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  1. Man, Dustin sounds like he's seriously struggling live. The fuck happened in the last few years?
  2. Wake Up and Doublespeak are essentially the same song. I brought that up on reddit and got downvoted to oblivion. Same vocal melody, same-ish build up thing. Same blues feel. But I like Doublespeak and hate Wake Up. Been listening to dis shit on repeat for the week, and I think this is my updated THRICE power-ranking. Vheissu = Beggars > Air > Major/Minor > Artist in the Ambulance > Earth > Illusion of Safety > TBEITBN > Water > Fire > Identity Crisis
  3. See, in my opinion, this album has very little dynamics. And that's why I'm not really feeling it at the moment. I felt worn out after listening because everything was just so in your face and loud. Salt and Shadow and Seneca being the exceptions. By the time Whistleblowers chorus hit I was ready to jump ship. Too much of the same thing over and over. I hate to say it, but this is the first Thrice release since Fire where I'm fairly underwhelmed. Not as much as Fire, obviously. Fuck that album. Maybe this will grow on me over time. Favorites are Hurricane, Blood in the Sand, The Window, The Long Defeat, and Salt and Shadow.
  4. Salt and Shadow.. my lawd. Wish the album was more like this.
  6. Only song I really dislike so far is 'Wake Up'. Think that's one of their worst songs. On The Long Defeat now and it's fantastic.
  7. PM'ing y'all
  8. Yeah it's out there. Hurricane fucking slays.
  9. Anyone get their copy yet? Mine shipped out today but I'm far from CA, assuming that's where they're coming from.
  10. "No leak reported" It's out in 4 days people! At least you can wait to illegally download it until then? Some dude false reported the leak last night, but they swapped it back now. BUMMER.
  11. FIND IT
  12. Really love that song.. not sure why it's getting so much hate.
  13. 11/22/63 is definitely one of my favorites. They're seriously fucking the TV adaptation up IMO.
  14. Another van accident?!
  15. Finished this up last night. Fantastic documentary.