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  1. Yeah, I feel once they have trades and battles available, we could maybe set up a trade network here.
  2. Has anyone else heard Thrice's Cover of Smashing Pumpkins 1979. I was driving around listening to Octane and all of a sudden an exclusive track and Bam. I can't find a rip of it anywhere. I was wondering if anyone else has heard it or have it. FOUND IT!
  3. please share
  4. What's your team, who's your best guy?
  5. Did someone say Dick Pics? Y'all know I'll deliver...
  6. lurking all this time. Ill pony up
  7. I Miss Emmy
  8. I have a ticket to A Wilhelm Scream at the Sinclair in Boston tonight. If anyone wants my extra ticket let me know. I don't want it to go to waste.
  9. Giuse86 (at) hotmail dot com
  10. Everything on Major/Minor Other than that, I like them all
  11. I'm actually pretty good at it. I went to Foxwoods not too long ago went in with 100 left with 800 at 1-2 Cash game. I don't go very often but all in all it was a good time. That site has some pretty good starting points for someone who is looking to get better. Unlike books that are one persons point of view, which usually isn't always the right one depending on your natural playing style, the site gives you different views of how you can play. The most comon mistake people make is they play too many hands. The more people at the table, the more chances you have at throwing away crap hands. Try not to get bored and calling to see a flop if you have no business being in the game to begin with. Take the times you're not playing to see if you can catch a pattern in a specific persons game. The point of the game isn't to win every hand but to make the most profit and take the least amount of loses with ones you do play. Some easy tips for in home game. When you're being dealt the cards, look at everyone else's initial reaction when they look at their cards before you take the time to look at yours. Whether they have crap, something marginal, or a good pocket pair, most people can't resist giving a tiny tell when they take that fist look. Once you gauge everyones reaction try to keep yours neutral when you finally look down incase someone else tries to pin point yours. When ever it is your turn for action, always try to count to ten in your head before you do anything. Sometimes when you have something good, you can't help but play a bit more quickly in anticipation of trying to win the pot, especially if you hit the nuts (People can catch that easily). Also, if you're semi bluffing a marginal hand, if you spent the same amount of time thinking and making your move with a good hand, people with think twice about calling you with a marginal hand or bluff because they're afraid of being burned twice. Which brings me to my next point. You need to look at playing poker like driving a manual car. If you start playing really tight and only play good hands, people will start folding when you bet or raise which will in turn lower your pot winnings. At this point, playing loosely with marginal hands will help you win pots you might have lost because you built a rep of being super tight. If you do get called and you show you had nothing, a couple times, they will start calling your bets again or even raising. Once that happens you should shift into tight mode again and get them to raise you when you have the better hand. It's knowing when to shift and going between loose and tight. Last word of advice. This next part depends really on your personality. I tend to be a passive player, trying to make the other person raise and think he has the better hand then surprising them when I take the pot. Others like to be aggressive and intimidate the other players into folding or shrinking it down from 6 players to just a head to head. You need to find whats comfortable for you because if you try to be someone you're not, it's going to be harder to maintain and play a consistent game. Good luck
  12. Kinda? It's dead here...