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  1. God I fucking hate fantasy football. No, I love it. Wait...no, I hate it. ...I can't decide
  2. I just purchased it too. I strongly urge others that are interested in hearing this to do the same. Small(ish) bands need all the support they can get! Here's a link for the lazy: http://store.kievband.com/collections/digital
  3. Holy shit fuck that is an awesome song. I suddenly really want to hear this album.
  4. I haven't checked much of this thread, but I haven't seen much mention of Justin Vernon's other side project, The Shouting Matches. Sweet riffage bluesy rock. I found it quite enjoyable.
  5. I think my biggest problem with this league is the roster sizes, especially for a 12-teamer. We also have to contend with an 8-man bench (normally 7) and an extra flex position (the W/T spot), so the FA pool is just terribly thin. It's hard to recover in this league if you don't nail your draft.
  6. desperate times...
  7. great to see Flacco potentially cripple his team for years to come with his shiny new contract and then watch him go and play like an asshole. Also, yes - it is my right as a red-blooded American to overreact to week one.
  8. Yeah, you should keep the draft order simple: reverse order from last season. No, this has nothing to do with the fact that I picked 12th last year. Nothing at all... *edit* - I posted this before realizing the order was already set and I'm picking second. Just pretend this post never happened.
  9. Jesus christ DK, must be nice knowing you have your starting RBs/QB/Flex pretty much figured out.
  10. instead of using draft positions, use estimated value in the same manner. Does Yahoo have that info? If not, use a different source for value determinations. Then maybe make waiver pickups based on the same, or some cheap blanket determinant. There will likely have to be some compromising done, but I definitely think it's doable.
  11. I'll third the sentiment that auctions are WAY more fun and strategic, far less luck-based. Maybe something to consider in the future.
  12. that sounds like a fun idea. After the shit-show of a season I had last year, I'd be thrilled with an (approx.) 85% chance at the top pick.
  13. Pats just signed Adrian Wilson. Booya! (didn't see Marty's post. My bad.) Anyway, great signing.
  14. Slot receivers with injury problems are awful long term investments. This comment sums up my feelings on the deals that went down yesterday. I don't like it. It didn't surprise me that the Pats did this, either, but the durability concerns cannot be underestimated. Especially on an offense where neither of the other two lynchpins (Hernandez and Gronk) can seem to stay healthy.
  15. My answer to an impossible question: Hot Water Music - Southeast First (was a toss-up between this and No Division) Led Zeppelin - That's the Way Minus the Bear - I Lost All My Money at the Cockfights Tool - The Patient Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulaski Day
  16. Similarly, I still remember the advent of cable modems and how it just completely changed the music downloading game forever. I became an insatiable music addict. The first time I had 10 gigs of music on my hard drive I felt like that somehow meant I earned the title of "Most cultured human to ever exist."
  17. For some reason you always look really intense to me in the pics you post in here.
  18. my only comment: DAMN YOU AGAIN POLLARD!!!!
  19. If only, Brandon...if only...
  20. NBA

    a Wait, I never said one was "better" than the other. (Besides, what does that even mean? Sure, Kobe is a better scorer, but that's about it. I still maintain KG is a better teammate, and sure as hell a better defender.)
  21. NBA

    No, I'd rather have a guy who plays hard on both ends of the floor and motivates his entire team than just another scorer. Besides which, thanks for resorting to name-calling instead of, you know, actually explaining why you disagree with me.
  22. NBA

    I'd rather have KG on my team right now than Kobe: http://www.silverscreenandroll.com/2013/1/11/3864814/kobe-bryant-is-ruining-kobe-bryants-historic-season There. I said it.
  23. what the hell did I just read.
  24. NBA

    did you actually see that game? Melo was totally instigating KG while trying to "defend" him in the post on almost every celtic's possession in the 4th. Dude was practically sexually molesting him. Shit escalated. Good for KG for successfully getting under his skin, I say.
  25. He really, honestly, is just a terrible writer who'll say just about anything to get people to read his drivel.