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  1. Gonna look back on 2011 - 2013 and shake my head for a long time. I am damn grateful that we are good again, but to not come away with a SB and see the Giants, Ravens, and Seahawks win them kills me. Seahawks are at least a good team though, so I can respect that. That being said- holy fucking shit, did not expect this kind of a blowout. Congrats Seattle. I hate their guts, but they are a good team.
  2. Thanks man, I appreciate it. New review- going to be in this short little style going forward. I know I can't sit through some of these 10 minute reviews on YouTube...
  3. Sup d00dz? Just giving a heads up that I molded my former Tecmo Super Bowl online league website into a full-blown retro gaming site. I do reviews, news, mail day videos, collection videos, blog posts, etc. I update it quite frequently, so if you enjoy Retro Gaming... give me a follow/bookmark/subscribe!
  4. Do any of you really think that Crabtree would go out of his way to start a fight with Sherman? YOU ALL MEDIOCRE POSTERS. The guy is a clown. Best CB in football, but still a clown. comments
  5. Seattle is completely different on the road. Their record was better this year than the previous 2, but still suspect. Lost to INDY, SF, Matt Schaub completely shit away a game they should have lost to Houston, the Rams blew the MNF game, etc. I expect the Broncos to win, even without guys like Von Miller. And let's be honest, this is probably going to be Peyton's going away party- you think Seattle will get any calls? Poor Shithawk fans, first Jerome Bettis now Papa John. Go Broncoz. --- My thoughts on the game yesterday: We blew it. 10 point lead. Up 17-10. Gave up 15 yards on a 3rd and 22, which I knew would fuck us by way of FG or 4th down try- then the 4th and 7 TD pass. Kaepernick had 3 turnovers in the 4th quarter and we lost be 6. Completely blew this game and for the first time in 3 years, I can basically say this loss was all on us. Sometimes I wish we sucked again so I didn't have to deal with these heartbreaking defeats year and after. I don't expect to be back next season. Hope Bowman will be OK and be able to play at all next year. Seattle fans threw popcorn at him when he was being carted off the field. Very classy. Seattle and their fans combined make them the most unlikeable team in the NFL.
  6. In regards to some random posts (Don't feel like quoting): 1) The rivalry between the two 2 (Seahawks/49ers) is definitely overblown, and for an average going fan I could see it being played out. 2) I'm definitely not naive enough to think that PED's aren't rampant throughout the NFL, I do realize that. However, correct me if I'm wrong, don't dudes need to fail more than once to get suspended? Like if they test positive once they get put into the drug program/watch or whatever? Regardless of the policies, fact is the Seahawks have gotten caught the most since Pete the Cheat has taken over. 3) I'm a non bay area 49ers fan because both my father and I were born in Canada. He watched the 1970 playoff game @ Minnesota where we upset the Vikings and he was hooked ever since. So even he has struggled through 2 dark ages (mid-late 70s, 99/00, 03-10). I've been watching religiously since roughly 1998, before that my attention span was minimal and I admittedly watched a few games + playoffs only. So yeah, my prime years of watching the Niners? Smack dab in the middle of them sucking shit under Erickson, Nolan, and Sing. And I watched every game. And I got happy as shit when we beat Arizona twice in 2004 in OT to get our only 2 wins. 4) Seahawks fans and 49ers fans alike are obsessed with each other. Definitely not one sided. Head over to over the last few years and see how many threads pop up about the Niners. Likewise with 5) I never hated the Seahawks until recently, and it's not because of their success. I think I've stated enough reasons to not like them in my earlier posts. Hell, when Holmgren was coaching I actually cheered for them in the playoffs almost every time because I wanted them to rep the NFC West well since it got slammed in the media year after year until 2012. 6) Again, the Kaep hate is 90% image. People hate on him because he kisses his bicep after scoring on a run? Or that he did the Cam Newton celebration? Please, there's been numerous games this year where dudes sacked Kaep (Rams, Panthers, etc) and get up and immediately to the bicep kiss. How anyone can have a problem with a post TOUCHDOWN celebration that's simple like that is beyond me. The real dumb shit is when idiots like Steve Smith last week made a 5 yard catch that wasn't even for a first down and started ranting and raving. My god, imagine if Kaep was ridiculously outspoken like Richard Sherman: calling out Skip Bayless on First Take, writing boisterous articles for websites, calling all their opponents garbage/glorified practices, making controversies after games (such as Harbaugh didn't say anything to him after Week 2, Trent Williams punch), etc. 7) I don't know how to Reddit
  7. Browner was suspended for PED's last year. That was my main point. This year was because of weed.
  8. Basically the main reason people hate him is because of his image. How he dresses, his tattoos, and the fact he looks like Squidward. Definitely very unlikeable compared to guys like Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Golden Tate, Etc. I hope you meant likeable. Brandon Browner's a drugged up a-hole and Richard Sherman talks wayyyy too much shit. Golden Tate is alright but he tries to act like a tough guy. I was actually being completely sarcastic. Richard Sherman is a jerkoff/PED head. Brandon Browner is Richard Sherman part 2, but doesn't talk to the media as much. Tate is annoying as fuck and looks like he has scoliosis. Not to even mention Bruce Irvin, Walter Thurmond, Jordan Moffit, etc. all getting popped for PEDs or drugs. The Niners are by no means angels (which team really is?) with Aldon DUI Smith on the roster, Parrish Cox, etc. But my god, the Seahawks have led the NFL above and beyond in suspensions/arrests since Pete Carroll took over. How any innocent 3rd party can root for THAT team to win anything, considering the amount of PED-related suspensions and ridiculous arrogance from players like Richard Sherman (U MAD BRO, "this game is a glorified practice", etc) is beyond me.
  9. Basically the main reason people hate him is because of his image. How he dresses, his tattoos, and the fact he looks like Squidward. Definitely very unlikeable compared to guys like Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Golden Tate, Etc.
  10. I couldn't believe Jammer is still in the league. He ain't no Sammy Davis.
  11. Wiz got a bad shake in his last year with Arizona. Their D was blossoming into the elite D that it was this year, the only problem was he was stuck with Skelton/Kolb/Etc. So they went on that epic losing streak after the 4-0 start. He's a good coach. Probably the type of guy the Lions need when it comes to being a bit of a hard ass with accountability.
  12. I think the 4 best teams are left, can't remember the last time I could say that. Tell me about it. This is the first year in the last 3 where if the 49ers lose to someone, I can honestly say the other team was just as good or better than the Niners. Unlike the last 2 years. --- Also I want to apologize for my sort-of double post above, I didn't realize my first one went through earlier in the day.
  13. The reffing was in our favor today. I'm not going to lie and pretend like it wasn't. But it wasn't outrageous like last year's Super Bowl was (against us). Maybe the refs felt bad because they let fake Al Harris on the Packers mug Crabtree up and down the field (and in the endzone) which prevented last weeks game from getting blown open early. Panthers weren't ready today. They tried to bully us and were all over us after plays early in the game, starting with an extremely questionable tackle on Crabtree to begin the game. We slapped their shit. Cam is a bitch. End of story. Also, the roughing the passer call on Skuta could have turned the entire game around had Killa Cam thrown a TD instead of INT. That Skuta sack basically salted the game, then an even worse call than the Brees roughing the passer gave them another shot. I really, really, really hope we beat Seattle. I am so sick of their stupid 12th man bullshit, their adderrall suped up defense, and this: