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  1. also Starbucks Doubleshot is good too, forgot to mention it.

    1. Random Encounter

      Random Encounter

      When working at starbucks, i was taught the undertow which was flavored half and half with a double shot lightly added on top...delicious and fattening

  2. Has the site sped up for people?

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    2. Capricancerous


      More often than not it takes a ton of time to load, and just as often it times out because it takes so long to load.

    3. Midwestern Stylings

      Midwestern Stylings

      What type of database is the backend? MySQL?

    4. AC Slater

      AC Slater

      I think it has something to do with the fact that there's nobody here....

  3. I have been on a boreds binge lately... maybe time to take a breather or two.

  4. Just updated theboreds to 3.2.3. It seems like clicking the time stamp now finally takes me to the last post.

    1. Dodgerbolt


      OH MY LORD THANK YOU. p.s. almost slipped on some slippery wet mud today and thought of you.

  5. Phil, just cause you delete your post doesn't mean I can't read it!

    1. Oceanic


      Did he want to see you naked?

  6. Happy Black Friday Eve!

  7. Just upgraded to 3.2.2 a few bug fixes mostly. I changed the like system to rep, but need to find a way to enable rep comments.

    1. yunkmom


      Thank you. Hey ... aren't you on your honeymoon?

    2. ignitionnight


      No, got back last week.

    3. Dodgerbolt


      I wish I knew who was giving me rep, any way we can do that?

  8. Does firefox let me update my status?

    1. ignitionnight


      God dammit, chrome can't update status but firefox can. This is stupid.

    2. chipzdelux
  9. Not gonna lie, thought I lost the boreds again. Glad I didn't. I would have felt badly for 2 minutes then just moved on to reddit

  10. Yeah its a bug in the current 3.1.4 system we have, they can't fix it easily because it effects user permissions and could cause major security holes if they don't do it right.

    They have said it is fixed in 3.2 but that wont be out for a few months. That update will have tags too.

  11. I have the Nexus One, its og Android without any skins on top. Basically the phones developers use. Just read a lot of androidcentral, and mess around was all I did. Don't worry about questions I will try to help if I can. My friend has a Galaxy S, its a slick looking phone!

  12. Do you still need a movie torrent invite?

  13. My dick sick and dangerous, your dick quick and painless.

    1. FOA


      my dick bigger than a bridge, your dick look like a little kids

    2. ant


      my dick named don, your dick just wrong

    3. FOA


      my dick so hot it's stolen, your dick look like gary coleman

  14. I vaguely remember that. I used to be an asshole.

  15. Tell me, Who beat Michael in his prime? Nobody did, and nobody else would have. That Utah Jazz team are the best to not win the title.

  16. I won 9 straight beer pong games last night, I felt cool. Then I chugged a whole beer and finished the last few cups from the previous game, then lost the 10th game and drank another beer and a half, and their beers, and puked. Too much liquid, not alcohol. Did not feel cool anymore. longest status update ever? I think so.

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    2. Rickety Cricket

      Rickety Cricket

      Bro, you're my hero. Please tell me you banged some bitches as well, bro.

    3. ignitionnight


      Of course, like 3 at the same time bro!

    4. Mixhail


      dude brah your story is pretty sick brah

  17. Haha, thanks man. Still in the process of appealing, I gathered 4 letters of character reference from my coworkers and supervisors. I am also in the process of trying to recoup the money from my attorney. Something tells me that might not happen though, haha.

  18. Just gave my cat RedBull, will post results later.

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    2. ignitionnight


      My cat just stared at it, fascinated by the bubbles and then walked away. Ungrateful little shit!

    3. TheGabe
    4. COG


      Spike the cat's water

  19. I am still planning on helping you out, but I have been super busy lately. Get at me this weekend and I will walk you through it. Are you on PC or Mac?

  20. Just added three new updates (rep history in profiles, rep count in thread view, and social bookmarks)

  21. Even if I walked you through setting up torrents? I am willing to help you get started, I have 225 gigs of credit on the site, I have plenty to spare.

  22. I can't upload the Mad Men episodes, but I can invite you to tvtorrents.com if you are interested. I can hook you up with 5 gigs of credit.

  23. Jammal Charles is my homeboy!

    1. Mixhail


      he is indeed dope. i don't mind if he scores 40 for you on your team, as long as he keeps killing it for me in my other league.

  24. Goodnight boreds, lets chill again tomorrow.