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  1. You do not play XCom while drinking. There should be a prompt on the screen forcing you to say you haven't been drinking. When I drink I start moving my guys just a little further than normal. Then mistakes start happening. This pretty muchdescribes my sober playing the last two days, game is kinda hard. A month in I haven't lost anyone yet at least. I just finished this and fuck Sectopods.
  2. I am looking for a ticket for one of the Observatory shows.
  3. MLB

    Only the ones who leave high school at 16 and are on the cover of SI at 16.
  4. Blizzard is based in the Pacific time zone and I'm assuming since there is one region for the Americas they're using their time zone to launch.
  5. My parents used to watch the X-Files every Sunday night and I had to make sure that I was outside earshot of the TV before the Simpsons credits ended because the music scared me to the point that I would start crying uncontrollably.
  6. This game is going to cost me between $600 and $700 but it will be worth every single penny.
  7. Me too. I'm considering getting a PS3 just so I can play a good baseball video game.
  8. I blew it on Saturday when I forgot to put Aaron Rodgers in for Jon Kitna. fml.
  10. Is there a way to download this without using the Windows Live download manager thing? Every time I've tried with it it crashes after downloading 50MB or so.
  11. Is anyone else having issues with the Games for Windows Live downloader thing? Mine keeps crashing.
  12. Fire roasted tomato are the best things ever. Wheat Thins suck dicks.
  13.,0,5150927.story This stuff seems like it sucks.
  14. MLB

    I wanted Roy Halladay to win the WS. Oh well. Go Rangers.