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  1. Hi guys I was thinking of randomly flying to california from the UK to catch the last thrice shown on this tour (because why not) .. I'd be fucking clueless and there for a short time. Who would help an English thrice fan? Btw do we still like thrice? I haven't logged in here for a long time.
  2. Goodbye sir. I enjoyed the football thread back in the day, good (Internet) times.
  3. It is Monday. I have booked today off work. It is 7.54am. Do I wake my girlfriend up so she can perform her female duties or shall I go make breakfast. I am pretty damn hungry.
  4. Don't think my username has ever changed. Have been around since 2004 I believe now. I was young! Now I am old. That is that.
  5. Sooooo...I got a cheque the other day from my solicitors. Compensation following the car crash last year. £5,113. This is the most money I've ever had at any one time in my life ever. What do I do with it?! Holiday..definitely want that. Yes. Although, I would much prefer to go back in time and not have have a horrible looking large(ish) pink scar on my face but money is good.
  6. Before going to one of my best mates wedding. One does not wear smart clothes very often, one felt ridiculous but it was an amazing day. Awesome! annnnnnnd about to leave for work and kitten pops her head through the blind to say NO! STAY! ...I did not stay. Sorry kitty but someone has to pay the bills..and you are one lazy bastard. oh and just for good measure yeah!
  7. Wow. Anyway, starting strength routine, I go with a mate (who is 5'11 yet weighs more than me...much bigger / stronger) and since we started going together, it's all been his routines and me following. Obviously because he has had such good results doing what he does..he doesn't see starting strength in the same light as me. I am however turning him..as he may be bigger but we deadlift and squat the same at present. He can bench a lot more but that to me says that his overall strength isn't what it should be. So yeah. Today we begin SS properly. Hopefully. If not..I will have to fly solo! Which I'd rather not do but I will if I have to.
  8. Hi. I weigh 11st 7 (161lbs) and I am 6ft2. The last few years, all I've done is cycle. I'm pretty fit and all that jazz but the last couple of months i've decided to concentrate on gaining mass and not really cycling. Yesterday with my gym buddy, we did deadlifts, squats and bench press. I did 3x5 of 70kg on deadlift, 3x5 of 50kg (+7kg bar..haha) on squats and the bench press was on the smith machine which we ended up using due to time constraints...I was doing 45kg on that 3x5. I did a few sets on lower weights on each to find the maximum I could do 3x5 on. Is that any good? I dont know. Food wise, I love eating food. I will post what an average days food..It probably isn't anywhere near as much as I need to eat. I do have a fair bit of knowledge on the nutrition side but yes...feel free to shoot me down. Breakfast (6.30am) 100g porridge with 700ml milk. raisins and a tablespoon of peanut butter in it and sometimes natural honey.. 2nd breakfast at work (10.15) 3 poached eggs, 2 rashes bacon, tomatoes or beans. lunch (12.30) chicken breast, pasta, salad, apple break (3.00) usually just like a cereal bar, the ones loaded with nuts and not so much sugar generally. Home time (5.00pm) big bowl of cereal post gym, protein shake with milk, (40g protein in shake) dinner chicken / vegetables / pasta / rice / anything. Its usually just a lot of chicken with a something. Or anything high protein really. Before bed I have a protein shake or cottage cheese if im out of shakes or whatever. I could try and do this better and post specifics (calories / protein / carbs / fat / etc) but that would have to wait. I dont know how much milk I drink exactly but I seem to buy a new 6 pint bottle every 2 days, so probably 3 pints a day at present. Advice and criticism welcome. I am aware of mark rippetoe and starting strength, I have followed his videos for help with squats / deadlifts / bench / grip. But obviously I am new to this. THE END. I should point out I had a health thingy at work the other day. I am 8% body fat and have basically 0% internal body fat, just muscle, skin, bones really..all that cycling...
  9. Face was mushed in a car crash on way back from a festival! We packed everything into the back..forgetting I would need to also be in the back. I figured donnington is so close to where i live..I'd be fine with no belt just squashed in with all the sleeping bags / backpacks / etc. I wasn't fine. Doh. Some dude (with no licence) pulled out in front of us without looking. Boiling water incident..ok. For some reason, i decided I wanted to disinfect a mug. Figured just boiling water would do this. Filled it. Picked it up to move it. Dropped it. Landed in sink, all the water splashed out onto my stomach. Unfortunate and super retarded. Kitten is as happy as a kitten can be! I will not be letting him get hurt. He is sleeping next to me right now on my bed. Good kitten.
  10. So. Arsenal, it is not going well. Even though we beat spurs. I have nothing against Wenger but I really just want a fresh start with the club. I know the problem is more to do with the board (well..ivan gazidis) but I do get the impression Wenger isn't quite the same as he once was. We shall see how this all pans out. Ibrah's goal(s) against us were amazing. The bicycle kick made me almost choke on my tea. Lord. What a goal.
  11. So. Face got mushed..this was bad. Then my face got punched and now I wear a plate with a tooth! At some point I stopped getting injured and got back with my girlfriend Also this year, knocked off bike twice, first time fracturing elbow, second time just cuts and bruises. I also splashed a cup of boiling water down my stomach..melting my skin! What a year. To round off the year, I thought I would get a kitten. He is called Rocky. He is a cute little fluff ball. The end.
  12. It is rather chilly outside and I now own a small kitten called Rocky.
  13. Tooth removed! I have now have a fake tooth thing attached to a plate on the roof of my mouth that I gotta wear for 3 months until they can take the root out below fracture. Not fun but oh well. France cycling trip on Monday is on! Hopefully! Just gotta survive 2 more days without incident!
  14. You guys are hard to please.. I salute you Michael Phelps. A one off. Remarkable!
  15. At the expensive of our woman..she was doing it for her dead mother Damnit! Still, our first medal in judo for 12 years or something ridiculous, so we'll take that. Up to 5th in the medal table today! Was actually cheering on our guy in shooting! Shooting!!! I never thought I'd get so into that. Gold nailed though!