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  1. this is actually becoming the standout track for me...that drum outro is incredible Yeah, I'm in the Whistle Blower with you. It's just so much fun, it's a fun listen.
  2. I'll donate next week. Been mostly a lurker for like 10 years, I owe it.
  3. Still sad I never bought one of those name shirts. Saw them in Jersey and it was fantastic.
  4. WarmNeck#478 add me if anyone wants to play!
  5. Does anyone have any of those live tracks from water is poison back in the day? I'm trying to get some of the live acoustic songs. Madman being one. Love that version a lot.
  6. I have an extra Heart of the Swarm key if anyone would like to play with me.
  7. Supre, she asked me to tell her about you, and I'm sorry but she said she's "sure you see a lot of those in your moms basement. "also she says "hello! "
  8. She says "thanks for the compliment perve"
  9. Hey I'm at the philly show with my girlfriend. We're on the lower bar side by the railing. If you guys are lonely come hang! She's easy to spot in a striped shirt.
  10. Does anyone have an HBO GO account they'd be willing to share so I could keep up with this on the xbox app. Apparently you have to have cable to subscribe to it, and that's what I'm avoiding! I will share my netflix account in turn! Or a hulu+ account!
  11. So May 15th is the release date. And I have a question for you guys. I went to preorder the collectors edition of the game at gamestop and they aren't taking them anymore. I was going to try to preorder it off of amazon but I was not sure if I'd get it the day of or day after? I feel like I remember some of you saying that you get your preorders early.
  12. SSX

    I'll give you thirty bucks for it.
  13. I just said the same thing to my girlfriend. Why is music leaving me this week!!!
  14. http://thursday.net/thank-you Who's next?
  15. That's definitely not them in the ad.