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  1. Holding off is the worst thing you can possibly do to the child and yourself. It's better to establish who you are with your child before they start developing and socializing with the world. And ultimately, you can't put on hold who you are for anyone else, even if it is your child. The psychological ramifications on waiting to correct your gender while your child grows is massive. Some people don't understand they are the wrong gender till way late in life, thus prolonging any form of happiness.
  2. Correction: So Tom Gabel is a Woman....saying 'So Tom Gabel is Now A Woman' would imply that she never was a woman, when in fact, she's always been one. It's just the begening of the road for her and any fan of Against Me! should be proud that an artist they listen to is this brave. Much, much respect to Laura.
  3. This guy has alone has governed over 200+ executions since he's been governor of Texas. 9 of those have been this year alone. Maybe if we had public executions we'd realize how barbaric they are.
  4. New site and song are up now! Nomad by Fate of Covering Ground due out in Sept.
  5. I miss being able to enjoy Thrice.
  6. Your best bet is to wait for the HTC EVO 3D. You can get an EVO now, but it'll be outdated within a few months. HTC and SPRINT are usually really good about updating their phones to latest OS Version. Samsung, LG, and everyone else have a bad track record of updating phones. The Samsung Nexus S 4G would be the exception to the rule, but that's because Google is responsible for updating it.
  7. Throw a real tea party...liberal style.
  8. I'm personally a fan of Odin.
  9. Gotta get down on Friday?
  10. You're just upset because Asian girls and guys are taking all the white men.
  11. This bitch is just upset because Asian girls are taking all the white men.
  12. If I was a lurking user I'd click out of the boreds as soon as I realized that I have to log-in see embedded images.
  13. How often should you have a suit dry cleaned (assuming it has no noticeable stains and it doesn't smell)?
  14. Fat white girls will do things no one else will. That scares me.