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  1. I read some of this thread today to laugh at how much stupid shit was typed here 6 years ago. Also, super late congrats to California on getting it right this time. I got high and forgot to mention it earlier.
  2. I finally got around to watching Roast Battles the either night. My boy K Trev killed it. Really funny series, can't believe Ralph May said okay to doing it in the first place.
  3. Whoa there, why am I not being invited to a sketchy Mexican restaurant? Wedding schmedding, skeezy food though, sounds great.
  4. Tell me new movies to watch, I think I only really saw big movies and comedies (star trek, civil war, deadpool, Dr strange, jungle book, ghost busters, finding dory, x-men, brothers grimm, pop star and some other garbage like those). Thanks.
  5. Your new Vice President makes Sarah Palin look normal. This is gonna open up a whole new can of crazy in Canada. Thanks Obama.
  6. I wonder if Tom ever grabs Gisele by the pussy. I bet it's deflated as fuck, just the way he likes it.
  7. Gay
  8. He'd look great in burnt orange and navy blue
  9. As a Bears fan who was to keep watching Hoyer the Destroyer, that gif of the Amos hit might be the best thing I see all season. Pros about this season: Linebackers look good. Young talent looks good Cons: Everything else. Watch us fuck it up and still get like 6 wins so we pick near 10th again with one of the worst rosters in football.
  10. Hi r u Alex?
  11. Dr Dre and Pac I think wrote a song about that place. Biggie Smalls is going back there soon I think. Also, Alex lives in California
  12. If only we could remove the content and sell it as a clean sheet to smear shit on.
  13. He means of the leak you were taking.
  14. Weber is older, and signed to a contract with a steep cap hit until he is 40. Subban is a little pricier but his contract ends when he's just ending his prime. At best it's a lateral move for Montreal.
  15. Just wait til he reads that smack talk next playoffs if he gets a free ticket