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  1. So they played at the new HOB Anaheim last night. Dustin still sick for this one, but he got through it. Very surprised with As the Crow Flys to begin. Nice hearing Red sky randomly like that, and them digging a little bit with Blur and Burn The Fleet. Now for their 30 minute sets this summer, hopefully they mix it up a lot. As The Crow FlysFirebreatherDeath From AboveStare at The Sun SilhouetteRed SkyOf Dust And NationsBlack HoneyCirclesBlurHurricaneArtis In The AmbulanceThe Long DefeatThe WindowBurn The FleetYellow BellyThe Earth Will ShakeEncore:BeggarsDeadbolt
  2. First show of 2017 announced House of Blues Anaheim on March 7th. Manchester Orchestra is opening. Its the new HOB re opening, which is a bigger space. so itll be nice to see them in a semi different place in oc. Im sure a full tour is coming.
  3. Just sucks theyre not really changing it around after the first run when they said they would. I think its going ot take them until those last 3 so cal dates to do siff stuff cause they cant just do the same ol thing twice at the observatory, plus a tour finale so you know something will happen.
  4. They added another so cal show. October 9th at The Observatory. and its their ''final hometown appearance for 2016''. Now I dont feel too bad for not making the l.a. show.
  5. They actually want to tour with JEW, Marty. Maybe next year. And you kinda had your dream scenerio when they played Taste of Chaos here in So Cal last year. JEW and Thrice were back to back, that wouldve totally appeased you. And theyve been playing pretty much the same set this whole run so far. All thats been changed is Yellow Belly being in there, and Stare At The Sun made an appearance. They admitted in the reddit AMA that tuning is a huge issue now with so many songs, and dont wanna mess with the flow. But I dont see anyone complaining over them getting handed a diff guitar almost every song if it means theyre gonna play some good shit. U2 ( for example ) The Edge gets a different guitar every damn song. It is a non issue for somebody like them over the course of 2 1/2 hours. Im only seeing em one time on the fall run. I already had tickets to something else the same night as the Novo show, and I usually stick with whatever I bought first. same thing happened in 2008 when I had tickets for Jay Z ( with Drake opening, lol ) and Thrice had 2 nights in SD, so I had to not go to one, but thats life. Although the Novo will be a ton of fun as its the end of the tour and they do all their pranks and such.
  6. having flashbacks when they played Bren Center in Irvine for the 2005 tour? The l.a show was over 6,000 people btw. Yet the october date at the novo ( club nokia ) isnt sold out yet. The audience is so weird sometimes. Vito is alive? And how the hell is circa shitty. I wish they had them as an opener in the fall. That was a fun tour in 08. Marty being "too old for the mosh "
  7. This feels like a cruel joke. La Dispute opening again?! oh, and presale happening again
  8. You missed my point...they've been written off and shut off by an audience that is out there for them. They are too old/good to be grouped in with the Warped Tour/Alternative Press crowd. They're just stuck. You can argue about the quality, but that's your opinion. There are far lesser bands playing at these festivals in decent time slots. I thought TAITA was their highest debut...I thought it debuted in the top 10, maybe #14 or some shit. Thrice wouldnt get a primetime slot at anything major or even mid size like boston calling. Only things that have a niche for them would do it. Even if they played Coachella next year, which now would not shock me cause they finally have a record out, they either would play the main stage in the middle of the afternoon, or get put in a tent at like 6pm, ala brand new last year. Besides, I dont think their management would fight for higher billing and such, they would be cool with getting the offer and the money at this point.
  9. -The real question is, how many of those units were vinyl. And enough to get them to be # 1 in that category. The special pressing theyre selling at shows does count. There doesnt seem to be a set number of those either, because I havent heard anyone really get denied a copy at the shows.
  10. Adam is too busy lifting right now to realize there was a b side recorded and theyre figuring out how to release it. Wonder how long its going ot take for them to change the setlist up on this tour. If they really stick to these 20, I would be pretty bummed.
  11. OTA's post! I skimmed through the Reddit AMA, not as horrible as I thought, some decent nuggets of info. Riley played guitar on all of Seneca. Whistleblower will be performed on ''future tours''. The entire band is in agreement that Tacos > Pizza There was one b side recorded and they are discussing how it will be released. And yeah, In Years to come hasnt been played since 2004. DK, they probably played it at the Chain show that everyone got to go to from the SSE cancer walk. If that video footage still existed, we could be able to confirm, but for sure that year.
  12. Sorry I missed your post Willy. Obvi you got there in good time. The Shrine usually starts later overall for bands compared to HOB where their curfew is pretty early in comparison. So, how ridiculous is the Reddit AMA going to be in 30 mins?
  13. LLast ones. Im not going to San Diego tonight, or else Im sure theres gonna be a couple of different ones. Also, did nobody notice there was no deadbolt played? I think everyone seemed ok with that. Also, the tour vinyl is cool, if you wanna get the diff color and such. But they didnt enforece a limit on it, which sucks, because I saw some jackasses with 3 copies. Theres a few on ebay already, so you know itll just keep going that way. I dont know how many copies they were selling at each stop though, since we dont know how many they pressed of this variant. Oh, and all the merch was affordable. Every shirt was $20 except for the girls tank which was $25, and a hoodie for $40. They had plenty of everything, so youll be able to ge your sire. The merch line got to 50 deep about 30 mins after doors opened, it was insane. They had 4 peopel working the Thrice table alone though, and they were quick..
  14. some more.
  15. In Years To Come. more vids in the morning