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  1. Reece added a post in a topic Dr said theboreds have about 12 months left to live   

    Sorry. I meant the new Dustin Kensrue album featuring Teppei, Eddie and Riley from Thrice.
  2. Reece added a post in a topic Thrice   

    the boreds. the boreds never change.
  3. Reece added a post in a topic Dr said theboreds have about 12 months left to live   

    So with a new Thrice album coming out, people should be remember they use to have an internet message board they could go to to talk about Thrice. Like I did.
    Hey guys. Let's smoke some weed about it.
  4. Reece added a post in a topic Thrice   

    Since their coming out with a new album I suppose I can start creeping over here again.
    I guess in other Thrice related news, I was lucky enough to see them twice back in September. That was pretty neat.
  5. Reece added a post in a topic Best Podcasts   

    I recently found this podcast that interviews members in punk bands. It's called Bird Attack Radio. This week it was with some of the dudes from Guttermouth, last week members from 88 Fingers Louie, and before that the bassist from A Wilhelm Scream.

    I also listen to some nerdy, pointless podcasts from Greg Miller. He has Game Over Greggy that's a couple of editors/producers from IGN that talk about random shit. Other parts of the podcasts are A Conversation with Colin and Oreo Reviews.

  6. Reece added a post in a topic Comics/Graphic Novels   

    Is there a tablet out there that anyone has heard works best for reading comics? 
    I'm still old fashioned and enjoy going out to the local comic book store, especially since it doubles as my favorite local coffee joint. I'm trying to cut down on clutter and would preferably only buy physical comics for the bigger, more important issues.
  7. Reece added a post in a topic Random Thoughts: Video Games   

    Shovel Knight. 
    Great game. Definitely grab it if you have a 3DS or WiiU. Hoping it comes to PSN later though.
  8. Reece added a post in a topic Random Thoughts   

    I recently interviewed for a management position at my work. I've never really been a manager before, only an assistant manager. The other guy who interviewed is coming from a different company but has 8 years experience in the department I was going for. I have a feeling my interview went very well though, so I'm gonna be hoping that went well enough.
    I also recently pretty much deactivated all my social profile site. Facebook, snapchat, twitter, etc. I realized that I was checking my phone way too often, even when nothing was happening.
    In other news, this girl I was hooking up with at work is leaving for another job. I'm pretty bitter sweet about this. Things were going pretty well between her and me but of course with us working with each other it started to get a little weird at work because we had to hide it (she was my superior). So we called it off but then she pretty much turned back to her old ways with going back to this guy she was having an affair with for the last two years. As well as her physically abusive ex from college.
    I was talking to this with my best friend, who actually had a lot in common with said girl from work. About half a year ago she broke it off with her last boyfriend, who was a coke dealer that didn't have a home. He just went from house to house and eventually ended up with my friend. I didn't even meet the guy until the last two months of their relationship. It wasn't until after they broke up that she told me everything that he did. He hit her a few times and was always calling her names and putting her down. But even after all that happened, she told me the sad truth of it is that she would probably go back to him if he allowed it. She was telling me that sadly a lot of women are like this and have huge insecurities, despite them making it seem like they are strong, independent women. And I guess in a sense I am the same way. For some reason I'm still attracted to this girl that I know is no good for me. But there is still just something about her that makes me strongly attracted to her. It's like heroin or something. 
    To brighten things up though I have been helping watch my nephew. He's almost about 8 months now. I moved in with my brother and his wife to help manny two days a week. He's a cool little kid and his name is Dublin. It's strange when I'm feeding him and I look down into his eyes it looks like I'm feeding my brother when he was a baby. I'm just waiting until he's old enough I can take him to the parks and set him up on play dates with the other nannies or single moms. I mean I guess I still could but he wouldn't have a good time. He's just a little baby and can't really do anything besides sit up and crawl like ten feet.
  9. Reece added a topic in Music   

    Allout Helter (RIYL: Punk Rock)
    Yo dudes.
    I know some of you still listen to punk rock.
    Anyways, these guys are from Denver. I saw them open a few months ago for Propagandhi and then again last week for A Wilhelm Scream. Needless to say, they rocked my fucking face off. All really cool dudes too, of course.
    Anyways, here's some videos!

    Go to their bandcamp if you wanna buy their new album. It's only $5! (
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  10. Reece added a post in a topic Random Thoughts   

    My best friend just got engaged. The first of our friends. Crazy stuff.
    That's my input on that.
    Anyways, just wanted to check up on this place since it went down. Glad to see we still have that Facebook community in case something happens.
    Now when I come here, I just feel like when I come here I'm the kid on the outside of the circle trying to get in on the conversation. I guess there's only me to blame for that!
  11. Reece added a post in a topic Comics/Graphic Novels   

    Have you read MPH?
    I still have yet to get the second issue but it seems pretty promising. I'm getting back into buying comics after about a five-ish year haitus. Right now I'm following Ultimate Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Amazing X-Men and Batman: Eternal.
    I've seen Southern Bastard on the shelf and have been wanting to check that out.
  12. Reece added a post in a topic Rio Fest Chicago 2014   

    You all know this is playing in Denver as well??
    Still not as good as Chicago but better than Toronto.
  13. Reece added a post in a topic Random Thoughts   

    Hey dudes, I'm gonna try to post more.

    No promises.
  14. Reece added a post in a topic Propagandhi   

    So I finally get to see Propagandhi. They are playing two days right before my birthday. One of the venues holds about 200 people. I'm pretty excited.
  15. Reece added a post in a topic Strawberry Girls - Egypt ***NEW VIDEO/SONG***   

    At least you didn't bail out on him mychael. I feel like a sad jerk.