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  1. i'd give it a go
  2. Ryan Vindua I'm part of the boreds group. folk should join up on that.
  3. have you tried a recruiter? yeah it sucks that you have to pay a pimp, but they do all the heavy lifting for you and then you have the chance to go full time. In June, the missus and i both moved to michigan for work. I got hired to one of the big three car markers through aerotek and she got hired to some third party car part supplier through aerotek as well. she wasn't making too much, but after 4 months they took in full time and bought her out of that contract. She's now full time salary which came with a bump since the company wasn't paying the recruiter their cut.. She has no real experience related to the work and her schooling was in customs border services, they did all the work building her up and selling her.
  4. I was into dinosaurs and paleontology, (what kid wasn't) but then i wanted to be a professional baseball player or an engineer. I actually found baseball cards of myself from when i was 8 through 11 and under the section "future ambitions/career" they started at Computer Engineer and then became Engineer. I'm now an Electrical Engineer at GM.
  5. changing the theme and then going back fixed it for me, i now see quote boxes
  6. . ? edit ah... thats whats broken
  7. you meant ebert right? not rooney? rooney's 92 and kicking also Phil, you forgot to collect
  8. anyone have the complete color spectrum? i can only find the release with a sampling from each color
  9. sometimes you luck out and its not the harddrive, but the connector between the computer and the drive. I had this issue with external enclosures failing and i thought it was the drive. Once you pull out the harddrive, try throwing it into an extra bay on a desktop or into an external case. You may get lucky and be able to get your data
  10. where'd the dark theme go. this boreds is too bright
  11. ^ ditto congratulations. we just one had 4 weeks ago tomorrow Tanner Ruxin Vindua
  12. New as of a couple days ago
  13. married last october, first one on the way end of september
  14. The Second series is so great. The Hounds of Baskerville is probably my favourite of both series after the Reichenbach Problem (The final problem) Can't wait for series 3
  15. can they get rid of you for having animals? you should check out the renting laws. In ontario, they can deny you from renting a place if they know you have a pet and they say no pets allowed. But if you don't tell them, sign your lease and move in, there's nothing they can do about it, because pets count as family members and they can't change their mind and kick you out for having them. That's what we did. we never asked if pets were allowed and they never asked us if we had any. there's a sign that says no pets, but almost everyone here has one.