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  1. There are so many things in my life that I could be stressed about right now that I've chosen to ignore it all and come hang out on theboreds to remember what life was like in the stress-free years.
  2. Sounds great! Keep in mind though that at some point, someone is probably going to drink one of the bottles not realizing there is a specific plan to the whole thing.
  3. The past couple of episodes have gone into the territory of dissecting every little bit to pieces. And yet I still feel like they passed right over Jay's story about the actual burial process itself. It's fucking Winter; you can't dig a hideable body-sized hole in 25 or so minutes. Overall I've enjoyed listening to it and seeing more justice system problems arise. A friend of mine and I were talking about it all last week. And how can you do another season of this. Since it's so popular, everything someone says on the show has the opportunity to be used in a court. People who are being interviewed will be consciously aware of that fact and may leave out important details because it makes the case lean a certain way instead of just getting the truth out there. (Similar thoughts to what Adnan was saying this past week.)
  4. Hey guys, The band I'm in is releasing an album soon. Our first single off the new record is here if you want to listen: We're somewhere in between indiefolk and indiepop and indie like things. Enjoy.
  5. If I'm in town, let's get drinks. Otherwise. What week are you here? What part of town are you in? Are you with others?
  6. I thought it was pretty great. The production value on these CW shows surprises me. I'm looking forward to more people being introduced to the Rogues.
  7. Any of you all on this new thing?
  8. 40 hour ride home HAS to be a reference to Movielife. Seeing them in about a month. Super excited.
  9. That album last year was fucking incredible.
  10. I'll just copy this from my facebook post in case any of you are curious. This past week I've gotten the privilege to meet some awesome people in Ferguson, MO. I've watched a community gather as one to mourn the loss of one of their own. Whether it was marching, chanting, praying, yelling, creating art, sharingstories, I've watched citizens express their grief through many ways. I've watched children chant for their future. I've watched a hundred people gather around a drumset and release their energy as one. There have been many raw and genuine emotions on display, many of which I will never be able to fully understand. It is immensely powerful and inspiring to watch as so many people come together with a chance to let their frustrations and emotions out. While I was there I recorded a lot of audio and have created something that attempts to accurately show what I experienced. I hope I've done it justice. All credit and thanks go to the very welcoming community in Ferguson.
  11. Spent all week watching the Reddit Live Feed and watching Twitter wondering what the hell was going on in Ferguson (a county of St. Louis) I made plans late Wednesday night to go up there (on Thursday) and join to show my support as a middle class white male. Thankfully they made plans during the day to de-militarize the police and put someone else in charge of the situation. What I saw was incredible. Hundreds of people easily. All together as a community. There were police stationed about a mile away out of sight in, most likely, every direction. None pushing the crowd back. I saw the burned QT. I saw the houses and yards where the tear gas was fired into only two nights before. I visited the quiet, suburban street where Michael Brown was shot. I got a feel for the city beforehand, walking around the downtown area and toward the protest area. What I saw was a city that has been a victim of misrepresentation. The people here are very loving and kind. Sure, there will always be some bad apples. But I met and talked with so many people that were very much the opposite. I took some pictures and you can see em here: I plan on going back tonight to meet and share times with a community that is only 20 or so minutes away.
  12. I only really started recently, and so far I've only done it for Steinbeck books. It really is an obnoxious number of stickies. The Moon is Down is definitely one of my favorites. Grapes is a classic for a reason, also.
  13. I just finished East of Eden. I'm a giant Steinbeck fan, so I'm really glad I finally read this one. Reading his journals now. Many great lines of wisdom (noted by all the stickies)
  14. Who's all going?
  15. Completely agree. It's awesome how they've still kept their very unique voice alive.