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  1. I really dont post here much anymore, but these dudes are friends of mine. They raised almost $20k on kickstarter to record this album. They got dropped from Roadrunner and kinda disbanded for awhile, got day jobs, blah blah now their back to their original line-up minus Evan, the old bassist. They kinda tanked with the last album they did, said roadrunner kind of forced new band members on them and wanted them to go less heavy. This record is a pretty damn good metal album. You can buy it for 10 bucks http://www.stillremains.us/store/ or maybe ill upload it if I get the motivation. Theyre good dudes with some super solid tracks on this. I'd like to see them get big again. Help em out. https://soundcloud.com/still-remains
  2. same ole boards I left. Apparently listening to heavy music is out of fashion? I thought its a pretty solid effort at something different.
  3. because their new album is pretty fucking good. Figures when zac leaves they actually grow some balls.
  4. because their new album is pretty fucking good. Figures when zac leaves they actually grow some balls.
  5. hmm
  6. yay today. Two of these for me: Limited bottle run of 2000 something I believe. It's their special release 2012 Vintage Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine. Also, two of these: "Arbor Brewing Company is proud to offer this exclusive, limited-edition, hand-packaged and bottle-conditioned ale in the Belgian Aged Pale tradition. Our interpretation of this rare Belgian style was created by aging our Larry Hoppe Double IPA for six months in gueuze-innoculated oak casks and then bottle conditioning for a minimum of two months. The result is a unique ale with a bright golden hue, moderate carbonation, and a burst of complex fruity, spicy, sweet-tart, and earthy flavors, with a quenching acidity in the finish."
  7. Great Divide no longer ships to michigan unfortunately, so yeah, the Yeti variants are pretty hard to get here. I've had the choco which I loved, the only one I haven't gotten that I really want is the straight up BrBn aged Yeti. In other news, my boss let me buy a case of '13 KBS yesterday. Our sales rep somehow managed to find us 5 more cases (no idea where they came from, didn't ask) and I talked the boss into letting me get one. Into the cellar it goes! KBS is only good after a few years put under anyways. Lookin forward to more 61Min IPA I thought it was a pretty good beer. We also should be getting a few cases of Epic's '13 Big Bad Baptist this week, gonna try and finagle at least 6 bottles as it is probably my favorite BrBn aged stout. That and I managed to get two more DFH 120min IPA's. My cellar looks like a beer store right now. Anyone know if Big Sky is making more Ivan The Terrible? That has got to be one of my fav's as well, but the last batch I saw was limited to like 2000 bottles, and I got one.
  8. its a live album. I don't go into live albums expecting the mix to be studio quality. I actually quite prefer a rawer recording for live shows anyways, thats what it sounds like when you are there, not like it was professionally mixed and mastered
  9. I listened to it all the way through in one sitting last night and my initial impressions are: -this is exactly as they described it to be; mid 70's L.A. funky disco in a different universe. -this album is a must listen with headphones on album. The production is insane. So many subtle things hanging around in all of these songs that get lost in speakers. -I tried to pick a favorite track, but I honestly like them all. I think the closing track Contact might be the standout one for me after a few listens. Gave me chills listening to it last night. I fucking love how the album ends, especially after listening to it in one sitting. -I thought I'd be sick of Get Lucky, turns out the album version is better than the radio edit. I agree on Alive 2007 being their best work, I can't wait to hear how they mix this stuff into a live set like that. I know its stupid to anticipate something that may never exist, but if they do another Alive record, it will probably melt my brain. For a band that has only technically released four records, this is definitely on top in terms of musicianship and production.
  10. agree. I thought the end was fitting and very un-cheesy which is what I was hoping for. All in all, minus the last few seasons, I feel like the way it ended was worth the time I put in watching it. Oh, and I would watch a Ryan/Kelly spin off series any day of the week. Ryan dumping the baby off was hilarious. I forgot how funny they were until I watched the retrospective thing that was on before the episode.
  11. I don't understand where everyone's hate is coming from. This sounds like Daft Punk has always sounded with live instruments instead of beats. Anyone who expected this to change the course of history is dumb, having said that, I really like this. and Giorgio is not even close to being the standout track on this.
  12. I really liked this last episode. I just wish the writers had been doing this for the last 4 seasons.
  13. I wanted to add too for the novice Scotch people; in my tasting notes up there I realized I used forms of black cherry or candied cherry, I just wanted to clear up that those flavors come from a secondary barrel aging that takes place usually in some sort of sherry/port/madeira barrels after they are moved from charred bourbon oak barrels. Those secondary barrels were used to cellar fortified wines, like the three mentioned. They are usually served as an after dinner desert-y type wines, because they are both sweet like candied cherries and potent (most ports swing somewhere around 19-20% abv). I can't believe I get paid to basically drink so I know this all haha. Best job I've ever had. Plus it allowed me to try this: Hands down the best alcohol of any kind I have ever tasted. Don't think I could ever spend the money on it though, runs close to $800/750ml here in Michigan.
  14. yeah, I saw that three seconds after I posted so I edited my post. I read a diff article that didnt mention that. I'm not gonna lie though, roided out him looks way more bad ass than scenester him... = = my theory is he's been juicing with Ooze, probably some dudes ooze he met at the gym.