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  1. NBA

    ...? He's black, plays basketball, and Attila is racist.
  2. NBA

    No defense, bunch of missed threes, and Blake and LeBron dunking everywhere. Irving looked good, Curry looked terrible. You didn't really missed much.
  3. *gasps* racism exists in the NFL?!
  4. It's developing the stories of that one guy, wino, and mc hammer who apparently almost killed rick(lol), and those two random teens pigeon-toe and the worst boyfriend ever. This show is getting so easy to mock, like how michonne can't cut through cardboard, but can easily slice two zombies' heads off like nothing. Darryl, watch the fucking road when you are driving!! Can't wait for zombie glen to eat his gf, whatshername... And those kids are bad, and when she called carol "mom" it was so forced.
  5. Or in jail.... I guess oj Simpson will have to postpone his comeback, too. But seriously, you make categories for specific players on your team who no one should even mention anymore.
  6. Can't wait for zac to leave strawberry girls so they get heavier.... Lol
  7. Get awayyyyy stay awayyyyyyyy
  8. At least Hank is angry for being a shitty brother-in-law/DEA agent. That's why he punched Walt, right? Because of his insecurities.
  9. In that division 8-8 is pretty good.
  10. You gained weight dk....
  11. Hopefully they play some blaq audio songs on this tour. Is skrillex gonna co-headline?
  12. its only gay if he massages you after he stretches you.
  13. Holy. Fuck.
  14. Guys, hunger games wasn't that bad of a remake of battle royale....