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  1. Blood Orange album overall was a bit of a letdown for me. It's solid but not as good as the last. New De La Soul is SUPER sick.
  2. Atila lives in California. But he is not going to any Thrice concerts in the foreseeable future.
  3. It's crazy how bad Against ME! has become... I adored these guys circa their 2nd/3rd albums and New Wave had some solid tracks, just they went to complete shit with White Crosses and have just stayed terrible ever since. It's also crazy to me how insanely successful a band like Bloc Party is... brilliant first album and hot garbage ever since. And they're even worse live. How are they so popular still?
  4. Going to the Brand New/MM show in San Diego in 2 weeks... not excited about the venue, and Brand New is the headliner (I prefer MM), but it worked better with my schedule than the LA date and I will be going with my sisters. The new single from Justice is fun, not a lot of substance but it's coo. I like the new EP from Disclosure as well, the track with Al Green is a great summer jam. Might go see Nas fo free on Saturday. Not sure if I want to wait 3hrs in line before doors and another 2 more before he goes on. He was excellent at Coachella a couple years back, though.
  5. I've been binge listening to the new single from Two Door Cinema Club like 4-8x a day every single day.
  6. that henry rollins quote is hilarious
  7. No dude, they wouldn't be surprised. Their last three albums have all sounded exactly the same and no one outside of this message board likes it. ACCEPT THAT. You'll live in a more peaceful place.
  8. If you get past the super hardcore first track on Daisy there are some suuuper catchy tracks.
  9. Have the Larry Arms put out anything in awhile? Damn I haven't listened to that kind of music in a while.
  10. Cassidy, your entire argument is basically just opinion with no basis "i like thrice better than brand new and i don't get why everyone else doesn't agree with me" or "i think brand new has pushed the envelope less" - you make these statements but give nothing to back them up... I've almost never seen you even make a half assed attempt at being objective... but I actually don't even think you realize it - cause you do try sometimes, you'll be like, "ok I see your point but..." no but, just see the point, people have a point sometimes, and sometimes the differing view of theirs is actually probably closer to the truth. Just saying... anyways. I was always a fan of Brand New but I've always LOVED thrice. I've seen Brand New live once. I've seen Thrice live probably like 50 times. But if I'm being objective I can very easily see why Brand New has more fans... and I can see their career arch as having more interesting twists and turns. Thrice got boring. Really boring. And so their music has suffered. We're all big fans of those guys so to us, we like it still. I listen to the new album all the way through without issue... there are parts I love... almost every single song is at least decent to me. But like Adam said, it's almost like this comfortable place, security, like being in a relationship too long and you're only in it because you're comfortable. The new album is not bringing anything to the table. The choruses are unimaginative, the guitar arrangements are stale... the only things I like A LOT are the drumming and the social lyrics. I like the recording/mix as well, well as much as I can with that same basic guitar tuning/chording they've been doing for the past 3 albums. It's like they found something they liked with The Earth Will Shake and momentarily didn't use it for TAI then did the entire last three albums with their guitars that way (drop C? I don't know anything about guitars).
  11. I don't know if they're actually better than they were 15 years ago - right around the release of the IoS - they definitely have better production, playing as a whole, drumming, etc... but they're not doing anything interesting or pushing even a single envelope. Their music is very basic - as someone said above, all the songs blend together. A few of my friends commented, "they got back together after 5 years to release THIS?". I think they peaked creatively with Vheissu and had some brilliant moments during TAI (though they spread themselves too thin with that release and it showed). Everything after that just sounds the same. All three albums sound like they were all tuned in the same chord progression, same vein... If they're trying to be a standard rock band, there is nothing wrong with it. And there are bands that want to be a rock band - they are now one of them. But I'd say they were pushing the envelope a lot more with their guitar work, melodies, and arrangements than they have been on the last three releases (drumming aside, which was simply awful back then and actually a lot better now). Simply put, Eddie and Riley got better, Teppei and Dustin got worse. Contrary to Cassidy's opinions, there really is no right or wrong on a topic like this. Some people still love them, some of us wish we still did. That's really all there is to it. edit: A little strange that a big chunk of your post was about Brand New.. I guess there is a comparison there, but Brand New has stayed more musically viable, kept changing their sound, and kept pushing the envelope. And I absolutely loved Daisy - which was actually well received across the board by fans and critics - not sure where you are getting your info.
  12. Hmm... well to be honest, there are parts of different songs I love... I love the very ending of the last song - because the album is over (just kidding, I like that they tie in Hurricane with the piano melody, super cool). I really enjoy Hurricane, Black Honey, and the last track. I like parts of lots of other songs, but most tracks on the album are a 3/5 for me. Super basic rock songs that are kinda catchy and pretty well recorded but nothing that's really surprising or new. The album comes in at a 3/5 as a whole for me, and that's as a long time Thrice fan. My few friends I know who are pretty up with music literally just laugh at the album. My other really good friend who also loves thrice is who deemed it "butt rock". Just one man's opinion.
  13. This album is "butt rock" as one of my best friends calls it - can't really deny it. Even with Beggars, and both of the last two albums, they've gone in a very "basic rock band" direction. Sure, I love some songs, and sure it's still Thrice, but they aren't doing anything too unique musically. I think the album is decent. I can enjoy the album all the way through for the most part but I'm not being WOW'd really... Though I have gone back and started listening to TAI again and I always said if they made that into a 12 track album instead of 24 I would love it. I didn't realize how much I loved the Earth album, though. Musically, I'm not huge on folk'y type stuff but I think they did some interesting stuff on that EP front to back. Also still love Daedalus though not really crazy about the rest of that EP... and I love the production and mixing for the most part on Fire - Messenger/ Backdraft/ Arsonist back to back to back are pretty dope. Water is next...
  14. Yeah... I don't like this album. Starting to like Black Honey and the closing track a lot, though.
  15. Hurricane reminds me of a lesser version of The Earth Will Shake. It's good but I'm not in LOVE with it like a lot of you guys. I didn't know the second track was a single, I love the topic because I hate guns... Black Honey definitely grew on me. Will keep listening... makes me want to go back and listen to Vheissu and *gasp* actually try to like TAI (I was #1 hater of that project back when it originally came out).