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  1. i'll keep it short, since most of you don't care. on Monday i'm embarking on a new path in life, and likely won't be in touch anymore. i've been reading some incarnation of these boards for over 10 years; i joined the Thrice board in 2002 and began contributing in April 2003. more than anything this is a thank-you, as i joined at a time when i was deeply unfocused, questioning my role in life and feeling increasingly isolated. at the very least this experience showed me there were more people like me than i had imagined, and that not only were you interesting people but you liked the same (let's face it, relatively unpopular) music and books and ideas that i was just then buying into. for the first time i became some part of an online community, and got to share the inside jokes of flabjacks, the Thrice Breakup etc. even if i didn't participate in that section of the board as much as others. further, i've always considered these Boards as for music nerds first and foremost, and i have to sincerely thank all of you for your recommended contributions to my music library and musical opinions. the larger impact on me, however, came from the Issues forum. it worked against my autodidactic nature and helped shape my intellectual (such as it is) landscape more than any other development in my life; and i don't just mean in terms of God v. No God, Democrat v. Republican but in the sense of what it means to know things, and to be able to argue for or champion those things in the face of (committed!) opposition. that was a gift i don't know that i could have received in my real life; almost certainly not as an isolated, high school dropout field worker. the process of understanding garnered from not only argument but watching other people's arguments and perspectives change as the conversation went on was not only enlightening but life-affirming. to those who invested most in that process, i say a heartfelt thank you: my friend Tom, the great Enigmatic, fellside, endserenading, METALISCOOL, Zach, Tony, my buddy montyramon, haverchuck and to everyone else who contributed thoughts or who gained something from that conversation along the way: keep thinking, keep speaking, keep reasoning (cite your sources!) and hopefully this medium won't ever go out of style. so, goodbye boreds, and i hope you're still running 10 years from now. ~ Ben
  2. does anybody know what days this will be on this year?
  3. publicity stunt by band who used to be not shitty but for the last 20 years have been, in fact, quite shitty.
  4. thus the Mourinho baggage-train of shit reaches full steam. halftime v. Arsenal right now and Chelsea, who's starting 11 right now cost about $200m, are playing reactive, defensive, pack-the-midfield-to-stop-them-playing football. however this game ends up, "football" under Mourinho's is the loser.
  5. thus the Mourinho baggage-train of shit reaches full steam. halftime v. Arsenal right now and Chelsea, who's starting 11 right now cost about $200m, are playing reactive, defensive, pack-the-midfield-to-stop-them-playing football. however this game ends up, "football" under Mourinho's is the loser.
  6. Gaiman has said before that while he'd love to see it adapted into a film, he had zero faith in Hollywood's ability to translate it. he evidently received a bunch of scripts about 10 years ago for approval and thought they were all terrible. hopefully he's heavily involved in the adaptation and hasn't lost final say in the process. that said, Sandman is a brilliant series, Dream is an incredibly interesting character and i hope it works out because not nearly enough people know about it.
  7. so this crap is coming out again soon. and i'll take another opportunity to take a shit on Peter Jackson's weak storytelling: rather than, as Jackson is wont to do, invent a new character (Saorise Ronan's character) out of whole cloth and attempt to shorehorn it into the story; why could he have not simply have switched Bard's gender to a female? Bard the character in the books has little personality and certainly no gender-based character traits. i'm a Tolkien purist who thinks Jackson's adaptations are overblown and facile, but i'd have no problem with that because Bard's gender is really irrelevant to the plot. in fact, he could even have tied it in to Bard's sort-of exile, and i'd have had no problem with THAT because the entire Bard plotline is really not essential to the story. i thought of that in about 90 seconds; but Jackson doesn't bother to take the time or effort to do things in an interesting way, he'd rather just add more chase/fighting scenes and CGI.
  8. not posting much anymore, but i found the video randomly on Youtube and had to throw up an ode to Zlatan post. giant ego, giant man: i watched this immediately after watching Sky's "Best 10 goals of Premier League history", and i have to say that Zlatan alone has at least 15 that stomp the list i saw for sheer talent, power and ballsiness. say what you want about the dude (not that you could say it better than he does himself), but he's won 10 titles with 6 different teams in 4 different countries. lazy sometimes? yes. huge asshole in the locker room/press room/any time he's quoted? yeah. but when you back it up with goals and stats like that, what can anyone say?
  9. did we before?
  10. rich club buys quarter-billion-euros worth of exciting attacking players, hires Jose Mourinho. team under Mourinho plays dreary, reactive football despite being hugely talented. where have I seen this before? tedious in it's predictability. they were well beaten by Basel, out-hustled and out-thought tactically by giving Chelsea the ball and hitting them at pace; Chelsea had no clue what to do in possession and were visibly shaky defending a team that breaks out swiftly.... but of course those shortcomings had NOTHING to do with the Special Twat. it was because his team of "young eggs" was so young and experienced, but funny there was barely any mention of blame to the manager. no doubt the siege mentality tactic is coming soon; maybe attempt to bully the referees first, maybe poke a rival manager in the eye (would love to see him try that on Moyes).
  11. American Journal of Medicine finds the obvious: that increased gun ownership corresponds to increased gun injuries.
  12. so Mourinho apparently dropped Casillas last season because Iker was still trying to keep peace between the Barça and Madrid players (I know Xavi is one of his BFFs), despite Mourinho's instructions to be as nasty as possible. what a poisonous little toad that man is.
  13. I, I, don't know. I don't understand it. we've actually had a net loss of defenders, since the board (to their eternal shame) decided to not renew Eric Abidal's contract. we've needed center-back cover for the last 3 seasons, and we paid for it last season in record-setting fashion in the Champions League. do we have the squad to win the league? probably. but to be challenging for multiple competitions at the end of the season? there's just no way. and it's so infuriating because EVERYONE knows we need a better defense, but the board and sporting director were content with Neymar. Martino's system requires much more intensive pressing further up the field, which may ameliorate some strain on the defense but we still have the smallest squad of any of the elite European clubs, so injuries will play a role with the increase of pressing there too. honestly, I just don't get it. there's no compelling rationale for it, it's just a mistake. this is easily the worst, most shortsighted and biggest corporate whore of a board we've had in my fan lifetime; certainly since Gaspart. :edit: my hatred of Madrid is well-known, but this was pretty funny: Brazilians, man. Brazilians.
  14. look, i'm not trying to be a dick. it's just that this question is so broad the answer will either be boring or far too extensive; unless you want to hear an explanation of my entire worldview from the ground up, which is something I think neither of us is inclined to slog through. suffice to say I see no compelling evidence for a Diety (certainly in the monotheistic or Abrahamic incarnations), but am recurringly in awe of the Universe, its scope and mechanisms and remain a bit flabbergasted at people who somehow think that that sense of awe isn't "enough" and feel the need to substitute the former as a fictional stand-in. as for life after death, well, if as many of us suspect we are simply material bodies which decay and return to our constituent material elements, there's no such thing. it's a nice thought, but I don't see any reason to believe it's true. all pretty banal stuff, I don't see what anyone would find particularly interesting about it. there are lots of far more interesting questions to ask; I've receded from the Issues section mostly because nobody is asking them, or are asking and answering them in ridiculous ways (steppenwhale, gomez).