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  1. I'm excited to see how the new album translates live. It's very dynamic, impassioned and textural, and I feel like saying that the guitar arrangements are "stale and unimaginative" overlooks the amount of time they put into the textures and the tone. As for the tuning of the guitars, they are all over the place, but additionally they play baritone guitars. That's the "Drop C" analogy happening, however lower. I'm also excited about my group Ghostly Times recording our first release --> check out our YouTube teaser. (only reason I'm putting in the Thrice thread is because I'm "obviously" influence by them and think it's somewhat similar) Edit: Sorry for the shameless plug -- low class -- just pumped about this band/project
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to throw up this Radiohead cover that my girl and I did of "Motion Picture Soundtrack" off of Kid A. She absolutely kills the tune. It's also on Apple Music, Spotify and all that jazz as well ! Hope you guys enjoy! -Anthony
  3. Thanks brother! Will do. We should be heading in the studio in the next month to track at least an EP to start - I'll post it up here when it's finished.
  4. Hey all! It's been a minute. Just wanted to drop in and let you know that my new band BRIDGES just released a new demo called Rainstorm --something we recorded in my railroad apt in brooklyn, ny so it's not the finished version but let us know what you think http:s// <-- our website Best, ~A
  5. Saw Dustin twice when he came to NYC. As usual, so engaging and captivating. Dude's got a gift for sure. My girl and I covered "Of Crows and Crowns" and threw it up on my Bandcamp - check it if you're interested
  6. Hey all...I released the first single off of this EP called Here I Go Again Check it out on bandcamp exclusively: It has a singer-songwriter-esque acoustic vibe to it.
  7. Hey all, Just wanted to share the KickStarter for my 6 song EP that I'm tracking with a great friend of mine and amazing engineer Reed Black (previously of Saves the Day) It's going to be a 6 song EP, already half recorded, that I hope to release in mid October / Early November called The Color Wheel. At times it has a really stripped down vibe, sometimes bluesy, sometimes rock, sometimes ballady etc. The lyrics are quite honest and vulnerable and discuss a lot of insecurities/challenges/failures etc Some of the tracks are running in the background of the KS video so hope you all check it out and I'll be sure to upload when it's out. Cheers Anthony THE COLOR WHEEL KICKSTARTER HERE!
  8. Just released this album today on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud etc. In the vein of Sara Bareilles, Adele, Ingrid Michaelson, Nora Jones etc. I did the artwork and played guitar/produced/co-wrote the record. It was recorded with Reed Black (ex-touring piano player of Saves the Day) and mixed by Michael Brauer (Mix God / Master Engineer of Electric Lady Studios NYC, Hendrix's studio) Check it out if you're into easy listening Pop. Hillary Capps "The Wishing Forest" ~a
  9. Cool stuff man...keep it up
  10. Feel free to check out and D/L the first single off of my girl and I's upcoming Pop record. This track is called "New Melody" and was mixed by Michael Brauer (Aretha Frankilon, John Mayer, Coldplay, Paul McCartney etc) If you like it follow us on FB and shiz -a
  11. He was on trial as to whether or not he shot Martin out of self-defense or not. That's it. The biggest mistake was that they decided to go for a 2nd Degree Murder Conviction. Zimmerman was clearly attacked, whether it be due to his ignorance and presuppositions or not. In order to avoid more bodily harm and not get his head bashed in any more he shot. The media and prosecution playing into how the size difference is also disconcerting but a real testament to how ignorant people are about strength and weight. I've seen a 17 year old bench 315 lbs when he weighed 140lbs. Floyd Mayweather fights at 146. ANYONE can be dangerous physically. For me, it's really sad that this young kid died. Do I think that it was murder, no. Do I think it was manslaughter, yes. Several impactful shots to the head can lead to brain hemorrhaging and death therefore validating self defense. Zimmerman may have been wrong to pursue Martin. Wrong to confront him. But that wasn't what the trial was about. It was about the last piece of the puzzle. Self Defense or get put into a coma. He chose the former. It's unfortunate that this brings up the race debate again. I have so many African American friends. I don't see color. I love people for who they are. It's hard to be a white male and see this happening. Our Media intentionally causes these rifts in society. They don't want unity. It would mean people could focus on the bigger problems this country is facing. The Governmental corruption. The propaganda we're fed day in and day out. It's gross.
  12. Ordered it buddy. Support for sure! Keep me up to date if you're coming to NYC.
  13. Pretty cool stuff. the beginning is a bit cliché but I can get into it....
  14. Cool, thanks for that. Again not sure how I was the one that sounded like a complete ass. I didn't start attacking, I was rebutting what people were saying with much more than rhetoric. I should've known better than to assume everyone could take valid pushback. Oh wait, that was me sounding like an ass again.
  15. I'd like to know where my argument went invalid. Is there no validity in pointing out that other cultures do just fine without guns? Is there no validity in stating that eventually this will happen again(proven countless times) if there aren't harsher/more finite restrictions on what is legal and illegal? I'm not sure how I'm letting emotion take over. I'm quite sure I'm letting LOGIC take over. I understand that you think guns are a necessary evil and I respect your opinion but that doesn't mean I have to agree with it. I just don't stand for the argument "It's too hard" rather than "I'd prefer". The latter is at least an opinion as opposed to a cop out. Also, I know you think that us owning guns would save us from our evil tyrant leaders and lobbyists but I hate to point out the fact that no militia would ever stand a chance against the advanced technology/weaponry our government has(I believe this was already touched upon but just restating). Anyway, opinions are just what they are. Obama is to announce new stricter gun policies in January!