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  1. Hi guys! Woah this place is here. Stumbled in here on some wild circumstances. I've since migrated from a Pat to a Patrick, but someone else took that username. For that, I'm upset. Otherwise, I'm pretty psyched to be here. How's everyone?
  2. Almost forgot about this place. Spose I'll stop in with a picture to show I'm still alive. Here I am at my brother's wedding with my niece. She's the bee's knees.
  3. Got two tickets to see him at Johnny Brenda's in February - tickets sold out in less than a minute. Oh sheeeeeeeeeit this is gonna be rad.
  4. David Frum (a fairly reasonable conservative writer who I tend to agree with on a lot of issues, despite my more liberal tendencies) wrote a great piece of why it should be people, not legislators, that should lead the charge to reform gun laws in the country. Any paraphrasing I do would take away from the article as a whole, but I strongly suggest reading it.
  5. First place, golf rules. That was painful.
  6. I just got jumped/got my ass kicked for the first time. Ouch!
  7. Would be nice to be in the warmth of a win after 6 cold, cold weeks.
  8. Day 4 - just finished my trim up. It's all growth from here.
  9. I'm in - I haven't shaved in like 5 days, so I'll do a quick trim and go from there. Will post pictures.
  10. This is my nightmare.
  11. Shi'Dea speaks out. Talk about journalistic bias. From where I'm sitting, it seemed like she didn't have any money, argued with the guy, and hit him in his seat. Of course he shouldn't have responded that way, but this whole issue just stinks on all sides.
  12. One of the guys I work with is a boxing trainer, and the first thing he said after watching the video was 'that guy must have boxed at some point'. Killer form. Is it awful? Yes. Did she deserve THAT? Of course not. But she seems like a nasty little thing.
  13. Showed off my new puppy, gotta show love for the old.
  14. Selfy with my new puppy. 9 week old boxer mix. His name's Bender. I'm the happiest guy around.