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  1. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Hannibal   

    Haha, I am seriously going to miss this show.  There were so many completely fucked up sequences in this episode, I still can't believe they can do half this stuff on network TV.
    The worst bit for me was the fetus in the pig.  That is seriously some fucked up shit right there, wow.  I read on reddit that one of the producers came out and confirmed that the dead baby was Margot and Will's, apparently Mason didn't just keep her eggs, he kept a whole lot more.
    I'm stoked for the Red Dragon plotline.  I remember pieces of it from the Red Dragon movie years ago, was it the one where Ray Liotta eats his own brain?
  2. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic True Detective (HBO series)   

    I wasn't a fan of Vaughn's monologue.  I'm not too impressed with his acting at all so far this season.  Maybe something will change in the later episodes, but right now I'm doubting a Vaughnaissance coming out of this performance like so many people hoped. 
    And holy shit, Justin Lin sure does like traffic doesn't he?  I'd like to see a season end account of how much time he spent on just fucking traffic shots, Jesus. 
    The pacing of the show doesn't bother me, it's just that none of the characters seem very interesting to me so far and that makes it seem even slower.  I am a fan of Rectify, which moves at a glacial pace in comparison to this season of True Detective, but in a show like Rectify, the characters seem much more fuller and interesting, even in the first season after a couple episodes.  So the slow pace wasn't a problem for me with Rectify, because it was at least interesting in how they set up the show's world and pacing as a kind of reflection of the main character's mindset of being released off death row after 20 years in prison.  With True Detective, the characters just haven't grabbed me like those in season 1, so spending time with these characters as they go through all this plot set up just seems excessively boring in a lot of cases.
    That being said, I think there is still time to turn it around.  A show like this may suffer more in the earlier episodes, but I just hope that all this set-up begins to pay off. 
  3. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Banshee   

    Just wanted to let you know Cassidy that I was sick over the weekend and binged watched the first two seasons of Banshee.  Season 1 is streaming on Amazon Prime right now and I really liked the show so I went and downloaded the next two seasons as well.
    Very solid show so far (I'm just starting season 3 today, so no spoilers).  It's a lot of fun and I like that it's not super serious and gritty 100% of the time; I feel like they were kinda going for a more of a "comic-book awesomeness" rather than anything realistic, because there is no way Sheriff Hood wouldn't have been thrown back in jail after that fight with the MMA guy in season 1.  Speaking of which, holy shit, these fight scenes are awesome and so damn brutal; the fight with the MMA guy was hilariously ridiculous, breaking his arms, ripping his fingers apart, jesus.  The Albino fight was awesome too.
    And is it me or did the style of the show really begin to change towards the middle of season 2?  I feel like it started in that episode when Lucas and Ana were at the farm house he bought and the sniper was after them.  They started doing all kinds of different things with the cinematography in that episode, lots of close up shots, lots of meandering scenery shots.  Not that it was a bad thing, but the earlier stuff seemed so much more subdued (if that makes sense) and then it's like sensory overload with bright and faded colors and John Woo gun fights in the church.  Just wondering if that stuck out to you as well and if it was intentional by the directors or me just being weird.
    Also, I'm not sure if Job is one of the best characters or one of the absolute worst in recent TV history.  He is definitely unique, but I'm glad he's not overused either.  He's like the embodiment of gay stereotypes and a superhero.  Some of his scenes are pure gold and others make me roll my eyes so hard it hurts; but I think that the intention they had for him (I hope).  Either way, he's a fun addition to the show overall I think.
    Overall, great show so far.  I'll probably finish season 3 over this week and post my thoughts about it then.
  4. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Hannibal   

    All the major networks seem pretty shitty these days; it doesn't seem like any of them are really taking into consideration the online audience for a bunch of these shows and still just focus on Nielson ratings and live viewing numbers.  Maybe part of it is that the networks can't seem to find a way to monetize the online views of the shows to make them relevant, I don't know.
    Premium cable channels seem like the best place for shows these days, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz.  And Netflix and Amazon (lots of new shows are in production for Amazon).  And I guess it's interesting to see how much success those premium cable channels have had over the last few years with growing viewerships and Emmy awards when those kind of channels don't have worry about advertising dollars, and instead just having quality programs that keep people subscribed over the entire year.  And to a lesser extent, I'd also say FX and maybe AMC, but AMC has been known to fuck with shows budgets pretty dramatically.
    Bet let's be honest here, we are extremely lucky to even get a 3rd season of Hannibal.  With the numbers it's had, I doubt it would have lasted on any of the major networks.  I'd love to see Netflix or Amazon pick it up (fuck Hulu), but I won't hold my breath. 
    If the show stays dead, at least we'll still have Brian Fuller's "American Gods" to look forward to.  And Mads Mikkleson can finally play Euron Greyjoy on Game of Thrones (please, please, please TV casting gods!).
  5. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Game of Thrones TV show (and previously book discussion before the new thread was started)   

    Well, at least there are no more spoilers to hide from you guys going forward.
    A couple of quick thoughts before I go to sleep:
    - Stannis is definitely not dead.  There is no way they just cut out on that swing without a specific reason.
    - My money is that Jon will be resurrected by Mel, like every single person has predicted since ADWD was released.  All the stories about him being off the show that will be released over the next couple days will just be ways to build up his death and the season finale. 
    - I thought the books handled his death a little better.  I was kinda pissed that we didn't get the pink letter.  In the books, Jon recieves a letter signed by Ramsay Bolton saying that he has killed Stannis and has his sister (in the books, fake Arya, but Sansa would have worked).  So Jon decides that he has enough suffering, all his family dead and gone, he decides to take the wildlings and Night's Watch soldiers and march on Winterfell to get back Arya.  Which goes completely against the Night Watch vows of interfering with the realms of man.  After making an epic speech declaring his intentions, the Nights Watch stabs him. 
    Not sure why they didn't include the letter, it gave Jon more of a reason to get murdered by his guys.  The Wildling thing was bad, but when he decideds to take everyone to march on the Boltons and reclaim his home, it's a much more serious grievance to the Night's Watch.
    Also regarding Jon's fate, Kit Harrington was recently spotted in Belfast, where they film all the stuff at the Wall...which starts up again in a few weeks.  Just saying. Might be nothing, but it might be something.
  6. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic The Official Movie You Just Watched Thread   

    Any of you guys watched Sense8 on Netflix?
    I finished it up the other day and had to push through some of those early episodes.  The concept is pretty cool, 8 people are all connected through each others mind and can speak to each other telepathically and borrow each others skills when they need them. 
    The show itself was a mixed bag for me though.  Some of the writing was very weak which led to some of the weaker actors (especially the trans woman, she is not a very good actress) to just be very cringe-worthy every time they were on screen.  Some of the cheesy dialogue worked well for some characters, the Lito storyline was just chock full of terrible one liners, but I think much of it was intentional due to his job as a Mexican telenovelas actor.
    One of the big complaints I kept hearing from other people was the structure of the show.  It does jump around quite a bit, very similar to what the Wachowskis did in Cloud Atlas; so if you hated Cloud Atlas, you'll probably hate this. 
    The show gets a lot better about midway through with some very awesome action scenes and intense moments.  I was really on the fence with this show for the first half of the season, but I am glad I stuck with it; the payoff for sticking with it ends with some hilariously awesome scenes for some of the characters.  I'd say if you still find it somewhat interesting by episode 4, finish the series, because it does pick up quite a bit in the later half of the season.  But I imagine a lot of people will outright hate this show from the first episode.  Also be warned, they filmed live child births for this show, that's all I'm going to say.
  7. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Thrice   

    ​Oh man, I actually moved back to Georgia about 2 years ago, I just haven't updated my info on here.  But I'm not too far from there, about 30 or 40 minutes away.  I have some friends up there I go see every once in a while and I'm up there sometimes for concerts.
    Chattanooga is a fun town though, the city has really gotten better the last 10 years or so. You will have just missed the Riverbend Festival, which is like a week long festival they have downtown every year on the river front.  Chattanooga also got a decent sized venue now called Track 29, so you don't have to drive to Nashville or Atlanta to see some of the bigger shows. 
    Also recommend to go to The Flying Squirrel. It just won the best designed bar in America this year, it's really fucking cool and has good food and drinks. 
    Let me know if you want any recommendations for stuff to do up there, maybe we can meet up sometime when the next show comes up and grab some beers.
  8. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Game of Thrones TV show (and previously book discussion before the new thread was started)   

    ​In most of those cases, I have no idea.  I'd assume it's just more of a grandstanding type of thing to get attention for the politicians. 
    And lots of people make their living off of being personally offended these days, writing click-bait articles on blogs, whining about violence in the media on talk shows, ect.  This is probably just another chance for them to be professionally offended.  Hitching their wagon to the next big "issue."
  9. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic The Official Movie You Just Watched Thread   

    'Walking Dead' Star to Play Marvel Favorite the Punisher on Netflix's 'Daredevil'
    Fuck yeah.  Confirmation we're getting the Punisher next season.  I'm a fan of Jon Bernthal, so it will be cool to see how he portrays the Punisher.
  10. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Game of Thrones TV show (and previously book discussion before the new thread was started)   

    ​Oh eat a dick, you know what I meant. 
    Why are you embarrassed to watch a TV show with dragons?  You obviously had no problem discussing the books to death with us in the old thread, now that this shit is on TV it's too low brow or juvenile for you?
  11. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Game of Thrones TV show (and previously book discussion before the new thread was started)   

    ​There has been a significant meltdown about this issue in certain corners of the internet; the ASOIAF subreddit went complete bananas over it.  Some people claiming to be quitting the show, ect. 
    The was a big hubbub from one of the founders of, which is the oldest and perhaps largest site dedicated to the fandom.  Elio and Linda are the founders of that site and also help Martin edited the book "The Worlds of Ice and Fire." Apparently, Linda was so upset about what happened that she went on twitter threatening to start a campaign spoiling all the show watchers of the big event that should be happening in the last episode.  It's hilariously petty and silly.
    But I think the main reason is that Sansa was a main character and has a completely different story in the books.  Shireen has been kinda sitting around doing not too much, just waiting to take out her boat, "The Live 4 Ever," for many seasons and books now. 
    And I can't speak for everyone, but a lot of the book readers might have lashed out more with the Sansa thing because it was completely invented for the show and changes her character and arc quite a bit from the books.  It's not that people were thinking Rape > Burning Alive, but because Sansa's story is completely different, they didn't have to go the route of raping the girl; they could have done literally a million other things in her story to reach the same conclusion.
    And for other fans, I'm guessing that there are quite a few that were personally effected by rape in their lives and don't like watching the depiction in shows (which again, was the writers decision to add this rape to the story).  I would say the percentages are highly skewed to have experienced a rape in their lives than someone being burned to death on a stake hahah.
  12. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Thrice   

  13. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Game of Thrones TV show (and previously book discussion before the new thread was started)   

    ​Well, Myrcella was recast for this season already, I guess the old one didn't age as well or something, I dunno.  I thought she was pretty enough for the role I guess.  But she didn't really jump out to me either, but then again, she's only like 14 or 15 and still looks like a kid, so it's probably a good thing you don't think she is a total smoke show or something hahah.
  14. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Game of Thrones TV show (and previously book discussion before the new thread was started)   

    ​Well, the whole thing with the Unsullied is that they were always built up as some the absolute best warriors; they had impeccable discipline and were trained since they were children to be warriors.  I mean, these dudes have practicing how to fight every single day since they were 5 years old and they keep getting massacred by the Harpies, who were the upper class slave owners, they aren't fighters.  It would be like if the Spartans from 300 were just being offed left and right by the rich merchants in the upper class; you'd probably scoff at that.  I realize this is a damn fantasy show with dragons and giants, but we love this show/books because despite the more fantastical elements, it's still grounded in realism to a certain degree. 
    As far as Dorne goes, since it's completely different from the books, I think the whole thing could really go in any direction.  My current theory is that Doran Martell is sending Trystane and Myrcella back to Kings Landing with Jaime all as part of a plan to take the throne.  Trystane and Myrcella will wed, then maybe the Sand Snakes will be sent in to quietly poison Tommen (assassinating the King will be the ultimate reason why they were included I think).  With Tommen dead, Myrcella and Trystane become Queen and King.  Boom, Dorne has the throne and can exact their vengeance on the Lannisters or whoever else they want.  And the prophecy in the first episode this season that a more younger and beautiful queen will replace Cercei and cast her out is actually not Margaery, but her own daughter. 
  15. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Random Thoughts: Video Games   

    ​The Fallout games are all pretty self contained.  So I doubt you'd have any problem jumping in for the new one.  There might be some smaller details here and there you might miss, but I'd imagine they be just small things.
    They are really fun games though, I'd definitely say to give Fallout 3 and New Vegas a try.  You can usually pick up either game with all their DLC for like $5 - $10 which is a great deal for how much content those games have.