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  1. Haven't posted in a while. But... NINERS! SB Bound! Makes up for my trip out to the bay last year to watch us fall short against the Giants!
  2. Game managers dont get MVP's. Matt Ryan is probably the mvp leader right now. You're probably right but just the fact that Alex Smith can legitimately be in the conversation 5 games into the season is impressive. He is leading the league in passer rating and total QBR.
  3. Haven't chimed in yet this season...Fuck Yeah Niners! Pure domination the last two weeks. Granted against terrible teams but 79-3 is impressive. And 300 passing/300 rushing is historic. Alex Smith for MVP. Going out to the AZ Monday night game in a few weeks. PUMPED!
  4. My copy is sitting at my parents house right now. Can't wait to play this shit!
  5. Loved this episode. That last scene ripped me up. Anyone else think Sepinwall is totally off the mark on this writeup?
  6. So damn good. Jesse eating the tortilla got me.
  7. Holy Ship is apparently better than any other musical cruise in the entire history of man. Welcome to being part of 95% of the people who looked and the line up and didnt see Skrillex on it. Skrill or bust bitch. I'll take Justice and Boys Noize any day of the week. All a matter of personal preference.
  8. Holy Ship > This I do like that these are becoming more common. I wish they would do some on the West Coast. I'd be in.
  9. I'll give this a listen. A lot of tracks in a small amount of time. Intrigued. Also check out Mixed In Key if you haven't yet. I've keyed all my tracks. Noticed a gigantic difference when trying to mix stuff.
  10. Yeah, i used to be REALLY into this band. I didn't know they were still around.
  11. Saw him in Vegas a few weeks back. Was extremely impressed. He is a great producer and a surprisingly good dj.
  12. Hahaha. Awesome. Clearly you are too cool for your own thread. And yes, my only point was to show that i could afford a $250 ticket to all you poor bordies. Actually, i just wanted to see if anybody was going so i could say hello but uh...nevermind.
  13. Anybody else going next week?
  14. Peter KIng @SI_PeterKing Just talked to one team with a receiver need who liked first-round stunner AJ Jenkins over Michael Floyd