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  1. MMA

    i see your point but i actually find myself watching more other organizations, Bellator, One FC, Cage Warriors and other it just feels different. most fights in the UFC seem like 2 fighters trying to not lose for the most part where in these lower tier organizations they fight to win. i usually DVR everything but i feel the UFC is dropping the ball on foreign talent out there. look at the Shogun issue. he refused to fight Glover after Thiago got hurt and rather then telling him no fuck you your 2-3 in your last fight they say ok and feed him Brandon Vera i mean wtf. these are the issues i have plus i just fucking hate i mean HATE Danna white. Also having an unbeatable champion is bad for business look at the MW division no one has really given a flying fuck about it till Chael almost won. WW was the same deal till all these young guys came up and forced guys like Kos, Fitch, and others out. Jones is only what 23/24 with no one knocking on the door to take him out so most people wont pay attention. LHW is super top heavy but is far from deep, same goes with MW, HW, FW, and BW. the only 2 divisions that are really filled out with top talent from top to bottom is LW and WW.
  2. MMA

    the big issue with me is that they oversaturated the market. guys like Jones make me not care about the divisions. i love flyweight and if they signed the top talent it would easily be better then Bantumweight and maybe even Featherweight. i will tune in for Aldo vs KZ when that happens. other then that the only divisions i care to watch are HW, LW, and WW and LW i can care less because of the rematch.
  3. MMA

    i have to admit i really haven't been watching anymore. my interest is slipping away. i had a chance to sit cage side for free at UFC on FX and just didnt bother going cause i didn't care. i just don't get as excited for the matches as i use to. maybe its because everyone is so well rounded and i liked specialist vs specialist im not sure but at this point i dont plan on watching it really, im more entertained by WWE, TNA, and ROH at this point.
  4. im getting my new rig on friday i might pick this up as well.
  5. this game looks sick, lets just hope the Day Z mod gets ported over quick to it.
  6. its an open persistant world with a huge map. takes the game Arma 2 and turns it into an online survival game. you have to eat, you have to drink to stay alive. your injuries matter if your ear gets damaged you have a hard time hearing in game and so on. the mod is free and Arma 2 right now is on steam for 19.99. if anyone is interested Vizard, some friends of ours, and myself are all planing on picking this up. the more the better.
  7. MMA

    hell of a card i would have made a killing on Varner
  8. MMA

    Anyone watch UFC on Fuel lastnight? holy shit the main even was amazing. Zombie is the fucking man and him vs Aldo will bring in the money. i would argue that in the USA Zombie is the biggest start at FW right now. that and the Amir vs Lopez fights were the only ones i saw so i have to go back and watch. i hear the Cerrone vs Stephens fight as well as Igor vs Moldonado was great too.
  9. MMA

    Recent fights announced Lombard vs Stann UFC on Fox 4 Machida vs Based UFC on Fox 4 Shogun vs Thiago Silva Travis Browne vs Ben Rothwell
  10. MMA

    Lombard officially signed with the UFC. I think him vs Stann would be a great first fight.
  11. MMA

    I didn't think any still posted here so I stopped. I still watch every event I can. I have friends who watch big events, one buddy has been picking my brain as he is really getting into it and works for a sports radio network. So 145 is behind us and thank for fire the McDonald's and Rothwell cause the main event was boring as shit, it reminded me of a Lenox Louis fight.
  12. you just blew my fucking mind
  13. MMA

    McCall got fucking robbed. at worst that should have gone to a 4th. round 3 was a clear 10-8 i had it 29-27, McCall 10-9 round 1 and 10-8 round 3. MM 10-9 round 2, MM got gifted a win against Torres got a title shot. gets a gift against McCall gets a title shot.
  14. MMA

    btw guys. WAR TIM FUCKING BOETSCH. im still fucking pumped for that finish. fuck its about time someone went into the 3rd round down with some fucking urgency and came out on top. he fucking crushed Okami in that fight. i would like to see Tim vs Vitor once Vitor kills Wandy.
  15. MMA

    Yea I had Penn winning the first fight after I re watched it. I'll do the same with this one. I had round 1 to Edgar and because the fight was so close and I can give a shit about Edgar catching kicks even more so cause they were landing first based off that overall damage and trying to finish Frankie twice is why I gave him the one. Rounds 3 was close. Round 4 I gave Ben for the chime and round 5 he almost had the finish at the end as well.