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  1. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Random Thoughts: Video Games   

    I've sunken way too much time into Fallout 4 since it's been released.  I am such a sucker for open-world RPGs like this.  And with the addition of settlement building, it's consuming all my videogaming time!
  2. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Jessica Jones   

    I thought the show was pretty good overall, the good parts outweighed the bad in most cases.  I also liked Daredevil a bit more, but that might have been due to my love of the character; I haven't read comics of Jessica Jones before, so I wasn't too familiar with her outside her involvement with Luke Cage.
    That being said, I thought the main cast was all really good, good performances and casting choices.  David Tennant was the stand out for me, he was awesome as Kilgrave.  I'm so use to seeing him cast as a good guy, he really nailed it playing a villain.
    A couple things I didn't like though.  I thought all the fight scenes were universally bad; I realize JJ and Luke Cage aren't suppose to be martial artists, but all the fights felt kinda flat to me.  And most depictions of the powers were pretty bad too; I know they don't have the budget of a movie or anything, but if they can make the action on Arrow and the Flash halfway decent, I don't know why it looked so crappy and cheap on this show.
  3. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic 2015 music   

    I've been really enjoying the new Wonder Years album, lots of really good songs on that one.  Cardinal is still my standout favorite at the moment, but not sure if it will stay that way after more listens. 
    The new TesseracT album is pretty good, I'd recommend it for those of you guys who still dig that proggy-kind of metal.
    Also I can't stop listening to this song (which I first heard on S2E3 of Rick and Morty, which is also so damn fucking good). 
  4. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    Also found a couple of goodies on the Mr. Robot subreddit (which is really good if you guys wanna get into the various theories and Sam Esmail is on there a bunch answering questions)
    Tyrell's wife, Joanna spoke some Danish to Elliot during that scene, she said: "If you have done something to him, I will kill you."
    Also, because she is a total fucking smokeshow: NSFW Titties
  5. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    I thought it was a little anti-climatic as well.  Definitely not a bad episode by any means, but I had thought there would be more to it all; I mean, I don't expect some major twist in every episode, but it just felt like they held back a bit too much.
    I agree with you guys on the scene with Tyrell's wife, she's so hot and scary at the same time, I definitely think there is something more going on with her.
    The one thing that I really just can't wrap my head around is why the fuck Angela would ever agree to take a job at Evil Corp.  I mean, I get the reasoning that they gave us (to change things from the inside), but I just couldn't imagine any real person would ever work at a company that pretty much murdered her father for profit.  And to top it off, how the fuck is she supposed to change things working in PR?  She has shown to always be such a sympathetic and righteous person, it just feels like it's coming out of left field to basically set up the plot for season 2 to have someone there behind the scenes. 
    I dunno, I'm hoping it pays off, because it just feels so out of place.
    Also, I was pissed we got zero Tyrell at all, that Swedish fuck is my favorite character.
  6. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Hannibal   

    Meh, I'm not really a fan of Ellen Page, Lee Pace could have been good as Buffalo Bill though. 
    After reading Fuller's interview on Sepinwall's site, it doesn't sound like there is really much hope for any continuation of the show.  At least it went out on a high note, lots of ambiguity but enough closure to keep me happy at least.
  7. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Narcos   

    I watched a shit ton of these episodes this weekend as well, I think I have 2 or 3 left.  It's been really good so far, the guy playing Escobar is really great, I was also excited to see Oberyn Martell as the main dude's partner. 
    My favorite group of characters is Poison and the other low level henchmen; all of their interactions with people are hilariously fucked up, the complete disregard for human life and all the jokes they make while just straight up murdering people.  Like the argument on whether or not he killed 65 or 66 people, hahah, wow, that shit is fucked.
    Cool show though, I didn't really know too much about Escobar going into this show, outside of the bigger events, so a lot of this is still kinda new for me.  I'm definitely liking it though.
  8. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Hannibal   

    Goddamn, this was an awesome finale, everyone make sure to watch through the credits!
    So the show is officially dead now?  Or are they still entertaining the idea of wrapping it up somehow with a movie or a short season?
  9. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic 'Review' with Andy Daly   

    This show is definitely one of my favorite comedies right now.  Last season of it was great, the NASA episode was wonderful and the "Pancakes, Divorce, Pancakes" episodes was one of the best things ever.
    This season has been really great so far too.  They have definitely ramped up the absurdity of a lot of the situations, but it works so well for this show.  So many people are dying, getting shot, and having their lives ruined in every episode, the stakes are definitely raised for this season.
  10. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    Well damn, I thought my DVR fucked up and didn't record it last night.
    Didn't something similar happen with an episode of Hannibal last year?  Right after one of the recent mass shootings and they never aired the episode so everyone had to watch it online?
    Any word if the finale is going to be edited to remove those questionable scenes? 
  11. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    SAY GOODBYE TO THESE!  Because it's the last time, Michael...
  12. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    Completely agree.  I think the writer's self-awareness of the various influences really does give the show a special kind of credibility in a way.  And those references and character tropes are just used in so many good ways to completely blindside us with unexpected twists, like the whole Darlene thing.  I can't really think of a show that has done something like this so successfully over the last couple episodes. 
    Yeah, I'm curious to see where Tyrell's loyalties end up.  On one hand, I'd love to see a Tyrell/Elliot teamup and really fuck over Evil Corp, but I am still waiting for Tyrell's inevitable betrayal and complete fuck him over somehow.  I've seen the theory floated that Tyrell and Joanna may have similar motivations to Elliot in bringing down Evil Corp, but from the inside.  I also liked the theory that Tyrell and Joanna are actually part of the Black Army dealie, connected to White Rose and are double agents or something.  But I dunno, right now I'm just leaning towards them being straight up sociopaths who seek power, but I'm thinking there will probably be something more.  What do you guys think?
  13. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    Another great episode last night. 
    I really liked the opening scene with Elliot and his dad and how they incorporated the Mr. Robot logo into the opening. 
    The piano cover of the Pixies song "Where is my Mind" did seem a little bit too on the nose for me, but I did kinda appreciate the acknowledgment of the Fight Club influence on this show.
    Tyrell and his wife are becoming my favorite characters as the show progresses, the dude that plays Tyrell is just so damn awesome; I hope he doesn't get offed next episode, because having him and Rami Malek play off each other has been the highlight of the show for me. 
    Sam Esmail has also been posting on the Mr. Robot subreddit and is planning to do an AMA after the season finale next week, so watch out for that one.  And I heard USA has already signed on for season 2!
  14. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic Mr. Robot (USA)   

    I was legitimately shocked at one of the twists in tonight's episode, they have really done some incredible set-up in the earlier episodes.  This is definitely my favorite new show this year, lots of cool twists and turns in the plot, interesting characters, breaking the fourth wall in fun ways, and how they can just structure the show in such a way to really reflect the inner workings of Elliot's mind.

    Such a great show.
  15. The Deadly Rhythm added a post in a topic True Detective (HBO series)   

    Besides the countless examples of terrible dialogue throughout this season, the biggest problem to me has got to be Vince Vaughn's performance.  I don't know if it's just that he gets a lot more of the weird, poorly written monologues in comparison to the other main characters or that it's just an inability of his to properly perform those monologues.  I don't know, maybe it's a combination of both; last season a lot of McConaughey's monologues could easily have gone into total cheeseball territory, but his performance just elevated the words on the page.  Vaughn just seems to falter at every opportunity. 
    I also struggled with a lot of the info dumps that happened in the last episode.  I remember the black guy, who is the Vinci police chief right?  Riggins's gay lover works for a private military contractor, I think they were just hired by the bad guys for protection/dirty work type deal.  The black guy is part of the larger conspiracy and that the group of them (the black guy, Burris, and others we aren't fully aware of yet) are paying the private military contractors.  That Miguel guy was playing Riggins from the start, probably under orders from Burris/Black Police Chief.
    I'm really confused by the blue diamond connection though, can anyone clear up that part of it?  I don't know if they were stolen by the cops involved in the murder, the missing orphans, or something else.