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  1. Phil, who the hell is going to be your #1 receiver? Meredith? I was wondering why Cleveland wouldn't go after Glennon, Cutler, etc. Maybe since they got Osweiler and an extra pick, they'll actually go for Jimmy G. I still think that'd be too much to give up. Maybe they'll go Garrett and then Watson/Trubisky/Kizer with their 2nd 1st rounder Redskins fired their genius GM saying he relapsed on the booze. However, there's a report that someone on the Redskins staff said there is a lot of jealousy high up on the team and they were going to fire him and make it seem like he relapsed. Fuck Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen's stupid asses if that's true. Hope they get sued too. Unfortunately for my team, Kirk is reluctantly going to sign the franchise tag because the Redskins are REFUSING to trade him to the 49ers - the only team he wants to play for. Good on him for being a professional, but I hope it doesn't end up bad (ie. Injury, etc.) We'll just sign him next offseason, I guess. See where Hoyer gets us this year and see if we sign another QB to compete. I really don't want to draft one. Would rather have Jonathan Allen or trade down and get Corey Davis.
  2. Browns are also getting JC Tretter. That line is legit. Cousins is not mediocre. The reason the Redskins aren't re-signing him long-term is because both Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder are fucking idiots. Scott McLloughan is an amazing GM and wanted to re-sign him before the season at just under $20 million, but they said no. Now he wants to leave too. Matt Kalil is average, he's not terrible either. They paid about what he's worth in the current market. Better than who they have.
  3. Dude, why are you such a Cousins hater? Cousins is better than Garappolo currently is by a mile and was an excellent QB at MSU. He will be fine wherever he goes. Don't judge him based on one game to get into the playoffs on a mediocre team. He completes 67-70% of his passes, 4500 yds, 25-30 TDs. Also, Twitter posts are saying the Browns are signing Britt AND keeping Pryor, as well as signing Zeitler
  4. DK, tell me how I should feel
  5. I was calling for the 49ers to trade Staley to the Vikings for Jarius Wright plus a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick ever since Jake Long got hurt.
  6. I just hope we get someone like Hoyer, Glennon or Cutler instead of Schaub if they're actually going to start. As a mentor, I'd rather have Schaub over them all. For some reason, I just think Glennon could be solid. Obviously, I'd rather have Cousins....but I don't see it happening and regardless of what the Patriots and their fans think, he's not worth the #2 pick pr anything in the top 10. What do you know about Zgonina as a coach? He was a hard-nosed bad-ass on the Rams for a few years. I hope we somehow hire Justin Smith as our Strength and Condition in coach...probably just a pipe dream, but I love Cowboy.
  7. I keep thinking that one of these days Gronk will grow out of bring such a douche prototype, but I think I'm past it at this point. 49ers have hired Jeff Zgonina as DL coach - like it a lot. He was the Giants' Asst. DL coach last year and the Texans' Asst. DL coach for a few years prior to that. They are also bringing over Bobby Turner to coach RBs, while keeping Tom Rathman on staff as well. Great move. Same with bringing in Jon Embree as TE coach - helped Cameron Brate look very good this past season. I know nothing about Rich Scangarello, our new QB coach from fucking Wagner College and Northern Arizona before that (with a stint as offensive quality control assistant in Atlanta in between)...but we'll see. Shanahan is going to be his own OC. Seems weird, but lots of coaches end up calling their own plays and just have a guy sitting there as an OC. I like the idea. I like this coaching staff and front office set-up. Time to build the team with all this cap space and high draft capital.
  8. Makes sense...There's not much down here. Stillwater is one of my favorite cities in Minnesota. We like to go bike riding there from North St Paul. It's awesome.
  9. I'd rather have Rudolph for 16 games than Gronk for 1/2 the season, yes. Otherwise, no...obviously I'm not stupid haha.
  10. You got something against every Vikings player, haha? Kyle Rudolph would be a savage on the Patriots. He's already very good on the Vikings. He had 840 Yds and 7 TDs this year with that shitty QB Bradford.
  11. Say what you want about Bradford, but you have no idea how good Garappolo is after only 2 games. Remember Matt Flynn?
  12. Don't worry Marty, we will probably give you whatever for Jimmy G. Is k bby. Alex - there are rumors Martin Mayhew may join on with us as well. How should I feel?
  13. No, he's going to break his own completion record and hit 85% with an average of 4.5 Yds per completion
  14. I would like to stop by and say this Lynch hiring is turning out to be great based on the additional hirings he brought with and those that Shanahan appear to bringing with onto his staff. Alex Smith is average and Bradford is better than him. He's an above average QB you gave a middling first rounder for. If they fix their offensive line, they'll be in the playoffs next year. Mark my words. Might even win the division.
  15. Yeah...the trade was necessary and worth it and he's better than any QB they would have signed or drafted. I legitimately think Bridgewater is done for good. He almost lost his goddamn leg. Literally every sports news outlet here said he was worth it. The only media that shit on the deal were people that Marty follow haha