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  1. Is DK short for Doooooon't Kaaaaaaaaaaaaare? $5 says you sign the Cutlet now that Tony Rome is Phil Simms
  2. Get Out is fantastic. Also, Mad Max remake is one of the best movies ever? Hahahha.
  3. Do you want to be Mr. Phil?
  4. Why would anyone give Tom Brady a weapon like Cooks? The fuck...
  5. Lol I guess? If not the ghost of Kevin White? You know, the "freak athlete" (read: slightly above average in the nfl, but freak in college) who couldn't learn a playbook with a year off from injury... Yup. Him. Fuck. Fuck it, fuckity fuck fuck. And Daniel, I like the Demps signing but our secondary was so bad it's all improvements. But still... just ugh.
  6. The Browns future looks better than Da Bears. Fml, gonna drink so goddamn much cause who even wants Alshon Jeffery, right? Markus Wheaton? Cool.... replace Jeffery with a WR3. I remember Da Bears having Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, Alshon and Marty Bennett not that long ago. Ugh
  7. Yeah, anyone on that "2 first round picks for a guy who played 3 games and missed a year due to injury" thought is a Pats fan. Jay Cutler was worth 2 first's after a 4600 yard season (with 2 years of 85+ QB rating and no injuries) when teams didn't value firsts as highly as they do now and I just really don't see it. BB can talk up Jimmy G all he wants but we all have seen what happens after QB's leave his system where they looked good. Apparently Da Bears are signing Glennon? Meaning we are probably drafting a QB? Or Pace is hoping Glennon plays okay enough for Fox to keep his job one more year and get a QB in next year's draft? Ughhhhh it feels like giving up. I'd prefer Smokin' Jay one more year (to get injured and give us that final top 5 qb pick we need next year), but whatever. My ideal draft was the Browns fall in love with Watson, 49ers love Fournette and Da Bears get Garrett but lol at dreaming. Marshall to the Giants seems like an amazing move but means they will just narrowly miss out on the playoffs again, that's just his luck.
  8. I like how you went from Jimmy G fetching the 2nd or 3rd overall pick less than a month ago, to an ideal situation where you get the 12th pick for him today, and somewhere in between you admitted your team probably has no plans to trade him. After seeing some combine footage, I would be really okay with Da Bears taking Adams at 3 even with a not so great vert. Still hoping somehow the Browns and 49ers fuck up and we get Garrett but that's not happening anywhere but my dreams. Marty, as good as Solomon Thomas is, I see Malik McDowell going before him and would prefer him if I were you. Though his personality may not sit well with BB... ....but he's the kind of guy that if Belicheck got him to conform he would be a monster for years.
  9. Hi Alex, r u Mr. Morgan?
  10. Neal Brennan's "3 mics" is one of the most interesting, honest, and hilarious (at times) stand up I've seen in forever. He was a writer for Chappelle show and Half Baked, good friends with Dave and one of the most interesting characters I have read on. Hilariously enough he touches on a joke I've been using for years and now feel like I can't say cause of the parallel thought. If you guys have ever heard the clip I posted years ago and watch this you will know exactly what I'm talking about.
  11. Marty, if you think Jimmy G could possibly come to Chicago, you might wanna drop that 1st round pick hope. I could maybe see them offering their 2nd and change but I sincerely doubt they offer 3rd overall for him. I just really don't see that happening. The Bears are trying to make me not be a fan. 3-13 season and then you raise ticket prices? Haha goddamn that's cold. http://www.chicagolawbulletin.com/Articles/2017/01/25/IL-athlete-benefits-1-25-17.aspx Speaking of cold, the McCaskey's that own the Bears don't want to pay nfl players full disability pay. That's the kinda shit that reminds me I'm a human being who loves something terrible for awful people to continue to turn pepole into disposable products for huge profit and makes me feel gross. Ugh, I wish I never listened to Propagandhi as a teen, or read a book ever.
  12. If it came to it? *throws another rock from his glass house* Bridgewater might miss next season, Marty will still shit on the trade though. I really want the Falcons to win, so they won't. Sorry guys, my bad.
  13. Instead of caring that AFI had new music, check out Frightened Rabbit so you can see them at Boston Calling.
  14. Marty might be the only person who thinks the guy who broke the record for best completion percentage in a season (with a shit o-line, no running game and almost nobody worth throwing to!) isn't worth a first overall to a team who just lost their qb but were still looking at winning their division despite all their offensive flaws. My favourite part is he somehow still thinks Jimmy "4 games" Garropolo is worth a 1st+ but Bradford isn't even worth a 1st.
  15. I'll be okay with the Bears taking him in the 2nd or 3rd
  16. The fuck? We're keeping John Fox for at least one more year. Bears pros this year: Weren't the worst defense ever. Akiem Hicks (University of Regina, say what?) Leonardo Floyd looked good against coverage and rushing the qb. Edie Goldman-Sacks Also Jordan Howard is a stud to replace Forte. Oh and Alshon didn't play so well that we have to give him retarded money to stay, I hope. The offensive line was okay too. Cons: Almost everything in the secondary that isn't Adrian Amos. Injuries: took up over half our teams salary on IR We still suck and might compete next year if Garrett or Allen comes to us. I don't see Da Bears fixing the qb situation cause we are retards, but at least we'll probably be a top 15 pick while improving our team.
  17. I read some of this thread today to laugh at how much stupid shit was typed here 6 years ago. Also, super late congrats to California on getting it right this time. I got high and forgot to mention it earlier.
  18. I finally got around to watching Roast Battles the either night. My boy K Trev killed it. Really funny series, can't believe Ralph May said okay to doing it in the first place.
  19. Whoa there, why am I not being invited to a sketchy Mexican restaurant? Wedding schmedding, skeezy food though, sounds great.
  20. Tell me new movies to watch, I think I only really saw big movies and comedies (star trek, civil war, deadpool, Dr strange, jungle book, ghost busters, finding dory, x-men, brothers grimm, pop star and some other garbage like those). Thanks.
  21. Your new Vice President makes Sarah Palin look normal. This is gonna open up a whole new can of crazy in Canada. Thanks Obama.
  22. I wonder if Tom ever grabs Gisele by the pussy. I bet it's deflated as fuck, just the way he likes it.
  23. Gay
  24. He'd look great in burnt orange and navy blue
  25. As a Bears fan who was to keep watching Hoyer the Destroyer, that gif of the Amos hit might be the best thing I see all season. Pros about this season: Linebackers look good. Young talent looks good Cons: Everything else. Watch us fuck it up and still get like 6 wins so we pick near 10th again with one of the worst rosters in football.