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  1. ya, everything about this show was excellent except for ryder.
  2. recently finished: The Dark Tower - Entire series: started so strong but ended too abruptly/not very satisfying for me. dragged a bit too much at the end, but the END end was really well done for those who know what i'm talking about. eager to see how the movie plays off all of it Ruthless - Ron Miscaviage: if you've watched the Going Clear documentary you already know what this is going to be. no need to read it. read in 1 day and was fairly dull True Refuge - Tara Brach: excellent if you need something like this. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - Marie Kondo: excellent as well, if you need something like this in your life currently reading: The Power of the Dog - Don Winslow All the Light we Cannot See - Anthony Doerr
  3. i watched the first episode of this. loved it. really dark and tense.
  4. This show was the softest thrice show I've been to. The whole middle section was mellllllow and then a burst of energy at the end. Must be age catching up with them. Didnt think the new stuff sounded all that great live, maybe they just need more time to get comfortable with them. Hurricane was excellent though and such a good opener. The others just stuck out in the set and I don't know how to describe why they didn't really work for me... wood and wire is a favorite of mine and they said it was the first time playing it love. Great surprise.
  5. I listened for a few songs and turned it off. Didn't feel very dynamic to me, everything blended together and I got bored. Maybe I need to revisit it, might not have been in the right mood
  6. Probably the stretch of the year here but for the sake of discussion: death from above uses the idea of drone pilots killing innocents as an analogy for dustins time at mar hill?
  7. this is actually becoming the standout track for me...that drum outro is incredible
  8. Just finished my first listen. Much more mature sound than the previous albums....don't know how to describe it....less riffy, but "stronger" songs? lots of great tracks here, and wake up didn't bother me much at all. If anything, stay with me was the odd one out....but not bad the outro on salt and shadow felt off to me, pulling in the hurricane riff...just didn't make much sense to me...maybe I'll get it after another few listens... i can see myself driving with this cranked loud this summer. Really glad they're back
  9. Hurricane is so good. The Window will outro straight into firebreather live, mark my words...
  10. Gotta get home to listen...
  11. Those guitars on DFA are so punchy. This will be a great live song
  12. Haha way shady. The the dads overacting killed it for me
  13. Ya this song is so good. Right when I thought I was over it, that post-bridge shift comes and its classic thrice. Gets me way more excited for the album than blood on the sand did
  14. ^watched Hush last night and really didn't think it was all that great. maybe I had higher expectations because of how king phrased his praise. Characters just felt so dumb to me. Definitely had its tense moments, but didn't hold my attention...
  15. ^wow im really into that song. Hope more of the new stuff goes in that direction