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  1. shoot me a message and maybe we can chill? turns out by roomie is crazy and i need to hang out with some non drama oriented people for a change
  3. so i'm going to school for pharmacy ... you would think the antifungal tablets are a one time thing, i guess it depends on how fast your body heals. i know some people take it as a maintenance drug, so you may be on it for awhile :/
  4. technically, the fda hasn't approved vitamins. you don't really need them unless you don't eat healthy enough or am vegetarian like me. also, lots of fruits and veggies. working out regularly too. and avoid pop and alcohol if you still drink it, it's a lot of empty calories.
  5. way to bring my rep down to a solid 1 hahah

  6. yup! to a pricey pile of crap too
  7. people that chew/crunch obnoxiously loud
  8. haven't decided what day i'm doing yet. ditching warped for lolla this summer. upgrade.
  9. i have their lyrics on my hips. just sayin!
  10. it's summmmer in the Chi :D

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      Rickety Cricket

      The past couple days here in Milwaukee were nice, but today sucks. >:(

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      Rickety Cricket

      It's been in the 50s for the past few days. Lame!


  12. that's exactly what i was talking about. some people that take it swear on it working, it's all in your head though. chemically, it has nothing ingredient wise. one of the pharmacists i work with went on this long rant about one of the presidents and a law that was made for otc products like that, which is why it isn't effective and fda approved. because of this, any otc products targeted toward anxiety are like this and don't work at all. even thought people think otherwise. so the only think you can really take specifically for that is xanax or another prescription drug in that drug category.
  13. the other thing is that, in regards to anxiety attacks, that the drug xanax is basically the only thing that will help. there's "otc" anxiety meds, but they are basically placebo pills and are not required to be fda approved. just an fyi.
  14. is it summer yet? (please say yes)

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      welcome to the new deja vu.