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  1. I run the trail from North Saint Paul to Stillwater all the time because I can get to it down my street. It's beautiful!
  2. Matt, I had no clue where Highway 62/the Kenny neighborhood were but after the Google machine gave me the answers I see why... I avoid South and West and Southwest like the plague. I live close to Stillwater. I'd like to live in Stillwater proper provided we can find a decent place with an acre or more. Adam, thankfully I don't remember that!
  3. Definitely did not evaporate. Do you live in Minneapolis proper? I could see you as a NE type-a guy. I'm in a suburb of Saint Paul because, well, Saint Paul > Minneapolis. Yeah, I know you haven't worked at Hyvee in forever but MAN, that joint is lovely. At least the one in Oakdale... It's like Byerly's and Cub had a baby. Old people get excited about grocery stores and, well, I'm old.
  4. Excuse me, fuckers! I work at the U so I'm in MPLS errrr'day! Oh, and P.S. brother Matthew--Hy-Vee is the shit.
  5. Congrats, Morgan and Alex! HI PAT!!!! I mean Patrick. Old dude name, eh?
  6. Fuck, can I move to Australia and switcheroo with you? I'm going to a tropical locale in the Caribbean soon too, Adam! Excited to legit do nothing and be waited on hand and foot. I've never stayed at a 5 star hotel so it should be interesting since I'm not the most ladylike female. Our last trip was amazing but exhausting.
  7. agreed about serial. i am obsessed with true crime so from my standpoint it's to be expected. i'll still listen to it in it's entirety because i think it'll be interesting. not binge-worthy though. i'm super new to podcasts (bought a new car recently and i have bluetooth for the first time ever). i really love them to pass the time in traffic now that i don't carpool anymore. i may start riding my bike to work but then i wouldn't listen to podcasts because it'd be dangerous as hell. bike routes are busy in minnesota. i listened to a few of the joe rogan ones. he's such a fucking tool. it's painful. they can be entertaining but i'd prefer to learn than listen to a pompous dill hole yammer on and on.
  8. i fucking hate burpees... especially the ones where i'm supposed to jump on a box at the end. 'bout all i have to say.
  9. I know how much my anesthesiologists make too... it blows my mind. On top of their half a mil/year salary they can make 20k a month just for doing certain types of call or coming in early for two hours then coming back for their scheduled shift.
  10. i have to LOL my brains out that people in kentucky are getting that much snow. we've had hardly anything all year and it's already spring. da fuq! da yehyyy! 50 today, felt like 60. deck. beers.
  11. Hey, donwayneleach--have you tried Bogle Chardonnay? It's great for under $20! I paid about $10 up here in the tundra. Buttery and goes down smooth. MMM.
  12. My Vizio is 5 years old already and the damn thing is awesome and has had zero problems. I kinda wish it would die because I can't even get chromecast or anything because it's not supported by this geezer tv. ANYWAY, in the conference room at work we have a 70" that's a touch screen and it's fucking awesome. Carry on.
  13. Hey, I like it! I've actually searched for a blog exactly like yours in the past but the only ones I found were pretty lame and also had negative reviews (who needs that?) and obscure wines.
  14. i think macklemore is hot in a weird way. i don't have any clue why--but wtf he's hot.
  15. makes sense--i try my very best to avoid uptown at all costs. that place is stressful as hell.