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  1. Also, it's funny to me the way he counts out the time signature on the last track. It's like Music Appreciation for Dummies haha.
  2. I love all things Bandits but the overall/guitar sound on this album feels like Resignation era Bandits which is great. Will You Be Tomorrow and Ruby Cumulous are my favorite tracks.
  3. MLB

    The Braves have made fewer moves this offseason than I've made posts here in the last 6 months.
  4. Where's Hobbes?
  5. http://www.ultimatedrummingtechnique.com/
  6. MLB

    My bad guys. I think they applied the infield fly rule.
  7. MLB

    The A's just got screwed really badly. They hit a tying homerun in the 9th and i'll admit I was unsure of what happened in real time. The replay was 100% clear that it was absolutely a homerun. The umps reviewed it and still got it wrong. I switched between the home and away broadcasts on mlb.tv and both were in certain agreement it was a homerun. As Oakland's broadcast crew pointed out, if you have a clear replay and can't get it right, what is the point of having reviewable replay? I think this umpiring crew are just the type of folks that don't take their job seriously and wanted to go home early. They should all be fired. Completely inexcusable.
  8. The Dean has been the only well written character under this new regime of suckitude.
  10. Those videos were awesome. I'm feeling really good about the pick.
  11. I don't know why i'm checking this thread when i'm about 20 minutes behind real time on my DVR. Barcelona did have one very close chance in the first 45 on a pass to the left post that Dante barely deflected out of harms way. But yes, Bayern though not controlling possession is the side forcing the issue, getting corners and should have been awarded a hand ball at the 15th minute. I have no problem with the no call on the second hand ball as it was purely incidental.
  12. MLB

    Oh hell yeah. Geddy Lee from Rush just threw out the first pitch at the Blue Jays game and delivered a strike!
  13. Early goal for Bayern Munich. My audio is a second early. I heard the announcer go nuts before he took the shot.
  14. Live from the A-train motherfucka! Pure joy. That was cool.