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  1. technical awards nobody fucking cares about ???? go fuck yourself. a majority of filmmaking is 10000 different things that dont involve actors and directors and cameras. there are not enough "technical" awards, just because you don't see the merit in something as important as sound design doesn't make it unworthy of an award. fuck. the big movie contest sucks but the fact remains that it is some weird high bar set for the industry and those stupid ass little gold men mean an awful lot when you're trying to get jobs or finding money for your next work. sucks when someone says that "no one cares" when a lot of people care and it directly affects our livelihoods.
  2. no one saw life itself ??? birdman was thin. technically proficient, fun, etc. fantastic performances from everyone but the director atmo. also hated boyhood. it was cool to see linklater become a better director through his career but i don't know if that's something i should see in a movie. the foundations were cool but the timeframe became way too gimmicky and obvious. grand budapest was awesome, it's growing into one of my favorite wes anderson movies
  3. sup donnie fuck you phil i'm still white, straight, and privileged i don't work at subway anymore which is nice
  4. just stopping in to ask why you haven't gone to see Life Itself yet? Thanks bye WEBSITE EDIT: no iframes? sheeit-
  5. sorry aaron what do you think, buddy?
  6. New album is pretty meh atmo. We've been hearing these songs for years. A proper recording was needed but maybe throw something new in there? Albanian and Gamelan are both bottom tier GY!BE songs anyway, heavy as fuck but not powerful. That said, I've listened to it about 6 times and will do so again today. (I really need it on vinyl, not V0 Eric, your thoughts? I think we're the only ones who care in a strong way. PS GY!BE is one of the greatest shows ever.
  7. just finished Foudation and Earth. Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth are infinitely better than the first trilogy (which I loved). Now reading Cloud Atlas.
  8. I see your Halle Berry and raise you a Tom Hanks. regardless this looks pretty great. As they say, never judge a cheese by it's trailer. Trailers are made to be cheesey Coincidentally started reading this book like a week ago after it was shoved into my hands by my little sister. Was doing some research on it/Mitchell and discovered the trailer had leaked like 20 minutes before. So def reading now. He described someone as 'tatterdemalion', and I'm hooked. Mixhail ur dumb, gtfo out of this thread.
  9. I really liked TDK and BB but this movie blew a big one. So much expository dialogue, so much conveniently placed action and drama. The ending was so stupid, both The main issue is that there were too many fucking characters crammed into a 2.5 hour movie. They had enough information to convey to make a comfortable 5 hour movie. It's time for Chris Nolan to take a break from these big orchestrated action sequences and go back to his roots. And anyone who has the attack defense of 'quit being so nitpicky' or 'ITZ JUS A SUPREHERO MOVIE' - fuck you, this is Christopher Nolan, not Michael Bay or Sam Raimi. He can make a damn good movie. This one was lazy and rushed.
  10. also. ATDi set was boring, awkward and overall, really uninspired. bah.
  11. mark my words, Tupac hologram will NEVER be tasteful
  12. Ignoring what basic visual attraction may imply, what if I said 10% of the time I wanna bone said dudes? Would you say I'm lying? confused? It seems to require a lot more personal honesty than not.
  13. Who said that people who identify as bisexual look at each gender with desiring eyes AT ALL TIMES? Maybe they usually want to fuck female oriented individuals and 10% feel like fucking male oriented individuals. It can really be as simple as that. Binaries don't exist, guy. I only have interest in having relations with female oriented individuals but I know a hot dude when I see one. Can you explain that, because that seems kinda gay for someone who would fall under the popular definition of straight. edit: yes, I mad
  14. Currently interning with a doc production company I once called my dream employer. It's, uh, sublime to say the least. An office built on, and operates by, punk rock ideals and ideology is great, especially when the products coming from said company are some of the best in the industry. Oh yeah, and I've been freelancing. That sucks.