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  1. Haha. Thanks, but I'm waiting until Tuesday.

    My mom's a HUGE Springsteen fan and is getting it then. I probably won't be able to listen to it maybe until Thanksgiving-ish (documentary too)



    downloading now.

    3XLP set is $50. i need it.


  3. from what i remember, codeseven's cover of "the boys of summer" was fucking AWESOME.
  4. my ultimate guilty pleasure is definitely katy perry. it's not to the extent to where i would download or listen to her cds, but when they come on the radio, a big smile always comes across my face. also, kesha's "tik tok". its everything i HATE about music rolled into one song, but for some reason i fucking love it.
  5. IRON CHIC - TIMECOP [rarely has a song described my life as much as this one.]
  6. i found this, i dunno, a year ago. and i about fucking shit my pants because 1) i had never heard the term "orgcore" 2) i found it when i was hungover from a night of pbr, and i was listening to my chuck ragan records 3) minus the shoes, its how i dress for the most part. also, most of the bands mentioned on the picture are my all-time favorites. FML orgcore is the bearded, drunken, whiskey-vocals type bands: hwm, latterman et. all, iron chic, larry arms, etc etc. its kind of a slur in the way the term "emo" originally started off. anyways, "buttsweat and tears" is fucking amazing. i don't know why everyone hates on it. "demons" is one of brendan's best songs. period. same goes for "redness in the west". "spit shining shit" is simply a good fucking song. one of my favorite larry arms tunes for sure. as for the dvd, i have no clue as to anything about a release date. i want it now!
  7. let's use this to discuss one of the greatest television shows ever made. i recently just sold off some rare records to get some money, and instead of using that money responsibly, i ended up buying the ULTIMATE X-FILES COLLECTION on DVD. 61 discs, all 209 episodes + the movie and a bunch of other cool shit. cost me $100, list price is $260. anyways. great fucking show. lots of humor, really campy, and mulder is such a smart-ass. my favorite episode so far would is probably "piper maru", because i remembered watching the episode as a kid and loving it. its still good now. "small potatoes" is awesome simply for the fact how ridiculous it is. --- here's a fun one: THE X-FILES DRINKING GAME. take a drink when: - someone storms off - scully doubts mulder - mulder makes a smart-ass joke - badge flash - "goo" shows up on the screen - timestamp at the bottom of the screen - mulder has a 5 o'clock shadow - during late night visits/phone calls - when either mulder or scully refer to one another as "fox" or "dana" take two drinks (these happen way less often): - scully makes a joke take three drinks when: - scully smiles chug when: - mulder starts crying - mulder doubts scully also, whoever's playing can call out "___ joke" during every episode. for instance, someone's terrible hair could be a "hair joke". someone's awful ugly sweater could be a "sweater joke". there are really no rules to how many of these jokes you can call out. they're fun to notice. --- this show rules.
  8. i'm here! funny thing about the lawrence arms is this: the either seem uber-popular for the "orgcore" kids OR they're not appreciated nearly enough. i'm (obviously) not saying i want them to have mainstream musical exposure, but it seems like a lot of people just shrug them off as "orgcore" or some trendy band that's cool to listen to. people don't seem to appreciate their depth. look at TGSET for example. look at the liner notes of the album, and you can really see how deep they go with references in their lyrics without sounding completely ridiculous or pretentious. they're not just another drunken punk band on fat wreck. they're the freshest, most original punk band of the last decade. once AAE came around, the band hit their stride. and they're fucking rolling with it. "buttsweat and tears" has some of the best larry arms songs ever written. listen to "demons" and read the lyrics. the depth of that song is incredible.
  9. i don't know even know where to begin on favorite songs. there are so many to choose from. my favorite album would definitely be TGSET, simply because of the impact it had on my life when i first heard it seven years ago. and now that i think about it, i think it was literally TO THE DAY (september 21). the album is epic. i love the intro/outro and how they seamlessly bring the album full circle. "raw and searing flesh" was the second lawrence arms song i ever heard, and its the song that made me fall in love with the band. "cocktails and dreams" is a close second for favorite, but every single album has potential to be the number one pick. my first tattoo ever was the lawrence arms hourglass on my forearm. with the addition of my big campfire tattoo on the same arm, i am looking to get a sleeve done. its going to be fall leaves changing colors, and all of that aesthetic along with the larry arms lyrics "summer's gone, carry on". i have always associated TLA with fall, because that's when i first heard them. and also, half of their disccography i heard for the first time in fall. "ghost stories" is completely underappreciated in my opinion. its full of fucking AWESOME songs, especially "ghost stories", "minute", and "martha plimpton...". seriously. favorite fucking band. hands down. as far as side projects go, the broadways are greatly fucking missed. they've done some of the best songs of the last 20 years ("restless" is probably in my top 10 songs of all time) such as "restless", "the nautical mile", "it was pancho villa", and so on. sundowner is consistently fucking awesome, especially the new album. the falcon is AWESOME as well. brendan's split songs with joe mcmahon from smoke or fire are incredible. i've got every release from the lawrence arms on vinyl, and have seen them 3 times. i've seen them twice at the metro (the taco bell tour with sundowner, the falcon and american steel) and at their 10th anniversary. /ramble
  10. their cover of springsteen's "if i should fall behind" is the shit.
  11. favorite. band. ever. "the greatest story ever told" literally changed my life. i've seen them three times, and they've consistently been some of the best shows i've ever seen. i saw them last october @ the metro (where they filmed the dvd) and it was bar none the best set from any band i have ever seen. i got huge love.
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  13. iron chic - not like this the gamits - parts rvivr - lp banner pilot - resignation day the broadways - broken star/broken van the lawrence arms --- that about covers it for the last two weeks.
  14. my current favorite album of his is "darkness on the edge of town". so. fucking. epic.