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  3. ignitionnight added a post in a topic Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.   

    Anybody still watch this? The way they played off Jemmas trip to the other planet was great, and her relationship with the spaceman then back to Fitz was great, or maybe it wasn't and I'm just too attached to them to ever dislike their story.
    Ward is finally less boring, but I'm assuming he'll be done at the end of this season. I'm betting Lash takes him out somehow, maybe he saves Agent Mae from Ward's "It" character.
    I HATE the idea of spinning off Bobbi/Hunter into their own show, they were great characters on this show as an ensemble cast but I don't think they can carry their own show. So they made one show worse to make a show that won't be good enough to survive. Also the way they were written off seems pretty final so if that show flops there's no reasonable way to bring them back. I hope I'm wrong and Marvel's Most Wanted kicks ass, would be cool if they could go Hard R on a series, but I'm holding hope that Punisher gets his own series.
    Also Chloe Bennett's Skye/Daisy is the worst character on the show. She and Electroboy are just flat boring. That said Chloe Bennett is so unreasonablely hot, she better never leave the show.
  4. ignitionnight added a post in a topic 2016 Music   

    Downloaded the Pinegrove album since a few of you recommended it, its fantastic. Track number 2 Cadmium gives me a major Jimmy Eat World vibe.
  5. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    Fuck Mark Sanchez. Please God no.
  6. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    Emmanuel Sanders Twitter has been great lately.
  7. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    Broncos lost our QB of the future, a stud DE in Malik Jackson, we are probably losing CJ Anderson, Cut Vasquez our best interior offensive lineman, Evan Mathis might retire our only other good offensive lineman, we're probably gonna lose David Bruton (locker room glue guy), and the one that upsets me the most is losing Danny Trevathan. 
    Danny Trevathan is a fucking stud who tried to play through two separate breaks in the same knee, and he is the fastest fucking inside lb I've ever seen. Has a nose for the play and always seems to make the tackle. He should have been a pro bowler, but will probably finally get that honor in Chicago.
    We're gonna restructure Ryan Clady and Demarcus Ware, so both will stay under team friendly deals to free up some space. But that still leaves us with less than 20 million and we still gotta sign Von Miller, 6 mil for the rookies.
    Oh yeah and I guess we're trading for Kaepernick. Fuck. I'd seriously rather just roll the dice on Trevor Siemian, he's got a cannon for an arm and looked fantastic against 3rd string defenses last pre-season. Or we could hit up Cinci and see what they want for AJ McCarron. Or maybe see what the middle rounds have QB wise, or mabye drop a one year deal on Fitzpatrick or Cassell and see what next season brings...... just fucking anything but Kaepernick. Also if he ends up being good in Denver, I reserve the right to delete this post and pretend I never said it. 
    I guess if this was the price of the superbowl, I'd pay it every time.
  8. ignitionnight added a post in a topic Best Podcasts   

    Hardcore History is a serious investment in time. I just don't have the attention span for 6 4 hour episodes on World War 1. I'm sure if you have downtime and can dedicate 4 hours in a row to listening and paying attention it would be great. I just can't do it. I still listen to a lot of podcasts at work, but only in bits and pieces now. I work an inbound phone line so every 5 minutes or less I'm answering a call which makes it impossible to pay attention and finish a hardcore history episode, then couple that with the fact they are usually long drawn out mini-series then its pointless to even try.
    Common Sense is way more approachable. It's his take on current political events. The episodes are usually between 30 and 60 minutes so they are much easier to digest, not to mention being about current events makes it easier to understand.
    Brian Redban is love or hate for most people. He's an overgrown child, might be individually the stupidest person I've ever listened to talk. But he's funny, and I think he brings an important quality to Joe's podcasts. Joe takes himself too seriously these days, thinking he's an intellectual and a high minded person, when in reality he's likely just the most educated idiot in the room. Redban doesn't pretend to be anything other than his own dumbass self. Redban is the only reason Joe has a podcast, Joe can't full on ditch him. But Joe and Redban seem like two kids who were best friends in jr high, then high school rolled around and Joe started to get popular and Redban didn't. Joe still pretends to be friends with Redban, but when his cool friends are around Joe shits all over Redban trying to be cool. It's pretty sad.
  9. ignitionnight added a post in a topic Best Podcasts   

    Serial - Yeah Serial is no longer a must listen to. Last season spurred a spin-off and multiple fan podcasts about that podcast. This season is just not bad.
    What Brian Redban Do - Sometimes I feel like he's missed on Rogan, but Rogan turned into such an asshole during the end of Redban on that show he ruined it for me. Redban got Joe going so he couldn't ditch him outright, but he acted like a high school kid who didn't want his cool friends to know he still hung out with Redban. Anyways good to see he's started his own thing.
    Common Sense - Dan Carlin's cadence and delivery of his podcast is both incredibly soothing and irritating at the same time. He takes such a slow round about way of getting to his point it drives me crazy. But when he gets to his point it makes sense. I don't always agree with his opinions, but at least I can respect how he arrived at the opinions.
    The Champs - I didn't like this podcast at first, but Moshe and Brennan really grew on me and it became a favorite. Sad it's over, I know of hound tall but does Neil Brennen have another podcast?
  10. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

  11. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    That affidavit was pre settlement and is legally binding and should be the whole truth and should have nothing to do with the settlement and NDA. Maybe she decided to leave out some details so individuals didn't get fucked over, cause she only seemed to want to go after the university for allowing that sexually harassing culture to propagate and keep going.
    I don't know he did sign an NDA? Maybe I missed something but he was only one person mentioned in the suit against Tennessee, he wasn't a defendant or a plaintiff in the suit, would he be required to sign an NDA? I would think only the plaintiff and defendant had to sign an NDA. Had he violated an NDA he would be liable legally and civilly, she only sued him for defamation not anything to do with the NDA, again unless I'm missing something.
    I'm not trying to defend him in any way other than asking if what you guys are saying is true. When the story re-broke I assumed scumbag as well, but since I've read more about it it seems less and less of what's going through the media is actually true. Like you said he shit talked her.... When? He only said she had a vulgar mouth, which was only him saying she fit in to the locker room culture that they had. That's it. He didn't shit talk her in any way.
    I think it's fair to ask if he's a scumbag and it's fair to look into it and question of he's telling the truth. But it's also fair to ask why the affidavit didn't tell the story she now claims is true, and why those details didn't come out until he was rich.  If she held out details to prevent players like Peyton from getting in trouble individually, and Peyton is refusing to help her out and admit the details then be is a scumbag, but we don't know that yet.
    The only for sure scumbag in this situation is Shaun King. He's not interested in the "truth" of this matter and he's not interested in helping find justice for this lady, he's interested in his own relevance and fame. He literally only wrote this because he was mad at how Cam was treated by the media leading up to and after the super bowl so he started a smear campaign to bash Peyton. Maybe he's trying to push the racial cause, but it just sounds like self aggrandizement.
    Also there's this:

    Wonder when he's gonna write his Remember when Kobe raped Somebody story.... Or maybe that doesn't fit his agenda.
  12. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    Oh yeah, he 99% did HGH. I forgot about that one since everybody stopped talking about it haha. I think there are understandable reasons why Brady got more shit than Peyton. First of all Peyton's was off the field, it was 4 years ago, and he was injured. Brady's was directly involved in the game and happened during the playoffs. It's probably bullshit, but he's got an alibi that would be enough to prevent him from being prosecuted. His wife may have been on fertility treatments, and it's conceivable she was taking HGH.... haha.
    Her affidavit from 1997 corroborates that version of the events. As far as I know only she and one player from the locker room remember it the way she now claims it happened. Malcolm Saxon sent him a letter asking him to come clean and admit it. I don't know what motivation Saxon would have to lie, so maybe he's telling the truth and Peyton really teabagged her. But that's the only convincing evidence against him outside of her claims that are now more egregious than they were originally. 
  13. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NFL 2010-11...and 12.   

    I think you're more focused on the Brady thing and less focused on the Peyton thing, to me they've both been discussed equally. They didn't bring up the Peyton stuff during the Superbowl because his issue is 20 years old and had nothing to do with the game, where Brady's was two weeks old, and related to the game.
    Peyton never named her in the book, he just mentioned mooning a trainer who had a vulgar mouth, that's it. Her new coworkers connected her to it because they knew her past history. Then ESPN ran a story on his life and mentioned the suit but not her specifically. So he's a sexual predator for mooning and then talking about it in stories about his life.
    If you want some lolz look up the Twitter beef between Shaun King and Jason Whitlock. Whitlock calls him on being a white boy pretending to be black, and King responded by criticizing Whitlock's "Woke-ness" ha-ha what a tool. It's a sad day for you when Jason Whitlock looks like the mature adult in an argument against you.
  14. ignitionnight added a post in a topic NBA   

    Detroit is killing the trade deadline, picking up Tobias Harris, Donuts Montejunas, and Marcus Thornton for Jennings, Ilyasova, and a late first round pick? Good job SVG, got better, younger, and better cap situation. Wow.