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  1. NBA

    TNT was making shopping the playoff teams into classic rap albums. Of course they left out the Jazz, so I had to make one.
  2. DNA is the hardest fucking track. Love it. Fear is great, one of my favorite Kendrick songs. I love the chorus, "If I could smoke fear away, I'd roll that mothafucka up, And then I'd take two puffs." The U2 feature was unexpected as hell, weird song but I dig it. Favorite lyric on the album is t
  3. I hate that this bothers me so much, and I hate that I think you're omitting Elway on purpose.
  4. I think you gotta think of 3 Mics as more of a one man show than a traditional stand up special. It was originally a theater show, kind of like an off broadway thing. I thought the middle mic was the most interesting.
  5. Denzel is the shit. Between him and Anderson Paak they are my two favorite of the XXL Freshmen... Not counting dicky I guess but he's comedy rap so got them in different categories.
  6. Japandroids are finally releasing a new album. January 28th cannot come soon enough!!!!
  7. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up, I'm okay with it. He's not the exciting hire Kyle Shanahan would have been, and the Dolphins D wasn't the most impressive unit in the world (pun somewhat intended) but he's well respected and well liked by people who know a hell of a lot more about this than I do. So I guess I'm cool with it. It seems likely this means Wade Phillips is leaving Denver and we'll promote Joe Woods to to defensive coordinator. Woods is our DBs coach and is kind of a Joseph clone. Defensive backs coach with a good rep around the league, we'd rather make him our DC than see him signed by somebody else. More rumors point to Mike McCoy being brought back as our offensive coordinator. Apparently Joseph reached out to McCoy before we even interviewed him and said if he gets a chance to be a HC he wants McCoy as his OC. If it's Joseph/McCoy/Woods I'd take that over Kubiak/Dennison/Philips, and even Shanahan/?/Philips. Vance Joseph might actually be Mike Milligan. Oh hey, it's Ryan Tannehill 2.0!
  8. Even with Peyton we were still running a bastardized Kubiak/Manning offense that was far more Kubiak than it was Peyton. Putting Peyton in the Pistol was a terrrrrible idea, it nerfed the passing and the running game. I think he'd be a better head coach than he would be a coordinator. I view Head Coaches very differently than I think most people do, I think a lot of people expect head coaches to be offensive or defensive masterminds, or have a unique coaching system that sets them apart from other teams. To me all I really want out of a head coach is a good manager, a person who runs the team professionally, and gets the best out of his team by motivating them and putting them in a position to succeed. The first reason I liked the idea of hiring Dennison is that he was a Denver guy. We were just getting out of a bad situation by paying McDaniels to leave so we had to get a guy who knew the team culture and could restore us back to a respectable organization. It's not like there were tons of other options, and I realllly didn't want to hire Fox who was the only coach that did worse than McDaniels did (I love Fox now). He was my first realistic choice, I wanted the Broncos to throw all the money at Bill Cowher, but that was never gonna happen. (Also not on their payroll to tell them that.)
  9. Yeah from what I understand there isn't expected to be much talent available on the free agent line this year. I'm starting to worry about Kubiak's ability to make adjustments, or at least his willingness. Siemian has been abused all season long, and rather than bringing Virgil Green in to block on the right side and assist our RT, or sending the back over to chip edge rushers, he calls the same plays. When asked about his lack of adjustments in protection he said he doesn't want to use players to block when they should be making plays in the field. What plays? There aren't plays to be made if your right tackle is bullrushed into the QB for a sack, or 3 men in the box create immediate pressure forcing a QB to throw into a backfield of 8 defenders. Rick Dennison was my choice for head coach when we hired Fox, he's a broncos guy just like Kubiak and has denver ties going back decades. But I want him fired as OC yesterday, and Kubiak has to give up playcalling duties to the new offensive coordinator next season. This season has been a waste and it hurts me to watch this defense get no help from our offense.
  10. Emmanuel Sanders is the only offensive player that should have been allowed to speak. That dude puts his entire soul into each game, his effort and toughness will never be questioned. Everybody else on that offense is useless and as soft as tissue. Demaryius Thomas is weird, I hate him for how shitty he is and how bad of a season he's having..... Except he's having a great season by any reasonable standards. He's got 1000 yards and 83 catches. He's actually having a better season than Amari Cooper who made the probowl, more catches TDS and first downs and barely less yards. He should just be so much better though, he's a physical monster but plays softer than Sanders does. I like Edelman a lot and I think Ward is a fucking moron for falling for Edelmans shit talking. I don't fault Edelman for suckering Ward into a stupid penalty, I fault Ward for being a fucking moron and falling for it. That said you're acting like Ward threw him off the top of a steel cage into the announcers table at WrestleMania, it wasn't that dangerous and Edelman wasn't going to get hurt from that. PROBOWL Miller, Harris, and Talib all deservingly made the probowl. Can't really say anybody really got shafted, except for maybe Darien Stewart. I think he had a better season than both Reggie Nelson and McCourty and should have made it, but both those guys are in the playoffs and we aren't so tie goes to them I guess. Derek Wolfe could have made it, he's been great this season and is having a worthy year, just hard to say more worthy than the guys that made it. His game doesn't stuff stat boxes, but it's noticed by people who pay attention. Matt Paradis, been a top center all season. The only capable player on our offensive line. But the unit as a whole is atrocious so he loses out to individually lesser players on collectively much better squads. Demaryius Thomas can be argued from a stats prospective, but he wouldn't pass the smell test for pro bowl this year. Trevor Siemian is great, I think he's our long term starter assuming he continues to progress and Lynch doesn't make an astronomical leap. He much better than I expected him to be, and his spirals are just so pretty. He's played so much better than he should based on our offensive line, if Elway can do some magic with the line and improve it our offense is in good hands with him.
  11. Regarding the Ward/Okung drama after the game, I don't think it was cool of Ward to stop Okung from speaking. Okung is a veteran and has been in the league for years and has been successful almost everywhere he's been. Except in Denver. There's been a locker room rift since the day the Sheriff walked out of the building, Peyton despite his atrocious season last year was the glue the team needed to stay together. Despite the offense's inability to stay on the field, or even score points the defense respected them because of Peyton's legacy. This year that isn't the case. Okung and his offensive line have been the single worst thing about the Denver Broncos this season, fucking PUTRID performances all season long and Okung isn't doing much better than anybody else on the line. The Broncos defense, apart from some difficulty against the run, has been almost as good as they were last year. The only difference is they aren't scoring defensive TDs like the did last year. So in a way while I don't think Ward was right for shutting down Okung, I don't think it was completely wrong either. Imagine the weakest link in any group task you have steps up to tell everybody they need to work harder together. Fuck that guy. Regardless this team has some issues, which is sad because it's wasting a defense that should be good enough to give us a chance to repeat if the offense wasn't so fucking incompetent. Regarding the rest of your post, god damn Patriots fans are fucking pussies. What do you not understand about tackling a dude who is 60 pounds heavier than you, you have to go low. Edelman was talking shit all game, and he got into Ward's head and he suckered Ward into a stupid play. He's a dumbass for getting suckered and a dumbass for acting tough on it.
  12. Going to see Bryan Callen do some standup tonight. I've only seen one of his specials, but he's one of my favorite podcast personalities so I'm really looking forward to it. Should be a great show.
  13. That fuck you we're winning flip into the end zone was fantastic.
  14. Jesus fucking christ marty, you don't have to embed every fucking tweet on twitter here. Do you know how long it takes this fucking page to load because of you. /calmerthanyouare