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  1. My main site to watch soccer,, seems to be down. Anyone have an alternative site to use?
  2. 123-45-6789
  3. I've been a West Ham fan since the 07-08 season. This will be my first trip outside of the premier league. You'd actually be surprised how many West Ham games I was able to find online. I do agree though that picking a team to follow outside of the premier league would make it a lot harder. After the world cup my friends wanted to follow the premier league and chose Everton because they're a middle of the table team. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably pick QPR. Hopefully they won't pull a Blackpool and head straight back down.
  4. They may not be in the Premier League, they may not have a great chance of winning every game they play, but I've never doubted myself (for more than a week) for being a fan of West Ham. There will come a time when you ask yourself is it really worth the effort you put into following and even finding a stream to watch whatever team you choose. If you're going to follow a team like Arsenal or Chelsea or Barca because they win a lot, the passion may dwindle when they go through a slump or when college football starts back up and it's easier to turn on a tv to watch the longhorns than it is to miss the first 20 minutes of the game trying to find a stream in English. The reward a fan receives from following a team is not directly proportional to their position in the league at the end of the season. It's neither proportional to the weekly wages of their highest paid player nor to the number of international games they play. The reward you get from following a team is proportional to the pride you feel when asked what team you follow and why. I love West Ham just like I love my first car: not because it is the best, but because it was the first that I could call my own. They got me to love and appreciate a game I never though I would enjoy. I was still frustrated when Avram Grant looked like he was going to soil himself during every match, it still bothers me that Carlton Cole is still on our team, but there isn't a gameday during the season where I'm not wearing my claret and blue.
  5. Best pic in this thread.
  7. The Ball is Round: A Global History of Soccer by David Goldblatt I suggest everyone gives this book a read at some time in their life. My appreciation for the sport has increased 10 fold and I'm only ~200 pages in.
  8. [/survey]
  9. Why oh why oh why did the one clip of West Ham have to be of Zola? Will be watching Saturday. Pumped.
  10. RIP. Hope you guys like the background. A little added opacity for those of us on standards compliant browsers.
  11. A few of my friends are looking into buying a subscription to since our local cable provider doesn't show EPL games anymore. Does anyone here have it? Thoughts?
  12. Yatta!
  13. See you next year, Premier League. "Avram Grant - Millwall Legend"
  14. I didn't know you were trying to bone Cho Chang. She did it because she really likes you and wants you to take the relationship to the next level. She was trying to judge how you felt when another potential boyfriend comes into the picture. If you were jealous, that means you want to be serious about the relationship. If you didn't care, well then you don't care. Doesn't anyone read Harry Potter anymore?
  15. Guys, this is no time to be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the worst oil spill in US history.