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  1. It's still something I haven't read too much about, just the basic concepts and ideas. I've been thinking it's less an actual BELIEF and is more a...metaphor? Or something, basically saying that stop worshiping God because all it's doing is making the world a worse place. But there could be people who actually buy into it as a very real, solid idea, I dunno. As an actual belief, though, it doesn't make too much sense to me...but if it's a metaphor for what I just said, then yeah, it makes a little more sense. So okay, to streamline what I just said... 1) Maltheism might just be a metaphor 2) Metaphor is: God doesn't exist but the belief in him totally does, and it makes people do evil things 3) Wiping out belief in him will therefore free mankind from religion's negative influence Something like that.
  2. From what I've been reading, it's a sort of darker shoot off of Gnosticism, but instead of there actually being a true God above some bully deity, this is instead about human empowerment. Or something. I'm not a Maltheist myself, but it's just interesting.
  3. Since I came back to TheBoreds, it seems that religious debate is the hot new thing. I wanna hop on this bandwagon before it rides away. So before I even get to my main point, let's make it clear that I am not advocating any belief here. I share a lot of beliefs from a lot of different religions and systems, but I don't label myself as anything in specific... I'm simply bringing this topic up because, frankly, it's interesting and I wanna see what you all have to say about it. Let's get to moving. Maltheism is the belief that, simply put, God is an arrogant dick unworthy of our worship. This goes against claims in most monotheistic religions where God is said to be good, all-loving, all-forgiving. Rather, maltheism explicitly states that God sucks and He doesn't deserve our worship because he's done such dick things to mankind and pretty much enslaved us and demands tribute. One of the key things about this religion is that God thrives on worship and love, and if we were to deprive Him of it, He would die. God's death would lead to true human freedom from a metaphysical tyrant. Maltheists believe that God's goal, therefore, is its own glory rather than the benefit of mankind...and many religions will often claim something similar, that we exist to serve within God's glory and bask in it and blahblah. Same deal for Maltheism, but this time, it's a bad thing. So if God exists, could there be the possibility He's just a gigantic asshole? Or is He truly all-loving and are these people misguided? ....Or alternatively, are both groups equally fucked in the head? Let's hear some thoughts. EDIT: Nvm guise, our prince has told me the bandwagon isn't going anywhere.
  4. Any of you guys watch The Last Temptation of the Christ? Sure, it's fiction, but that's the most believable Jesus I've ever seen. More so than that gorn flick Passion of the Christ.
  5. Why can't I use that move with my customizable characters?
  6. The second is so much better. I still liked the first because of all the choices you have to make...and the story is just so epic...but as far as actual gameplay, Mass Effect 2 is where it's at.
  7. how did Zac die? EDIT: Nvm, damn cholera.
  8. Probably shouldn't be listening to "I Kill People" at work...especially considering it's a nursing home.

  9. I thought Ghost Seeking Sex Heat was boring at first, but it grew on me... New "Robot" is good though. Jason Tate doesn't agree, but Jason Tate likes shitty music anyway so it's ok.
  10. Yeah, I own the game so some of it isn't a big deal to me, but I see why it would be irritating for people who are borrowing it or renting it or even just buying it used. It's bullshit.
  11. Beat this a few days ago. Gonna New Game+ it. Fantastic and way better than the first. Isaac Clarke was already a cool character, but being voiced makes it all the better.
  12. I logged on just to +REP this. I'm laughing.
  14. So college, Demon's Souls, and more Demon's Souls has kept me off The Boreds. Sorry folks.

    1. Stringer



    2. ant


      i don't know you but i've missed you nonetheless

      and Demon's Souls is badass. And hard. Very fucking hard.

  15. Likewise. The article in Game Informer helped that. They said early 2011 it'll come out?