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  1. "Some cunt of a security guard." All of this talk just reminds me of when I had to defend Thrice against people who were pissed that they didn't make "hardcore" records like IOS anymore after Vhiessu. The band and their music seems like it has just passed many of you by and that is okay. So many of us have watched our musical tastes evolve, perhaps more quickly and more radically in the past few years than ever before because we're adults (and I still don't even know what this means because I'm almost thirty and I went to a Joyce Manor show and had a blast) and so much music is so readily available and, despite our fanaticism, not tempering expectations after growing up with Thrice music is unfair and short-sighted. Personally, I loved the shit out of the show they played in NYC. Our old friend Pete was there with me (remember Pete?) and we both really enjoyed the set. I'd never seen Backdraft, Cold Cash, IYTC (obv.), or Hold Fast Hope in concert, so that was cool. Hurricane as an opener is such a no-brainer and the crowd went ape. Anyways, Thrice is back and I'm into it. I don't care if they're considered garbage indie music. I don't mind seeing them at smaller venues. I don't give a bit of a fuck if Pitchfork ignores them and writes about some other dogshit. Thrice making new music > Thrice being on hiatus. P.S. Y'all are really making me feel shitty about digging La Dispute. They aren't the best band live and they have a strange energy (reminds me of seeing Pianos Become the Teeth -- great records, but in concert, it makes for a somber experience, what with all the songs about dead dads and depression and shit), but their last two albums are remarkably solid, especially lyrically. It being 2016 has nothing to do with it. I resent that shit so much. In fact, it's that kind of attitude, according to many of the lamentations I've seen here lately, that has led to Thrice "not being cool" because AVClub didn't review them or whatever. P.S.S. I enjoy the climax of "Stay With Me" even if I think it's on the weaker end of the tracks from the new album. However, I will never...ever listen to "Wake Up." Is there such a thing as a "lyrical-trope?" If so, "opening your eyes" and "waking up" for whatever reason is near the top of what should be an ash-fucking-heap. P.S.S.S. Nobody moshed at the NYC show. I was thankful for that.
  2. I think you worry too much about whether or not Thrice is being reviewed and what the implications are. They aren't playing basement shows (which would be rad) and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who knows of Brand New and not of Thrice. It is irritating to think that a lack of attention from snarky music publications is a sign that critics don't find Thrice to be all that consequential. However, for one, it's been quite some time since they've been associated with any sort of "revival" (Hotelier, Modern Beisbol) or "wave" (Pianos Become Teeth), which is an annoying trend altogether -- grouping bands together is the new "uber-specific genre-labeling" craze, but one that nonetheless garners attention for non-mainstream rock bands. I also think, having been a sometimes member of this community - moreso in the past -, that we're Thrice fans and sometimes don't realize that many people might find them boring or unremarkable. I'll never forget, having left the tiny enclave of Boreds and my friends who all adored Thrice, the first time I talked music with my now ex-girlfriend and she declared Thrice as "dull." I was flabbergasted. However, I was also in a feedback loop. I love them. I've seen them more than any other band. I also treat them like I treat Star Wars or The Packers. Sometimes they're boring. Sometimes shit isn't breaking any ground. Sometimes they write a snoozer like Blood on the Sand. Whatevs. I still love Thrice. I'm not sure why Brand New is so massive in relation to Thrice. Is it a question of accessibility? Daisy is far less accessible than, say, Beggars or Major/Minor, at least because the sound is far less spastic, abrasive, and caustic. Maybe that's part of it. Also, BN's videos were all over MTV2 and Fuse (whatever it was called) back around Deja. They were right in the wheelhouse that fit that post-Blink 182 mold that filled the pop-punk void while also maintaining a unique sound. Brand New's hits may have featured more accessible themes/lyrics, too - anger at an ex, hesitance towards sex, a quintessentially angsty song about early twenties inner-turmoil. Thrice was writing about foreign conflicts/policy. Their "hits" were musically accessible (Artist in the Ambulance, Image of the Invisible, All That's Left), but perhaps more lyrically abstract and more difficult to wrap one's head around or too concerned with current events/geopolitical themes. It'd be an exercise in hyperbole and subjectivity to try and decide why Brand New is considered more "important" or even just better than Thrice. I think they are, actually. The reasons why I feel that way are debatable. Anyway, I'm digging the new album. Can't wait to see them this Thursday w. La Dispute. I really want to yell "I drop death from the sky" at the top of my lungs.
  3. Anybody going to the NYC show at the....(ugh) "Playstation Theater?" My buddy Jeremy and I just bought tickets. Rawk.
  4. Mewithoutyou's new album is tight. Strong lyrics throughout. Seeing them in NYC in month or so. Should be a wild show -- I've never seen them live, but I've heard they're incredible. -V
  5. I mean, again, he's a hilarious dude and I don't believe in any way that he shouldn't have a platform to speak his mind, but I already have enough inane bigotry in my life considering I spend holidays in Staten Island with my extended family -- I didn't and still don't need to listen to someone else rant about immigration, welfare, and what to do about black people. Furthermore, it was really pathetic to listen to Jim Norton say that Anthony isn't a racist (or at least prejudiced in some way, shape, or form). I get that he was defending his friend and sure, perhaps Anthony doesn't have any actual vitriolic hatred in his heart, but his views are problematic to say the least. This is a guy who frequents a website called "Niggermania" and actually referenced this "study" ( on the air and wasn't being facetious. Yes. Really. He tried to Calvin Candie the fucking audience. I'm in the process of finding the clip of Lewis and Anthony. As soon as I find it, I'll post it up. In the meantime, the grape incident: This shit is hilarious. Edit: This grape incident shit actually follows the same thread as Greggshells and Opie's response.
  6. ^ "I swear I read that Jesse didn't write the album, the guitarist dude did all the work." Their guitarist, Vinnie, wrote the songs on that record. Love you, Mix, but you're dead wrong about this album's lack of diversity. I think what sets Daisy apart from Devil and God is how incredibly diverse this album is, almost to a fault. It's the proverbial roller coaster, launching from dissonance (Vices) to somber (Bed) between almost every track. It's paced like an action movie with songs that explode giving way to songs that take a more consistent, softer approach. I dig Daisy sonically, but lyrically it lacks the sharpness and poignancy of Devil and God. There is no "Jesus Christ" to be found. Outside of "Bought a Bride" and "You Stole," I feel like this album was a step in the wrong direction for BN lyrically, but it's not nearly as bad as people make it sound. Needless to say, I'm beyond stoked for new stuff. The prospect of new Thrice and BN in the same year makes me smile. What I've been listening to all year: Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool? This album is, for me, a shameless example of confirmation bias. No one makes me feel better about drinking on a Tuesday than Rosenstock. This album has a great, fun energy to it. Saw his band live in Brooklyn with Andrew Jackson Jihad, Smith Street Band, and Chumped and had a killer time. The Sidekicks - Runners in the Nerved World This is a band I've become a huge fan of this year as I've been devouring Weight of Air and Awkward Breeds since being turned on to Runners. I'd hate to describe them as derivative, even if they wear their influences unabashedly on their sleeves (definite Built to Spill, Weezer, Beach Boys, Shins, Brand New, Girls vibes all around). The Weezer love has been toned down a bit, thankfully, giving way to a strong indie rock record. PUP - PUP Just, fuck yes. This is as explosive and earnest a punk release as I've heard in the last five years. So much fun. Can't wait to see them live. Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear I'm sure y'all have heard a ton about this album. Former drummer of Fleet Foxes, etc. What PUP earned in volatile kick-ass punk with me, this dude earned with honesty. Intensely personal and slightly self-deprecating -- it's like Fleet Foxes expanded their sound and got a caustic novelist to write their lyrics. Dig this album hard. Edit - Still don't know how to fucking embed videos here. Cock.
  7. Listening to Opie and Anthony's relationship deteriorate over the years has been sickly fascinating going back to the infamous "grape incident" and beyond. More and more they just sounded like two guys shoehorning themselves into two diametrically opposed trajectories, one obsessed to the point of parody with his poorly-informed politics and gun ownership, the other incessantly aiming for a viral video or a cheap scoop to get his show on gossip sites and name-dropping sections of rags like the New York Post. In the middle, hilariously, was (is) Jim Norton, a hilariously irreverent comedian trying to keep his heading-for-a-divorce parents together (and his wallet). At times, this made for great radio. I can remember a day when Lewis Black and Patrice O'neal were in studio and Anthony started to ramble and rant about crime and people of color and politics, allowing a perfectly flustered Lewis Black to frantically search for words to describe how insane Anthony became. He was right, mind you. Listening to Anthony was like reading Flowers for Algernon. Here you have this comedic genius who, before our very eyes, became a raging racist, bigot, and incredible idiot, only giving a glimpse of the funny "everyman" character he once was on the radio. There was a time when I never missed a show, but Anthony made it very hard for me to remain a fan. Even before he was fired, the show was only as good as their guests, which is now the glaring truth about O and J, who struggle desperately to sustain my interest unless they have interesting guests or comedians in studio. It's still sad, though. A part of me felt like I was listening to my separated parents duke it out over twenty years of partial success and painful failure. However, like a marriage, I think both guys just ended up simply getting on each other's nerves. It reminds me of the old "Mike and the Mad Dog" sports show on WFAN660 from years ago, another show where the sum was much greater than the parts. Even sadder is how both guys won't achieve the success alone that they had together, which means they'll both limp to the finish line (at least career-wise). Sure, their show was mostly idiotic, but some of the absolute hardest laughs I've ever had in my life have come from O and A (and J) and I still keep old clips on in the background -- they're definitely comfort food for me. I'm not so sure I can add to what's already been said about their "break-up." Opie is infamously difficult to work with. For all of his faults, he does not lack ambition and has always been driven to advance the radio show, so I can understand (yet not support) what has reportedly been his professional style. Everyone who leaves that show verbally destroys him for all of the reasons Anthony expounded on during "Walking on Greggshells." Anthony, in turn, is an infamous loudmouth drunk, oftentimes being late to the studio, being hungover, or both. No one is more at fault than the other, here, save for the fact that Anthony is a racist idiot and got himself fired for being a bigot on twitter and opting for plausible deniability afterwards. His politics really dragged the show down and up until "Walking on Greggshells," I hadn't listened to one minute of his nonsense and don't ever plan on it. I never thought I'd be able to turn on those guys after listening for all those years, but I was a kid. As an adult, what Anthony spews disgusts me and most of what Opie does bores me. It's to the point now where I look to see who is in studio and decide based on guests whether I'm going to listen. Bob Kelly, Colin Quinn, Tom Papa, Rich Vos? I'm in. Florentine? I'm out. Every discussion with that guy turns into something you'd hear in a high school cafeteria about how much someone gets laid. It's exhausting. How do you like this for a rant? I'd like to say, Cass, that I was a closet fan for most of the years because of how abjectly stupid most of their fans are (judging by what's said on-air from callers). Both guys would be the first to admit that their fans are monsters. End of an era, indeed. Didn't like hearing Opie break down at all. It was, and is, sad. As far as what I'm listening to these days -- "How did this get made?" is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts out there. Mantsoukas (not even going to claim this is close to how it's spelled) is a beast. I also love Greg Proops' podcast called "The Smartest Man in the World," "Doug Loves Movies," "You made it Weird," and the occasional "Joe Rogan Experience" depending on the guests. I sometimes dig Mark Maron and will always throw on Hardcore History when I'm cleaning or cooking.
  8. That shot of the downed imperial starship sold me on the entire fucking movie. I'm that easy.
  9. I thought the same thing. This show is usually not so bad with the whole Hollywood casting trend of only hiring absolutely gorgeous individuals for roles (Gilly is cute, but not classically beautiful, the Sand Snakes aren't all Shakira clones, etc.), but this was a weird one. Knowing GoT, someone in the writer's meeting for this episode was probably calling for Maggy to turn around revealing perfectly shaped breasts as well, so I guess we should be happy with what we got. As for Cersei and the prophecy making her more sympathetic, I agree somewhat. I mean, it isn't necessarily the prophecy that begins her downfall -- it's the fact that she regularly fucks her brother and got caught by Bran Stark in the act. The events that follow serve only to accentuate what likely was a memory that Cersei repressed or chose to ignore. What makes her sympathetic, for me, is simply her existence as a woman in this universe. She's bandied about like a chess piece by her father up until the moment of his death which led to her being entered into a loveless marriage with that oaf Robert, a marriage that she tried (at first) to make work, she is in love with her brother which, as unnatural as it is, makes her a tragic figure trapped in a forbidden relationship she likely didn't ask for, and her oldest son was a monster (not entirely out of her hands, but still). In many ways, Cersei is also another character in the show grappling with gender and identity. She struggles so much with the knowledge that, had she been born a man, she'd have her father's favor, have more power, and would feel more fulfilled in life in general. At the height of her power during Feast for Crows, she derives sexual pleasure from assuming a man's role during intercourse with...goddamnit what is that woman's name? Anyway, book readers remember. So yeah, much like the other characters on the show, Cersei is absolutely not a black/white character. Like her brothers, she is one of the more richly written characters in the universe and I think the show has only grazed against her potential as a character. She's oftentimes one-note, either being a shrew, a seductress, or both, while her moments of poignancy are somewhat lacking. She had a great scene in season 2 when she explained to Sansa how being a girl in this world, regardless of social status, is akin to a death sentence.
  10. This is a mediocre show that is only worth watching because of Ben Mendelsohn. His performance is absolutely captivating. The show itself is a bit heavy-handed with its constant thematic force-feeding of loyalty and family and the plot doesn't really go into any interesting places as much as it flirts with being compelling. However, again, Mendelsohn. Dude is unreal. Every scene he's in just oozes with tension. In fact, for what this show lacks in plot, it makes up for with constant tension. Thumbs halfway up on the whole, though. I'm also watching Fortitude, which is batshit crazy. Anyone else checking that out? As far as movies, go, the last movie I saw was Grand Budapest Hotel and I adored the fuck out of it. It's the only movie by Wes Anderson I actually love, even if I think that, ultimately, a movie about how wonderful the world was before WWI is problematic. That's some white people revisionist history. However, if you avoid historical implications and view the film as a lamentation for the seemingly universal loss of certain values and sensibilities (like taste and honor and politeness, etc.), it's much more palatable. Also, Ralph Fiennes is magnetic and chews up the Russian doll-esque scenery Anderson is so famous for. Easily my favorite movie from last year, even if I still haven't seen most of what was released in theaters. Up next is "A Most Violent Year."
  11. This is making me want to avoid the show completely from now on, hard as that may be. Is it possible to watch the show and consume it as a completely separate piece of fictional art? I'm not so sure, especially since both the books and the show seem to be taking different routes to the same destination. I really wish Martin would finish Winds of Winter. I'd be far more willing to watch the show if I knew the book was going to be released this year (as is rumored).
  12. ^ The accents in that movie sounded terrible in the trailers. I can't stand bad NY accents. If you're looking for the worst NY accent in entertainment today, watch The Strain on FX. The show stinks, for one, but the main character's wife's best friend has THE WORST accent going right now. And she's such a bad stereotype. Every woman playing a NYer is tough-as-nails hard-ass with a soft spot for the ones she loves. EW.
  13. you stop derailing this thread. my issue needs more attention. it seems wrong to ask a girl who's not my girlfriend to make vaginal yogurt. that sounds like a perverted pickup line, when it's not. it also seems like the unecessary social boundaries surrounding this erotic fermented food fascination are just too hot to go around asking female acquaintances who aren't close. so this is a legitimate advice on girls question i just asked. doesn't anyone understand a sexual fetish? Just ask and tell her to be open minded. Tell her it's been a fascination to you for a while, there are far crazier things you can ask a girl to do. In the O.T.O. our cakes of light include blood burnt to ash, to me using monthly's to create cookies that are consecrated as a holy bond between Order members isn't that crazy. Perhaps asking a girl who is into magick would be the best option. Lots of cultures have fetichized sexual fluids for ages, the hindus, voodoo people, all sorts of folks, in this neopagan magickal revival I think you have more of a ground to stand on with your question, remember, it's just a question, they'll be a yes, or a no, and if she is open minded she'll understand. Though personally I find it interesting that you want to ferment yogurt with vagina juice, what powers are you seeking to gain? Holy fuckballs I'd love to be a fly on the wall during that discussion. "Hey, you have a minute? Yeah...everything's fine. I just wanted to know if I could, uh, make some homemade yogurt. With your pussy juice." Enchanting. Call me next time you get together to eat breast milk ice-cream sundaes. Fucking weirdos.
  14. Agreed, but the use of Der Erlk├Ânig by von Goethe was awesome. I know there's a word for it but I like when they tie the storyline into things like that. Allusion? I think it's some form of that figure of speech. Last episode was really good. Those last two scenes were incredibly tense. Not so sure I dig the direction the story is going in (and maybe the whole "I'm standing over you about to kill you before I get unexpectedly killed myself" thing needs to stop.") with Chalky and Daughter Maitlin, who I am positively smitten with, and Nucky and William-Jimmy Thompson, but, as always with BE, I'm prepared to sit back and enjoy the ride.