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  1. After re-designing my own scalesona, my husband asked me to draw him up an updated reference sheet for him too! Matchy Matchy I have a hard time taking reference sheets seriously, but I think that's purdy fitting for both myself and my hubsfart. Enjoy!
  2. the water is poison and i say come on and give me my poison its so comforting to know i'll never have to think again
  3. my cousin is actually one of the dumber people i've ever met in my life. he's not one of those smart weirdos, he's just a lowlife weirdo. doesnt do anything.

  4. I just took a completely soapless and shampooless shower because of that bullshit. I'll probably continue to do so until I can order the kind without skin irritants.

  5. reason for a neg rep? didn't know you were a douche

  6. Thanks for the rep on my Michael Hedges post. It's confounding to me that I just discovered him within the past few days. I've been playing guitar for years and his style is similar to what i try to achieve at times but also beyond my capacity. He even has very capable vocal abilities and engaging lyrics. I'm falling in love with his music at the moment.

  7. How does one become blacklisted by UPS and FedEx?

  8. I haven't even sent a package out yet, so that must be someone elses. Honestly, I've been meaning to, though. I need to send that out soon.

  9. Hey buddy, I just wanted to stop by your wall and thank you for sending me the My Morning Jacket CD, along with the surprise J hidden inside the case. Thanks very much, dude. That seriously made my day yesterday, and prior to that it had been quite shitty. I'll be sending out Aenima asap. :)

  10. i was thinking of getting a line of solder but at this point on the board, my thinnest solder was still about as wide as 2 and a half trace lines. It was probably one of the worst spots on the board to break a trace. anywhere else i think i would have been fine

  11. Happy Holidays to you as well. I think we need to make ourselves some sort of an e-pact regarding the exchange of our albums to one another. Shall we send them out this week?

  12. Dude, I wanted to neg rep MYself when I heard that in the song. Such bullshit. But that's the price one pays for not looking up a proper non-fan-made video.

  13. haha thanks...yeah the best way to deal with that conflict is to not care if your final decision is "mainstream" or not. just because something happens to be congruous with what the rest of the world does doesn't mean it's bad. and just because it's different doesn't mean it's good. even punks forget their common sense from time to time ;)

  14. I'm not sure what that last rep comment is supposed to be referencing in my post from the MBV thread.

  15. ...

    and in most cases, this works just fine, except for the rarer and more underground sort of music out there. In which case I go sift through blogs.