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  1. I post on Reddit sometimes, but it's so big, I would never post anything really personal, and I don't know anyone on there. I don't share my screenname either. I read a lot of stuff but there's no "community." I guess I don't really feel the need to have that now though. As usual, I hate my job. We got rid of one shitty manager only to replace her with someone else who has zero supervisory experience. It's been 2 years without a competent manager. I'm so sick of this but the pay is too good to leave. At some point it probably won't be enough anymore. I still like the work, I just have no support and I end up doing too much shit I shouldn't have to deal with, just cause I never have a boss who knows what to do. And it's not just me, the whole group is really miserable.
  2. My sister texted our mom asking about Thanksgiving (we normally host) and mom hasn't even responded. Nice. My boss resigned, with her last day being Friday. Fucking thrilled, she was a total meatball and we're better off without a manager.
  3. I used to love carving pumpkins but stopped buying them at all after the asshole neighborhood kids used my pumpkin to knock down someone else's mailbox.
  4. I luckily did not get the hairy gene. Just peach fuzz.
  5. Hahaha. I like the spa day but yeah it can be expensive. Whatever she ends up doing, she definitely shouldn't shave it. Then she'll just have stubble, and the formerly fine hair will end up looking thicker with the blunt ends. Women with moustache issues will normally wax it, or if they don't want to do that, they can have the hair bleached so it's less noticeable. Also, I just spent the last couple minutes inspecting my upper lip in the mirror to check for issues.
  6. Ugh, I hate feet, I would never expect anyone to touch mine (and they don't even need a pumice stone) - I just get lucky. No back rubs would be a deal breaker though.
  7. Lost 7 lbs in a month! Just 26.6 lbs to go... New boss hates me. Like seriously, she's not even speaking to me. I want to quit.
  8. --------- There's a few different tracks, or you can kinda make your own (which is what I'm doing) and the MS/MBA program was an option but I'm not doing that. I already work for a biotech company, so it's something that works for me, but honestly I don't know if I would suggest a biotech program if you aren't already doing it. I definitely would recommend it more for people working on the business side, in manufacturing or in QA/QC, definitely not R&D. Aside from the required courses (which includes molecular biology), I'm planning on taking some more stuff towards microbiology/virology and quality (quality assurance/quality control, maybe validation too), since that's the general group I expect to work in. Possibly also their project management course.
  9. Ugh I am taking Molecular Biology right now for an MS in Biotechnology, and I fucking hate it. I'm only on the second week. I did visit my former grad/PhD student lab that I worked in as an undergrad, and they were all looking at me jealous that I had an actual income already. Haha.
  10. I guess a vet, but I think really people just told me I should be a vet when I was little. Now I'm a lab tech/group lead for big pharma.
  11. My sister does a ton of camping/hiking/backpacking, and she went to Mt Washington last year. She started out not knowing what she was doing, but found a Meetup group for backpacking, tagged along with them for trips for awhile, and then found a smaller group to break apart with so they could do their own thing more often. I've heard stories, and its fucking disgusting. She went backpacking a lot in the winter and then told me that she hit a new low with not changing her underwear for 4 days cause she couldn't bear to take off her pants. Thanks for the info.
  12. My 10 year reunion for HS is this year. I felt so old when I realized that. I took an empathy quotient quiz thing that someone posted on facebook. I scored a 20 (apparently the average for people with Aspergers...which I presumably do not have). Bf got 71 (max is 80). No wonder every argument we have ever had involves him getting upset over something and me being oblivious for days, causing him to get more pissed off.
  13. DL: 28.50 Mbps UL: 26.91 Mbps My plan says "up to" 25 Mbps, so no complaints. I have Verizon FIOS. It's kind of expensive, but everything I've had before fios was unreliable, and I won't go back to that.
  14. How (why) the fuck is she counting minutes? Rocket Man has hyperthyroidism. My formerly 22 lb cat has dropped down to a wee 12 lbs (and yet he still has a gigantic gut...). Aww my little booboo.
  15. UGH. Fuck that. I found a centipede on my bath towel once. I dried myself with a hand towel and then got the vacuum. My dad surrounded my parents' house with DDT when it was built. I grew up without bugs and can't deal with them now.