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  1. man, I'm getting so homesick. I love the 4th of July and I'm so bummed that I have to celebrate it alone. I went to the grocery store earlier today and bought a coke and some american candy. I'm going to skype with my friends later at their 4th of july party, so hopefully that cheers me up a bit. Only 5 more weeks until I go home! And only 2 more weeks before my labmate gets here. Being alone in a foreign country where hardly anyone speaks english really blows.
  2. Croatia is pretty great!
  3. ahhhh! I'm leaving for Croatia in a month (for work) and I have so much shit to do (at work) before I leave. I also can't visit my family before I leave because I have to work every single day. Anyway, boredies, do you have any suggestions on shit i should by here before going overseas? I'll be there for 3+ months. Also, I have 5 days where I have to be out of Croatia for visa purposes, so does anyone have any cool cities in Italy that I should visit?
  4. I don't know how it works for engineering, but for biology a lower than ideal GPA can be overlooked if you have a lot of research experience, high GRE scores, and a strong personal statement and letters of recommendation. Also, if just your freshman year was rough grade-wise, and you've been steadily improving your grades, it will show that you've made improvement.
  5. ugh. I filed a maintenance request 3 weeks ago, and have filed 2 more and called 2 times, and they still haven't fixed my leaky kitchen sink (among several other things). Thank god it's nothing urgent, but 3 weeks? I told them I'm filing a complaint with the city by the end of the week if nothing is fixed, so let's hope that speeds things up. I also found out I'm going to Europe for work in late March and I won't be back to the states until late August. I'm pumped, but it'll be weird to be away from my boyfriend and family for so long.
  6. woo! I found out today that I'm going to get a coauthor credit for the plant experiment I'm working on right now
  7. Last night I went to visit some friends in Indianapolis. We took one friend's car downtown for dinner/drinks, and in the 3 hrs we were there the catalytic converter was stolen. I stayed the night, went out to my car in the morning, and discovered that I had a flat tire. Not that big of deal, except I had to work this morning and ended up starting field work 2 hrs later than planned, which sucked because it's crazy hot/humid in Indiana. today has been rough.
  8. Woo. Today is my first day off in 27 days!
  9. Uh. I'm a girl
  10. honest question: Would you have found that creepy if you were attracted to the guy at all? It's more so because I'm 22, and he's almost 50. I don't think I would ever date anyone that much older than me.
  11. this weekend was strange. Andrew and I, and another friend hung out with Doug Benson and Dave Huntsberger. Doug later sent me a DM on twitter saying I was "really cute" and to let him know if I was ever single, kinda creepy.
  12. ^thanks for the backpack suggestions, but I'm not going to Europe to backpack, I am going there for work. And, since it's fieldwork and I'll have to take measurements every morning, I won't be able to travel across Europe. I guess I should clarify that I just need reliable luggage that won't fall apart/have zippers or wheels break during international travel. I just need something durable but inexpensive.
  13. So, this summer/fall I am going to be working in Europe. I have never really traveled much, and I've never traveled overseas, so I need to buy a decent and reasonably priced luggage set. I'm looking to spend maybe $100-200 for a carry-on and a reasonably sized bag. any suggestions?
  14. damn, guess I'm the only one who loves trefoils I love shortbread cookies.
  15. my parents gave me a 7 cup food processor as an early birthday gift. I'm on a bread making binge. also, after 4 weeks of being sick, I'm finally going to the doctor tomorrow. I really hope they don't just deem it a cold and attempt to appease me by prescribing antibiotics.