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  1. Adam added a post in a topic Thrice   

    my first post back in 3 years and getting questioned about my grammar. you know i can ban you right?
    he felt disillusioned by what he stood for but he felt disenfranchised from his work with the line "all he said was to just shut my mouth and do the 'will of God'" - that was when he knew he had no say in the matter and no power to really fight what he stood for.
  2. Adam added a post in a topic Thrice   

    This album is 8.5/10 captains chairs.
    oh...hi. good to see we're still alive.
    EDIT: this was my collection of thoughts on the album's first pass that I put on the Thrice subreddit
    Hurricane - If you were to play Major/Minor and TBEITBN as one continuous album...could there be a better song to follow up Anthology (and we all pretend that Disarmed doesn't end that album)? Also 1:39 of this song and 1:42 ofListen Through Me ...they like that sound I guess! I really hope they start their new tour with this as their first song. What a comeback!
    Blood on the Sand - We've had enough time to soak this one in. I knew it wasn't going to be their best song, but it's got that Image of the Invisible-esque catchiness that makes it a solid single choice.
    The Window - If you wanted to recreate the intro to Radiohead's Paranoid Android in the vein of Thrice, and then took the breakdown from Between the End and Where We Lie, and then ended it with I want to say All the World is Mad? Yeah, it's a chimaera of Thrice and their love affair with Radiohead.
    Wake Up - This song sounds like a B-side from Beggars, cause it's bluesy as heck - some serious The Weight vibes going on. It's so funny how portentous Vheissu ended up being for their future sound. The Earth Will Shake was like the lynchpin for songs like this and for the entire Beggars album. Especially that breakdown, it's like TEWS's grown-up cousin.
    The Long Defeat - The Alchemy Index - Air called, they want their song back. Oh man, those vocal harmonies in the chorus, dang son, it's like Broken Lungs is twice as long and we're only now hearing the 2nd half.
    Seneca - I was like damn this song is brooding and moody, I can't wait for this to kick in...and then it was over
    Black Honey - As far as singles go, this one is my pick over Blood on the Sand - such a catchy chorus, "do it again til I got what I need" - damn I want to sing that forever. Again, really drawing from their Beggars / Major/Minor style on this one, especially the breakdown. We've heard this one enough to leave it at that.
    Stay With Me - Like Wake Up, At the Last, Listen Through Me, and Night Diving The Earth Isn't Humming before it, this song will go into the bucket of songs you will never request they play at a live show. Can't win em all...
    Death from Above - Premiered a few days ago so it's still fresh. The vocals are sweet, really sweet, I really like singing along to this song. It's got some Arsonist vibes going on and I'm okay with it, but with way more melody than anything on Alchemy Index - Fire. I want to say this is the most original song Thrice has made on this album, because it's the hardest one to pin down which previous album it was influenced by, other than occasional Arsonist nod as mentioned above.
    Whistleblower - Of Dust and Nations 2.0???? Of Dust and Nations 2.0.
    Now that I've listened to the album I want to say a dozen times now, here are my even more condensed thoughts:
    Hurricane still fucking rules. It's a whilrwind of emotion for me, really heavy lyrics. Fun to play on the guitar.
    Blood on the Sand I'm already over it. I still agree that it's got the same level of cheese that Image of the Invisible did. They choose the worst singles.
    The Window Is Between the End and Where We Lie and Paranoid Android by Radiohead. I stand by that. I like that this album draws all the way back to Vheissu, and this could totally has been on Vheissu, makes me appreciate that album more.
    Wake Up is cheese to the max. The lyrics are like what every kid who starts a punk band writes about. It plays because I forget to skip it.
    The Long Defeat instantly reminds me of why I the Alchemy Index has grown on me as an album, particularly Air. Really melodic and sad sounding, I like that.
    Seneca is a reference to the philosopher who coined the term of the album: "Who is everywhere is nowhere. When a person spends all his time in foreign travel, he ends by having many acquaintances, but no friends.“

    Black Honey grew on me. A lot. Love that the topic is on greed and the mentality of those in power.
    Death From Above is also growing a lot on me. It's clearly about a US drone bomber (or pilot?) who is disenfranchised by his work and what it stands for. Really intense, which makes me appreciate it much more.
    Whistleblower is clearly about Snowden. I love the "fuck you" attitude around these lyrics. That second verse: "You told me to keep quiet / that I'd ruin everything / But I'd rather start a riot / Than help you pull those strings / You told me to kneel / But I'll tell the real story". Damn son.
    Salt and Shadow is the best song on this track - tied with Hurricane because in my mind, they're one song. The ideal scenario is this song plays to start the set of their live tour. Dustin walks on, sings this it ends, the rest of the band walks on stage. Hurricane starts. Everyone wonders who is cutting onions in the crowd. The world is right again.
  3. Adam added a post in a topic 2013 Fantasy Football   

    2 years in the league - 2 finals appearances. Heading to the finals in my hometown league too.
  4. Adam added a post in a topic 2013 Fantasy Football   

    Can someone explain this again?
    They'll cost you the same draft slot next year (and will cost you two rounds earlier in subsequent years). Does that mean a 3rd round pick this year will cost me a 1st round next year? And years later? Seems harsh.
  5. Adam added a post in a topic 2013 Fantasy Football   

    Can someone explain this rule a little better:
    They'll cost you the same draft slot next year (and will cost you two rounds earlier in subsequent years).  
    So if I keep a 3rd rounder from last year, I forfeit my 3rd round pick this year and my 1st round pick next year? Subsequent years plural...what does that imply?
  6. Adam added a topic in Misc   

    Boston Marathon Explosion
    I haven't been here for a while but someone started a thread on The Boreds Facebook. So far a bunch of us have checked in and are okay. Please check in if you are set as well and in the city.
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  7. Adam added a post in a topic Coachella 2013   

    apparently daft punk playing coachella?
  8. Adam added a post in a topic Thrice   

    Gah, tear jerker every time. Reminds me of things I never wanted to let go.
  9. Adam added a post in a topic The Official Workout Thread   

    Writing down your goals and making them public helps you set accountability for yourself, so I applaud your efforts thus far.
    I can't really comment on your work goals other than do what you love and get paid for it.
    For working out, I would continue to work with a program like Starting Strength, but according to your meal plan you NEED to eat more meat. There is a dearth of meat and an excess of protein shakes and non-whole foods. You need to eat more whole foods, and more food in general.
    For your women woes, how I "did it" was I worked on myself - not just physically, but psychologically. If we could look back on my general demeanor on the boreds (and even the Thrice boards) over the past few years, you'd see that I had some pretty severe shyness and lacking in self-confidence. That stems from a litany of issues dating back to adolescence with my father. I've since made huge strides in both action and therapy to architect the personality that I have today, that *as a byproduct, not a goal*, makes me more attractive to women. You're already shooting yourself in the foot with women by not being happy about yourself.
    How can you expect someone else to love you if you can't even love yourself?

    As my mom said, giving the best advice I ever received, you have to be able to walk into an empty room and be happy with the company. Only then can you feel good about being with others. And it's very true. I didn't feel that way and that reflected my past success of dating emotionally-damaged women who did all the work of approaching and escalating the relationship. I needed to "take the power back" because now that I'm out of college, I needed to do the work and get myself into the lives of women I was really searching for. 
    So taking charge of your life and being accountable is the first step, and you got that. Now you need to ACT and transform yourself physically AND mentally.
  10. Adam added a post in a topic The Oscars (Nominations UP)   

  11. Adam added a post in a topic Buy shit from my friends company   

    Send me your StarStreet account username and/or email. I'll have our CEO throw a couple of bucks into your account.
  12. Adam added a post in a topic Advice on Girls thread   

    Twice this week I've two different girls basically say "I want to fuck you but I can't" while I have them in my bed. One said because she doesn't fuck on the first date, the other was a 2nd date and gave some bullshit excuse. 4realz, we're attracted to each other, you're telling me you're horny, you're in my fucking bed...AND I'M THE BAD GUY FOR TRYING TO TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF?? WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING WRONG? Seriously I can't seem to get it in before the 2nd date, and I'm averaging anywhere from 2-5 dates with a girl. Just cause I want to have sex with you does not mean I want to dump you the next day.
  13. Adam added a post in a topic Buy shit from my friends company   

    usually always? i sometimes never believe you.

    prove it
    both of you prove it:
    at least mine doesn't cost 2 months salary, and with your winnings you could buy Atlia's South African blood money diamond.
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    ...what? so if you don't care if we're on angelfire, then why would you care if it's on reddit. we could just move the people to reddit. what is the problem with that? you realize you can make private, invite-only subreddits, right?