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  1. Seriously, I have nothing to offer anymore.
  2. I'm back to do this.
  3. can anyone find a torrent for this? I've been looking everywhere.
  4. Just saw them Tuesday night, insane show. Majority of the set was new songs, very groove driven. Had a 70's fuzz feel to them, definitely different from anything they've done before. Again, Darren King in a freaking beast.
  5. Hate I'm missing out on theboreds league for the first time ever this year. I've been without internet for about a month now and only now that I'm at my girlfriend's that I'm able to get on. Anyways, good luck guys and hopefully I'll be back next year.
  6. I'm sure none of you will believe me, but I did see the picture on Monday night. I live about 15 minutes from Fort Bragg and have a lot of Special Forces friends, the pictures got to us quick. The pic above is somewhat close, but this one is less bloody and the gunshots are in the eyes. It was graphic, but not like that. It's stupid that they are trying to keep these hidden, I promise you if it took less than 5 hours for my friend to get them, someone will leak them.
  7. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
  8. I just don't understand why the panther's aren't trying to get kolb somehow.. we have some picks to trade, we can trade de'anglelo williams as well. I DO NOT WANT CAM NEWTON. ps- I am also a very big Alabama fan and that may skew my judgement just a tad.
  9. Please Carolina, DO NOT TAKE CAM NEWTON. I beg of you please.
  10. Courtesy of shutter: http://tomhaverfoods.com/
  11. If you think Raylan would have killed Gary, you don't understand the character at all. Raylan has morals, most of which is protecting the woman he loves.
  12. I don't have that one. I just had to listen to the stream of ships.
  13. I've literally just listened to 'ships to shore' 5 times back to back.
  14. I adore this show so much. The only thing wrong with this season is it's felt like it's spent so much time building up these separate bad guys that I don't think they will be able to give it full justice in 2 more episodes. I hope both are kept around for next season. And yes, shit is about to get super crazy in the next two episodes. Can. Not. Wait.
  15. watched the youtube thing 3 times since yesterday. love it.