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  1. He'd look great in burnt orange and navy blue
  2. As a Bears fan who was to keep watching Hoyer the Destroyer, that gif of the Amos hit might be the best thing I see all season. Pros about this season: Linebackers look good. Young talent looks good Cons: Everything else. Watch us fuck it up and still get like 6 wins so we pick near 10th again with one of the worst rosters in football.
  3. Hi r u Alex?
  4. Dr Dre and Pac I think wrote a song about that place. Biggie Smalls is going back there soon I think. Also, Alex lives in California
  5. If only we could remove the content and sell it as a clean sheet to smear shit on.
  6. He means of the leak you were taking.
  7. Weber is older, and signed to a contract with a steep cap hit until he is 40. Subban is a little pricier but his contract ends when he's just ending his prime. At best it's a lateral move for Montreal.
  8. Just wait til he reads that smack talk next playoffs if he gets a free ticket
  9. Lol sharks, amIrite? Good series. Just didn't see anyone taking down a team that can have Phil Kessel play on the 3rd line. Nice try, but no way San Jose
  10. I'm still just surprised that everyone has Identity Crisis as their least favourite Thrice record. You guys heard some of that other shit, right? At least they were fun on IC. Don't get me wrong, some if it is just but for what it is at their ages and when it came out, it's light years ahead of what that same group did a dozen years later, to me anyway
  11. Look at all these accounts coming outta nowhere.
  12. We said dick, not tiny troll walking stick
  13. I just worry that I'll never read a Marty essay again cause I definitely won't click to read more while I scroll through Facebook
  14. Haha seriously. It was so bad there are retarded canucks fans thinking we could trade them Ryan Miller. I wish the Preds would've beat the Sharks but oh well. Let's go Blues?
  15. Do you accept dick pics as a form of payment?