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  1. NBA

    The Lakers are 0-6 with a starting lineup of Nash, Kobe, Ron, Pau and Dwight. Makes perfect sense to try to get them to gel while we fight to make the playoffs. Since we are building around Dwight, I'd love to see Pau get dealt for a high pick and just start the rebuilding now. This shit is pointless.
  2. Last year, someone (I believe it was suprefan) put up a mix that someone made that pretty much covered a song from everyone performing, separated by day. Is there something like this for this year that someone can upload?
  3. NBA

    Totally. Kobe obviously has no idea that getting caught for HGH would completely obliterate the reputation he's fought so hard to build over the past 17 years. It totally makes sense that he would risk all of that in a season where he's just trying to make the playoffs.
  4. This is too hard so here's my "best songs from when I was 12" list. Less Than Jake - Automatic Lagwagon - Know it All Unwritten Law - Shallow Propagandhi - Nation States Millencolin - Olympic
  5. I mean.. I'm pretty sure I have a broken index finger and a chipped elbow.
  6. Great shot of me eating complete shit over the barricade, pre-stagedive. Show was so much fun. My voice was gone til Wednesday. Great seeing the (e)homies Alex and Kevin!
  7. NBA

    Yeah that was a great game. As much as I hate that we absolutely have to win all of these games in order to get into the playoffs, I like that the Lakers' playoffs has started 2 months before the rest of the league. If we can string together the type of run we need to make the real playoffs, our confidence and team chemistry should be at an all time high for the season, which will give us a serious advantage. If we make the playoffs, no one is going to want to play us. Kobe's dunk on Josh Smith was absolutely insane. We haven't been able to stop quick point guards for a lot longer than 3 years. I can't remember the last time we could stop a good point guard. Even when we played Iverson in the Finals in 2000, we couldn't stop him.. We could only stop everyone else.
  8. NBA

    0.4 He may be a bitch but I'll always love him.
  9. NBA

    First of all, nobody gives a shit because Buss was an 80 year old billionaire. Dude lived a long ass comfortable life, what is there for us to mourn? Holy crap you are a clueless moron. Fuck yourself. um.... no? um... yes. Jerry Buss is 100% of the reason American Sports are the way they are. Created in game time entertainment during halftime, time outs, etc so people other than die-hard fans would be interested. Created cheerleaders in professional sports. Created the first local network to televise every one of a teams games. Created the concept of naming rights for arenas. And so much more. Without these things, the NFL and NBA probably wouldn't exist at all, let alone be the powerhouses that they are today. Why do you think so many people from all over the map in the sports world mourned him and expressed their sadness over his death? As far as you saying he was a billionaire who lived a long ass comfortable life, ehhh.. Once he made it maybe? He was raised broke by a single mother. He was not handed anything. Lakers fan or not, if you don't mourn the loss of someone who did that much for you (you like sports right?), you're an entitled prick.
  10. NBA

    Steph Curry didn't even get one game. Holy shit. Am I missing something? It's now cool to rush the players of other teams to escalate a situation?
  11. NBA

    First of all, nobody gives a shit because Buss was an 80 year old billionaire. Dude lived a long ass comfortable life, what is there for us to mourn? Holy crap you are a clueless moron. Fuck yourself.
  12. NBA

    Pick him up if your friends are as oblivious as you. He was a throw in in the Dwight Howard trade. He got playing time for the Lakers because of an injury and he killed it. He's been killing it since and he now is a starter. He makes no money.
  13. Such a punk band.
  14. NBA

    I hope you were lucky enough to get Earl Clark.