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  1. I don't even care that the Sharks are another team in the West. If they somehow manage to eliminate the Kings, the Predators, AND the Blues then I'll have no choice but to make them my second team.
  2. I don't know, I guess I just don't really enjoy the mechanics of the game. I hate the D and D business. I do love lots and lots of turn-based rpg's though.
  3. If I don't really enjoy Baldur's Gate, can I still enjoy Divinity, do you think? '
  4. I'll be there. I don't live far from Humboldt Park.
  5. I thought it felt a lot like a Gilliam-esque movie. Tilda Swinton was ripped straight outta 12 Monkeys.
  6. The last time I saw Horse the Band, they were opening for Dragonforce. I left about halfway through the first Dragonforce song. My friend almost got the shit kicked out of him at a different Horse the Band show. Guy put my buddy in a headlock and the band thought it was hilarious, but still didn't miss a beat.
  7. This this this. He's fucking hilarious and the album is so good. Watch this and laugh.
  8. I loved the new Zelda. I liked Super Mario 3D land. I play Animal Crossing semi-regularly.
  9. Because Lonerism came out last year, I can't pick it again. I chose Pond instead. Hobo Rocket is so fucking good.
  10. I loved that they sort of showed Todd for the buffoon that he really was. After the shooting is done he doesn't put any of it together.
  11. That was fucking incredible. That may have been the greatest season finale that I have ever seen. It wasn't drawn out to make you cry like other finales have been. It was so succinct that even the last scene barely took 10 minutes. So so so good.
  12. I dunno. Just like how Walt's conversation with Skyler at the end of last weeks episode originally made me think that Walt had become a completely evil douchebag, it wasn't really as it seemed, I think Walt realizes that Jesse must be cooking the blue meth. Nobody else was capable of of making the same quality or color except for Jesse, and I think he knows this.
  13. He's going to think that Jesse is dead. And the conversation he had with Skylar was all a front to get her off the hook, hence why he was breaking down in tears. I think he's going back for straight up revenge, and there's going to be a MAJOR conflict when Jesse is still alive when he gets there. Both will want to kill each other. I'm wondering who the ricin is for, and what happens to Skyler and Jr/the house. This episode pretty much gave me anxiety the whole time.
  14. Kentucky gets a lot of shit as a state, but I really love Louisville. It's a great town. I drank homemade peach moonshine there, once.