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  1. Hopefully playing a show with Dillinger in May. STOKED!

  2. Tabit was always more confusing to me than guitarpro. I use guitar pro all the time to do the same as Annyong. It's really a pretty easy program to use once you get the hang of it. Feel free to shoot me a message if you need any pointers.
  3. http://scribblingsoftheafterlife.tumblr.com I just recently made a new one. I'm using it solely for music. The tumblr cult is kind of annoying.
  4. Most post-rock can easily fit in this catogory imo. Caspian has some pretty depressing sounding songs near the end of Tertia Explosions in the Sky has some pretty good ones as well. Moon is down, Only Moment We Were Alone, Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean.
  5. I've been following them since Tosin started the band. I got to hang with him and the drummer recently when they came through with Circa. We listened to our EP and they both seemed to enjoy it. I don't know them personally though.
  6. http://dazein.bandcamp.com/ This is a band I've been in for a while. We're taking things in a different direction. We are releasing our first EP next month. I'll get a proper EP uploaded asap. For now, check out the bandcamp! I hope everyone enjoys the tunes as much as we do.
  7. This HAS to come to New Orleans!!
  8. Take out your disc drive and clean the laser eye with some rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth. I've done this to several drives and works perfectly every time. You can search youtube to find out how to open your system. It's super easy.
  9. I like your sig. I wish there were like buttons for peoples sigs so I didn't have to waste a post to express my opinions.
  10. So this girl is a friend of mine. I think she's fucking adorable. She thinks she's just so so (what else is new right?). She told me I should take a poll jokingly. I'm actually doing it. Sorry, facebook doesn't provide the best pictures. GO!
  11. Whataburger. Hands down.
  12. Which episode do you speak of? I don't think I've seen a very sad Futurama episode.
  13. Get to see this lovely man in two weeks! So excited! And I'd definitely wear Jonsi's jacket if I had it. I think he looks awesome.
  14. So I have reach a point in my head I never thought I'd see. If I had the means, I would spray bits on my memory across my bedroom floor for all to see. /just venting.
  15. haha. I was thinking the same thing. How in the fuck does he land? Does he have a parachute or something? Is that a jet pack on his back? Can he switch to hoover mode?