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  1. ^Hahahaha, pretty much sums up the night.
  2. I went to that show and the set was much longer than that. The only difference was we only got one encore. And it's obvious that Thrice isn't a big fan of Tulsa or Cain's, and for good reason. The crowd sucked so bad. Everyone just stood there, it was awful. Easily the worst Thrice show I've been to, simply because NOBODY was into it at all. Very sad. Songs they played that I don't remember seeing on previous set lists (though I only skimmed them): Phoenix Ignition Identity Crisis Under a Killing Moon Flags of Dawn EDIT: And there was no secret acoustic show either. It really was a bad night and I'm bummed that my last night with Thrice was such a bad experience.
  3. Probably the most boring/predictable set I've ever seen them play. They better throw some more surprises in there for the rest of this tour.
  4. I know I'm being an entitled bitch, but if they wait until Summer to tour the U.S. I'll be very upset. I'll be in Japan throughout the month of June...
  5. Looks like Riley has confirmed that he's in a couple of new music projects already, but that shouldn't surprise anyone. From his blog:
  6. But guys...his room looks like a recording studio.
  7. I just posted a fairly long post in the thread with the video that probably inspired this post, so I'll keep this short. It definitely seems like many black people today have a tendency to abuse the fact that their ancestors were treated absolutely horrendously to receive special treatment. If I were a dead slave, I'd feel like I was being taken advantage of. /in before someone claims that I'm "stereotyping black people." I'm just calling it as I see it. I guess it's worth noting I live in a very, very white area, so black people tend to play the racist card A LOT around here.
  8. This guy's a bit crazy, but his freak out brings up a good point. It seems like most people just assume that only white people can be racist. Obviously, when anyone with a decently rational mind thinks about it, they'll come to the conclusion that that's not true, but most people don't seem to think about it. Why is it fair to say "White people that aren't alive anymore sold black people that aren't alive anymore to slavery, and even though we've since fixed the problem, you still get special treatment, even though you weren't effected at all." Hell, he'd probably have been born in a 3rd world African country had the slave trade never happened. I'm not saying that justifies it, but it's a point to consider.
  9. I've never heard of this band either, but anyone who donated more than 10 bucks or bought a ticket to the show is a complete and total idiot. That means you, Chris.
  10. It seems that Riley seems pretty upset about the break (up). I wonder how much band discussion went into this decision, or if Dustin was just like, "We need to talk..."
  11. Imagine if this place was still the Thrice Boards.
  12. Today was going so great...then this. Definitely won't be missing this upcoming tour. The setlist should be great. I'm kind of hoping it's just Thrice with no openers playing a 2+ hour set, but I know that's unrealistic.
  13. Fucking Burned.
  14. Holy shit I just might make it to the KC show.
  15. ^Of Dust And Nations and Silhouette were surprises to you? I feel like they played those songs every show since Vheissu was released.