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  1. Johann, you are being extremely naive if you think people arent upset with the senior officials. The 4 (Spainer, Curley, Shultz and the BoT) are unequivocally hated, and many pushes for changes have already begun and there are more to come. The community is extremely critical to every action right now; even when frankly its silly. (example, people saying tarp when taking down statue evidence of lack of transparency). Change and progress is being made. The Joe Paterno issue is another entirely. All I can say is a apologize for the devotees and you can rest assured they are thinning in numbers every day. In the end though, Penn State loves football, and they feel cheated by a lot of parties, including their own. Acceptance has already started to set in. The only other possible immeadiate response would have been celebration, which I think would be silly to expect. Lastly, Johann I am sorry if you do (and you seem to) take offense to the idea that we can still support the university. In the end, my education will always be connected to Penn State. Four years worth of learning, wonderful experiences, and interactions with a accepting and inclusive community have led to my degree that I am tied to, friends I wouldn't trade for the world and an outlook that has helped me succeed and be where I am. So I will continue and support upcoming generations of Penn state students the best way I know how because I know how much previous generations of PSUers supported me and got me to the position I am today. In a pure football sense Id include Wisconsin on a tier above MSU for now. Success has been more consistent for a longer period, and divisionally speaking, they are in a better position. I am also biased because I still hate Dantonio for the 2008 time out incident. And I meant no offense by calling you Chris.
  2. Graduated last year, not that I would have. Glad no death penalty, for the sake of the town. Chris, MSU does not deserve to be in that list yet. And Supre, 409 was purely coincidence, considering it leaked from the state DA and wasn't intended to come out even then. As for people being upset, what do you expect?
  3. To Mixhail: Combination of Graduation, trip, job and switching browsers and forgetting to put theboreds on my bookmarks bar. To Supre: Well, no, not at all. I didn't make him a villain either though, so opinion does differ from the mass populous.
  4. Ha, I am glad I wasn't here a few months back, I would have been thrown to the wolves
  5. Fellside... I really don't know. This isn't the first time they have gone without the trim, but its been awhile. But.. I am over it by now, at least they haven't Nike-fied them. Hoping they look better with pads
  6. I know everyone thinks super conferences are all sorts of inevitable, but I still can't see it. How does adding schools like Kansas State and West Virginia (nit picky, but WVU will never, ever be in the Big Ten due to academics) help the Big Ten financially? You could make argument that the Big Ten could go 16 if they bring in a combination of: Notre Dame, Texas, Oklahoma (Ok State maybe as a joint deal), and then potentially Missouri, Rutgers, and Maryland for major tv markets. But, IF the Big Ten can pull that off, is there enough appeal of the remaining teams to offer financial gain to other conferences? I just don't see it.
  7. I still would be shocked if Notre Dame joins a conference that is not the Big Ten. Too many traditional ties with the Big Ten. (Honestly, though, unless Super Conference fever happens, I don't see them joining a conference period)
  8. You have to feel bad for Al Golden, such terrible circumstances (yes, he is a Penn State guy, so that is probably partly why I feel for him)
  9. Dustin playing Anthology off the new album acoustically edit: Can you not embed video?
  10. I thought she wrote death scenes well until the 7th book. Then she just decided to pick and choose for you who died no matter the connections each character had with them. Her handling of death of incredibly inconsistent in the it... because it was generally great when she decided to bother doing it. And I'll play the game: 8. Chamber of Secrets -- One of the lesser books to begin with, too much Ginny, just didnt work 7. Goblet of Fire -- forgot the fact that the wizards were in fact, in a school, and I think that is why it bothered me so much. I don't really know, I just know I found it horrible. 6. Order of the Phoenix -- A bit boring, a bit poorly scripted. 5. Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 -- Acting was top notch, problem was (and I know, its hard to really look as this movie as a separate entity from part 2, but I am going to anyways) it didn't conclude. If you are going to split them up into two films, you have to atleast give us something to say, ok, atleast there was a small bit of resolution. Film isn't television. Plodding story to nowhere. 4. Prisoner of Azkaban -- Deserves its praise, for sure. 3. Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 -- A satisfying conclusion, not flawless, but very satisfying. 2. Sorcerer's Stone -- Probably most will say its a bit high, but I think it captured the tone of the book perfectly. This was purely childrens story in the first two, maybe three books, and the magic of that was captured wonderfully here. 1. Half Blood Prince -- I love this movie. And unlike others, I really didn't like the 6th book that much. I appreciated the humor (something mostly always present in the book, but lost for awhile in the movies), loved the look (probably the best looking of the movies), and there were some truly great performances. The actor who played Draco knocked his role out of the park
  11. Thrice releases a new song, so I finally decide to stop lurking and post here again. I agree with the mostly general sentiment that is, good, but not great. Which is ok because Thrice hasn't had a great opening song on an album since Cold Cash
  12. Really like theboreds mobile site. Should have used it a long time ago
  13. So it's looking like tressel may have been busted. I'm actually very surprised, I always respected tressel
  14. I've found roses aren't the best on Valentines anyways, since they are so expected. I'd echo the sentiments of anything handmade, but I feel like its been said too many times already anyways. Just listen, it is great advice. Do not go overboard though on the gifts if you agreed on not giving any...
  15. Enter the Void Wow, that was terrible. Bland, awkward, annoying, just bad.