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  1. NEVER!!! -shutter
  2. Just about all the reviews are glowingly positive. Might have to pick this up tomorrow. -shutter
  3. This is hilarious/awesome. Thanks for the last 14 years, Riley. -shutter
  4. Holy shit, that picture is wonderful. -shutter
  5. That was seriously fantastic. Meeting everyone and enjoying the final show was huge. The Boreds mean so much more to me now. -shutter
  6. I'm hitting up the Volcom warehouse around 4:30, so I'll be at Goat Hill around 5:30. Plan on being at the show around 7:30. -shutter
  7. You're in line NOW? Why? -shutter
  8. I suggested The Goat Hill Tavern to hcmg last night. It's about 4-5 miles away from The Observatory, which is a 10 minute drive. They've got 130+ beers on tap, indoor/outdoor smoking, shuffle board, AND FREE PEANUTS. But yeah, that's my suggestion for a pre-show meetup. -shutter
  9. Alright. I'm gonna be wearing blue jeans and a grey Rx Bandits shirt. Is there a good spot inside the venue to meet up at? I haven't been there since they released IoS. -shutter
  10. Who else is going tonight? Wanna meet up somewhere? -shutter
  11. I'm flying solo tonight. Wanna meet up somewhere? I'll get there around 9. -shutter
  12. Motherfuckin' Buffaloes! Can't wait to kick Baylor right in the taint on Saturday. -shutter
  13. I'm in -shutter
  14. The fuck? They're already playing together again? Just get back together and make more albums! -shutter
  15. Hey all, I'm Scott. Most of you probably know me. I'm going to the Denver show, then flying out for both of the HOB shows, and the final LA show. I do not yet have tickets for the LA show, but if any of you fine gentlemen wanna snag me one, it'd be much appreciated. I will pay you in both money and beer if you can do this for me. If not, I'll get a scalped ticket. I'm also going to brew a couple batches and bring them with me, so we're definitely gonna have to tailgate before a couple of these shows. Get stoked! -shutter